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    1. Star Trek Sneezes, Wooden Barge-Island (LD#120)

      by , 10-12-2014 at 01:44 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Man, I don't know what happened to me the night before last.

      I recall bits and pieces some dream about forgetting a paper for a class in college, and then going back to my room to get it.

      I recall being on the cast of Star Trek. I cannot recall if the dream was just about filming Star Trek, and if everything was being faked or if I was actually dreaming about a 'real' Star Trek scenario.
      We are in this area (that I'm pretty sure isn't actually on the show) called the data core room. It is this huge maze of passages on the back of the enterprise with all of these clear blue glowing crystals on mounts in the wall. Supposedly they were some kind of memory crystals for the ship's computer system that kept track of all the star systems and alien races.
      There is a group of 8 or 10 people. The only ones I recognize are Kirk, Picard, and Spock. I think some other famous characters were there. (I don't know, I've only seen a few episodes of Star Trek in my life.)
      Anyways, we are back here because supposedly the air quality here is the best in the ship, and doing some experiment with this new disease that is supposed to be harmless. They release it and everyone seems fine except for this other character; A teenager with brown hair made into an afro.
      The guy starts sneezing (ah-choo, ah-choo, ah-choo!) repeatedly, without stopping. He starts sneezing more and more violently, and eventually starts to sneeze up blood. Spock calls up a medical technician, but for some reason the guy on the other end is just screaming "AMBULANCE! AMBULANCE! CALL AN AN AMBULANCE RIGHT NOW!!"
      Something seems familiar about the sneezing disease, but I can't put my finger on it.

      I also notice that for some reason there are racks of candy in the area, and decide not to focus on the guy sneezing, even though I can still hear him. I look at the candy and consider buying some. Somehow the data core room was mixed with a candy store.
      I somehow get 'outside'. I am on this (either cruise ship or island, I think it was an island but felt like a cruise ship). I get a little confused thinking this is actually the exterior of the Enterprise. There is this big wooden boardwalk with all of these restaurants along it. There are also these huge wooden wheel sculptures.
      I see someone I know in WL (we'll just call her E). I go over next to her and we start talking about the sculptures.
      Awww... what a charming, romantic moment in a dream. Wait a second, doesn't this person hate me in WL? Oh, yes she does, and right then she pushed me over the edge into the water. I fall into the water, and (ignoring the laws of buoyancy) I sink about five hundred feet all the way to the bottom.
      I remember very clearly looking up and seeing the sunlight streaming down under the water and thinking about how deep I was.

      I become fully lucid and thrust upward to get above water. Once I make it to the surface, I try to fly up out of the water and get back up there. I can't seem to lift out of the water. I then, for some reason, think of Avatar, and decide to try and make a waterspout and ride it back up onto the platform.
      I begin to spin around, and I can see the water beginning to form a vortex around me, but then it just splashes back into the sea and comes apart.
      I look back and see that (because it's a dream) I am now about half a mile away from the island. Great. Now I've got to get up onto the boardwalk and travel all of this horizontal distance.
      Again, I think of the Waterbenders in Avatar. How they can 'surf' sometimes even without a surfboard. I start to push forward, and start to lift out of the water. I manage to get to the point where only my lower legs are submerged and I am moving along at a lazy 10-20mph. I don't feel like I am getting any closer to the island though.
      I feel like I should be going faster. I try using a hand motion to accelerate. I try a couple different hand motions, looking to find the one that feels most fluid. None of these seem to be working.
      Then, I see a massive wave coming up on the right. Higher than the island. It envelops (and probably destroys) the entire island. It is then coming for me.
      It hits me and I immediately find myself deep underwater unsure of what direction is up or how deep I am. I can't see. It's just nothing.
      But I still have my lucidity. I think maybe I can manifest a new dream. I try to picture being on another island somewhere. I start to see some palm trees and grass, as well as a calm, sandy beach. I start breathing and begin plotting where my body should be. Just as I think I've got it, I lose the dream and wake up.

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    2. Another lucid dream last night!

      by , 06-24-2013 at 08:04 PM (TheSpiderSilva's Dream Journal)
      It's apparent to me that I'm getting A LOT better at realizing when I'm in a dream.

      I had several dreams before I became lucid, most of which involved me and my friends doing shit.

      When I realize I was lucid, I was in my yard, naked, and drinking a drink from a Parker's gas station. Before I realized I was lucid, I was trying to think about how I would sneak in my house without my family noticing that I'm naked.

      Suddenly, I don't know what it was, I realized I was dreaming. When I first became lucid, I was very tired for some reason, so I just kept rubbing my hands together furiously and yelling "Increase lucidity!".

      The feeling of sleepiness went away pretty quickly. I didn't do what someone else told me to do in a lucid dream though, I didn't touch things around me or get acclimated to the dream, and I wish I would have.

      I did look at my backyard and notice that everything was bunched together in one spot.

      I asked my subconscious if this dream could feel like it was 6 hours long, but that didn't happen, lol.

      In my front yard, I noticed a big wooden post lying on the ground. That's not usually there. I got the idea to telekinetically throw it into the air, just for fun. It worked, and it went VERY high, and landed in my yard again. I threw it in the air again, but for some reason while it was in the air I tried to pull it apart with my mind and make it transform into Godzilla (made more sense in my dream).

      That didn't quite work out the way I wanted it to.

      I started flying after that, using my "Up, up, and away!" trick, although at one point I feel on my face (didn't hurt).

      Can't remember much else, except the parts where I lost lucidity and some weird stuff happened.
    3. The legendary cooking tray

      by , 04-03-2011 at 06:01 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The legendary cooking tray (Non-lucid)


      For some reason, I was going inside a cold storage. It was one of this huge walk-in refrigerators.
      I walked some stairs to the door. The stairs were wooden and crackly. They were painted in white and some of them looked cracked.

      I reached the cold storage's door. The door was metallic and very cold. The metal looked rusted and dented. The handle was also made out of steel.

      I entered the cold storage. I could see some fog of the sheer cold inside. I could feel the cold in my skin. The ground of the cold storage was frozen solid. The tiles looked white with ice around them. Inside the cold storage I found boxes, most of them were made out of cardboard, but some where wooden too. I also found a few small carts with some food on them.

      I found a cooking tray and picked it up. I was looking for it because it very important and it was needed somewhere.
      I left the cold storage, walked down the same stairs and entered inside a one story building. The store looked like a bakery.

      Some stuff happened with customers that I cannot recall well. I remember there was a big line and I walked towards the employee, who was a good made up friend of mine.

      He was surprised of what I was doing. I knew I had some sort of legendary try that one is placed in the oven, it could generate a lot of candies right away. I threw a bag of chocolate candies in front of the employee and told him he wanted the tray.

      Something else happened, but I woke up.