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    1. Some very serious OSHA violations

      by , 12-18-2022 at 10:53 AM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      So I work retail and the dream takes place in a much bigger store, like a large department store. There was a task to be done that was for some reason deep underwater beneath the store, and the store's budget was kind of bad. Instead of hiring a professional, they had an old-timey diving suit riveted together with the huge helmet with the glass panel in the front. There was a very real risk of the suit failing, or just not being able to get back up and air slowly running out while you were trapped. I and another employee were asked if we wanted to risk it. I didn't want to make the other person do it by refusing myself; I think it was an actual coworker of mine who I liked. But I didn't want to die and I have a family besides. I said no and hoped so would my coworker.

      Not this store gets even worse. There were rumors of experiments going on in the back. Very unethical, human-hybrid stuff. I'm a curious person so I think it was my habit to run quickly to the back of the store to catch a glimpse of creatures and then sprint back to the front before anything could catch me. I did this in the dream. Note: I remember cursing the fact that I think I used to run faster in my 20's, I'm in my 30's. Also the fastest way to get around was some combination of Dishonored's Blink ability and the 'draggy' way Google Maps moves your person down the street.

      I don't even think I was sure I was being chased but I hurried past a group of people hanging out in one department in hopes of causing enough of a scramble that the creature would lose my trail. Closer to the front of the store where the creatures just never wandered, I found a huge creature like a dinosaur that was safe and well known around the store itself. I scrambled up it's huge leg because in hopes the creatures didn't climb if they were still nearby. It was sentient and said something about shaking me off, but it didn't. I woke up.
    2. Dream sign identified: phone doesn't work

      by , 09-12-2022 at 02:36 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      I was at work, but work shifted between being my actual retail job and somehow being in a house I don't recognize. For some reason we had an order for someone, I think they were having a huge party. They ordered pallets of 12 pack sodas, among other items. I had to -- I forget -- unload them, check them in, something. On top of trying to so something already, I think move large displays. I remember a lot of Maybelline stuff.

      It was then that I heard someone called out, and I was asked to stay an extra half hour. Sure. Just let me call home and let my family know I'll be running late. But my phone didn't work. Could pull up contacts even though I kept trying. The screen was nonsensical. Couldn't pull up the keyboard either. I took a break to go outside and sit in a car I didn't recognize so I could concentrate better. It didn't help. My boss(I didn't recognize this woman but knew she was my boss) went out the car that was apparently mine to ask if everything was okay.

      I was very upset after trying so long to use my phone and somehow I just couldn't. I asked for her phone, and she dialed the number I gave her and handed it to me. The person on the other end was a stranger. I looked at the phone; she had dialed a totally different number that I could even quite read. I spent the rest of the dream becoming increasingly distraught as I tried to dial the right number. It never worked. At one point I told the manager to just go back to what she was doing because she was waiting on someone for a meeting but she didn't want to just leave me alone in the parking lot, something about safety like I could get mugged or something.

      Also the manager's phone was a landline, not a smart phone. I wondered why and how a landline she owned worked so far from it's cradle which was surely at her house. Also, being a landline, it had actual buttons. And every time I hit a button it registered at the button next to it, so I couldn't possibly dial correctly. My mind explained this by deciding that the wires under the buttons were breaking down with age so they were shorting together.
    3. 13 Aug: Tsunami in Southeast Asia and doomsday recovery facilities

      by , 08-13-2022 at 05:39 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      With Riverstone at some tropical paradise in Southeast Asia. We feel an eartquake, I look at the ocean behind us and say maybe we better assume the possibility of a tsunami. We run to the hotel, which is a 50 storey high building. But it is by the sea, so I don't know if it will hold up, but there is no time to go anywhere else this high. It has an elevator, with entrances outside the building, from a balcony facing the ocean and it is a scenic elevator with glass walls. A giant wave is already coming in the distance. Riverstone is freaking out, so I tell him to stay calm and I push him inside the elevator when the door opens. I press the button for the last floor and I hope the elevator is fast enough. It is very big. It has 3 doors frim the side we came in (instead of 3 elevators side by side, there is one giant elevator with 3 doors that take in people all at once) and it has 3 other doors on the opposite side (from inside the building).
      The wave was faster than we expected and it hits the building when we're half way, enveloping us in water like a reverse aquarium. The elevator keeps going up, but on the 18th floor we start seeing water coming in through the door gaps and it continues for the next floors. We are afraid that the water will shut down everything and we get stuck in a flooding elevator, but it keeps going and then we enter an area with cement walls and the water stops flowing in. The elevator stops and I can't tell if we reached the top floor or we just got stuck. I think that at least it is a very spacious elevator, not very claustrophobic and we don't seem at risk of drowning.
      But then one door opens and there is a large hallway with stairs going down to what looks like a waiting room. A couple people welcome us and asks for our names and says we have to wait to be called and then they'll test us for intelectual and physical abilities, as they only want to keep people who can contribute. We have no clue what is going on, but apparently this is some kind of rescue operation for a few lucky people who know about it. Other people sitting down tell us that the space is limited, so only the useful ones are taken in, everyone else is kicked out again. I ask what happens to those who don't pass one of the tests but they don't know or dont say. Then my name is called and I have to cut through a bunch of people in a corridor to reach a lady repeating my name. But she only called my first name and I wonder if it's really me she wants. Then she says the last name and it isn't me. But she couldn't care less. She takes me to a warehouse where I see boxes and packages and she asks if I could carry those. First she hands me what appears liquid detergent bottles, but quite large and heavy. I manage. Then she shows me a cardboard box full of something and I also lift it without big issues. I explain that I am strong but I have fibromyalgia and therefore won't be able to do continuous efforts for too long and maybe I'd be more useful in an intelecrual role. She scoffs it off and says they need me here now and I have to accept, or else they might cut me off. So I accept.
      I then go around the warehouse trying to get familiar with the place and I spot a weird dangerous looking animal which looks like a cross between a spider and a scorpio. She is big, like 20 cms and has a squid like head, the torso o,f a spider and a long abdomen with two long appendices extending in the back. The spider thing locks in on me raises up one of those appendices, which looks like a tube with an opening on the tip. Then she shoots a dart from it, poisonous I am sure. I manage to escape it and to protect others around from also being hit. The spider then hides and when it comes back from another place, she has both appendices raised and shooting darts left and right. I use some plastic to protecf myself and someone else. Then wonder how this bug is allowed to plague these facilities and I think I will work on a plan to kill it or else I won't be able to focus on my job.
    4. Monday, July 25

      by , 08-10-2022 at 07:23 PM
      Iím at work, and we are rearranging and/or moving the break room. I think Iím with Ben and Zoe. This place looks nothing like work and more like a little kitchen and living room. I donít notice any windows. I carry a small, short, square table into one of the rooms. Setting it down with a foot or so of space between the two sides and two walls, I imagine a few of us awkwardly sitting around it. Ben now tries to lift a full book shelf (it looks like the one in our bedroom) by himself and breaks a little piece of a shelf off. I offer to help and he sets it down. I think Iíll take the books off first. Now, Iím in a small tent that is set up right in the middle of an intersection. I think itís two lanes and a stoplight for each road. I know that this is the new beak area. I try to relax but really canít, knowing that Iím in the middle of a road. I somehow see a truck drive through the intersection and veer to miss the tent. I donít want it to always be like this.
      Tags: work
    5. Sunday, July 24

      by , 08-10-2022 at 07:21 PM
      I think I am at Aly and Adamís place (not at all what it really looks like). This place seems like itís far away from any others. Itís a modest house with a modest but nice yard. It seems like this is a get together with the family. We pass through the house and into the yard (which is maybe the size of the warehouse at work or maybe a little bigger). After a moment, I notice that the yard is completely enclosed with a white tent structure that comes off the roof of the house at the one end and has its own wall at the other. It seems dark out but itís fairly illuminated in here, with a subtle but cool effect. Cousin Jon is here; I give him a handshake and one armed hug. I think he lifts me off the ground a bit. I ask him how life has been. I think some people are kicking a soccer ball in here (it is all grass).

      Iím lying in bed with Melissa in a completely unfamiliar room (it somehow reminds me of my bedroom at Dadís, though I think it looks nothing like it). We cuddle facing each other; I notice a large black and yellow frog slowly making its way up the wall. I know my gaze is fixed on it, but I try to make no intimation that anything is there. I get up to try to catch it.

      Zoe has sent an email that asks something like ĎRyan? Is that lucid enough?í Itís about how hot the store and warehouse get. I am going to research OSHA and other sources and put together a large reply.

      Iím at what feels like work (though it looks nothing like it). There are radial stone steps outside of the front doors and a man sitting on them. I think we are currently closed. I go out and sit by him. I tell him ďthank you for filling in for Bill (Kreutzman).Ē (This guy is not Jay Lane, however). He seems appreciative, and I continue talking with him.
      Tags: family, house, work
    6. Thursday, July 7

      by , 07-09-2022 at 08:36 PM
      Iím at work. A FedEx delivery person, a black man with short dreads, comes to the counter with a delivery. Heís just about to leave, but I tell the new Ethan to have him wait just a second. I go into the office to grab some book bucks as a tip, putting them into an envelope. When I come out he is about to leave, making me wonder if Ethan even told him. I jog to the parking lot to catch up to him and give him the book bucks. He takes them and thanks me, looking genuinely happy. I am also now carrying a bench (the one we have in our bedroom) to give to him. It seems like there is a large piece of bacon? under the cushion.
      Tags: work
    7. Tuesday, July 5

      by , 07-09-2022 at 08:35 PM
      I am at work. The space looks entirely different, and Iím in a room Iíve never seen before. I think it is a break room. Itís fairly empty, with a large, empty table in the center. It looks like thereís also a sliding door closet. Ethan and Jess are here and I think we start talking about how more room could be made in here. I look in the closet, which looks like it contains a few things we donít use. I think about how to rearrange things in here.
      Tags: work
    8. Friday, June 24

      by , 07-06-2022 at 10:44 PM
      Iím at work and walking from the direction of the second office to the front counter. I notice the regular Lance talking to the new Ethan at the computer closest to me. Lance must have asked if something is in; without even looking, Ethan tells him something like we havenít gotten our shipment or he wouldíve heard about it. This irritates me because I know it is here. I interject ďmeet me in the parking lot, Lance.Ē What I have for him is a simple looking black handgun. I slip it into my waistband (of my athletic shorts?) which is not sturdy, as it ends up in a few different places. I go between the two offices looking for the box of ammo that I know I have, but canít find it anywhere. I end up walking out without it. Lance has been waiting right outside the door; I walk off to the side a bit with him, not sure how discreet this should be. He looks happy when I pull it out and hand it to him, handle first. Weíre right outside of a truck full of unfamiliar people that he must know. I get into the truck, everyone in camo and similar outdoor gear, and it feels like weíre setting out for a trip. We are sitting on what feels like a water bed in the bed of the truck. Weíre on a dirt road up in the hills and climbing some steep inclines. The one weíre on right now becomes almost vertical, but we drive right up and over it. I wonder what itíll be like to come back down this. Weíre parked now and I get out. This area looks like a small crater or bowl. The view is of the entire surrounding area and is impressive. I think weíre going to be spending the night here, which I am fine with.
      Tags: driving, gun, truck, work
    9. Wednesday, June 22

      by , 06-22-2022 at 11:46 PM
      Iím at work when a regular comes up to the counter to check out. He talks with me, asking if/when his orders will be in. I nicely tell him not yet, thinking itís way too early in the day/too soon after he ordered them to be asking. He then gestures at the countertop and asks about the Ďwallí that weíre going to be putting up. I think about the old sneeze guards, but donít really think thatís what heís getting at. I nicely tell him I have no idea.
      Tags: work
    10. good?

      by , 06-22-2022 at 08:44 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Been a while.

      Jamie 1

      Just seeing her face in a flash.

      Jamie 2

      (Last night) A dream she is smiling at me. She is wearing a fancy, black, yuppie outfit. We hug and kiss. Took forever to get a good dream like this..


      Me and a co-worker are exploring a large under construction building
      Tags: jamie, work
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Wednesday, April 27

      by , 05-19-2022 at 12:16 AM
      Iím at work, though it also seems like Iím at home (the setting is definitely the conference room at work, but it feels like I was just home or the rest of the space is the house, Dadís house more specifically). Sitting in front of the computer but behind a bakerís rack, as itís still cluttered in here, I pull up a Grateful Dead concert clip on Youtube. Itís something like Ďlongest/best Dark Starí, with a timestamp of 20 minutes and some odd seconds. The scene is dark but I can tell from how the band members look that itís sometime in the 80s. I feel like itís going to be good. Now, I am inside the scene, onstage with the band. Phil and then Jerry are in my line of sight to the left. I watch them play and watch Phil play a huge and heavy note with a grin. There is communication, verbal or otherwise, about how he plays the bass like a guitar. Iím also playing a bass or guitar, briefly cognizant of how itís probably unnecessary. I look to Jerry to get his attention and mouth Ďdewí when he looks, conveying my intent to segue into Morning Dew. He lights up slightly, so I think itís well received. I get chills thinking about it.
    12. Saturday, April 23

      by , 05-19-2022 at 12:15 AM
      Iím at work and going into the breakroom. John is here with a plate of food - chips and something else. I start making a plate as well. There are some chicken nuggets set out and a tray of what feels like leftover french fries. There are only several chicken nuggets, and I only leave one or two. In the process of making my plate, things on it seem to disappear, so I have to do it again. A couple others now show up, some of which are unfamiliar. They are a couple of women that seem to be visiting for work. One of them tells the employees that theyíll be needing the breakroom, that they canít eat outside or theyíll be fired. I glibly say itís fine when I really think itís ridiculous. I put BBQ sauce and a sour cream dip on my plate and walk outside. It immediately looks like Iíve walked into a backyard with a large lawn. I see most everyone else is sitting in the sun; I veer right into the shade. There are some camp chairs set up with a dog lying under one. I go pet the dog. He accepts it but also nips at me, though not in an unfriendly way. In the chair, Jessica is now to my right and Dad in the chair to her right. We are watching a lightning show on the horizon behind the house. There is some sheet lightning and bolts that arenít all that close. I notice Jessicaís hand naturally resting between her legs and subtly fidgeting with the seam of her jeans. I initially take it as sexual, though it could just be itching. She also quickly adjusts her bra; I see the cup move beneath the shirt. I glance over to read her shirt and Iím not sure if she takes it as me checking out her chest. I think about explaining myself but donít. Now, a plane flies fairly close overhead. Another appears and drops two projectiles. They fall for a moment and then start flying this way. They pass overhead, continue on, then explode on the far horizon. In my mind, the far horizon is somewhere like the East Coast, and itís crazy that I can see it from here.

      Iím outside somewhere with Melissa. Weíre on some road and approaching a long and steeply inclined overpass. Everyone (I think in cars) slows and stops. Apparently it is closed off suddenly. A man down here is trying to explain the situation to us. I become very angry with him, shouting Ďwho are you to tell us what to do with our animals?!í I guess the scenario has something to do with animals - horses? I end up hitting the man several times but he never reacts.
    13. Sunday, April 17

      by , 05-18-2022 at 07:56 PM
      Iím at work and either about to sort carts or just passing through the warehouse. I notice a black wire rack that I havenít seen before (it looks similar to the red one we put DVDs on) with handwritten tags on green paper for the subsections in Nonfiction. This is a new process to me, and I wonder if itís going to make things simpler or more complicated. I also wonder if it was Reika or Jessica who wrote the tags.
      Tags: work
    14. Weird school assignment and guy at work.

      by , 05-08-2022 at 02:31 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      I dreamed I was in school, as in college. But it was a weird school and I forgot quite what class I was taking. And I had an assignment to go pick a certain type of plant that grew wild in the area(the 'school' itself was a cabin somewhere I think I had classmates but I don't remember them well).
      So I went out to pick the plants, but the as I drove up to the field I was going to take them from, I saw that a storm was coming. The sky got darker and darker and I saw streaks of lightning. I wasn't lucid but I was aware enough to know that I, picking the plants in that field, would be the tallest object around and that was dangerous. So I shot a quick video on my phone showing the sky and lightning and explaining that would not be completing the assignment on time(it was due that evening for some reason) because it just wasn't safe.
      Back at the school, I showed the video as evidence to the teacher, who said I could it later, no problem. A classmate who had gone somewhere else to pick the plants gave hers to the teacher. I wandered away to play with a small dog on the cabin's porch.
      Cut to me at my retail job. I was still somehow in the cabin but it looked a little more like a storefront now. I went to the register to ring a guy up. I forgot what he was buying aside from a magazine. The guy was friendly and quite good-looking and I was talking to him, I forget about what. Then I noticed that the magazine was called Transmasc, short for trans masculine. So am I. I wanted to strike up a conversation based on that, but I wasn't out in the dream just like in real life, so I kept quiet within earshot of my coworkers. For the last few seconds of the dream, after the guy had left, I was staring at the magazine display and trying to figure out an excuse for buying a remaining copy of Transmasc that wouldn't look weird.
    15. Wednesday, January 5

      by , 05-04-2022 at 11:46 PM
      I am at work and a man comes in. He looks pretty gruff, and is loosely wearing a bandana or scarf for a mask. He wanders for a minute and then starts talking under his breath at us. I think they are derogatory comments, as I get angry and end up yelling at him. I think itís Jessica here with me, and she unexpectedly looks glad or impressed that Iím yelling at him. I keep yelling until he leaves, not putting up a fight. Now, Zoe is here and she wants to talk to the man. Iím irritated that sheís so calm about it and treats him like he didnít do anything wrong.
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