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    1. 1 Apr: Coughing out a parasite, biology breakthrough, eating out

      by , 04-01-2021 at 10:03 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      I am coughing a lot. Feeling lots of mucus down my throat. I go to the bathroom and spit a lot of mucus out and then feel something coming out up my throat into my mouth and I grab it. Turns out it is some kind of worm and I have to pull it hard and I think I rip it apart and only get the head out. Disgusted and worried, I go to the doctor and while there I have another cough attack. I explain what's going on and the doctor mobilizes a couple nurses to help me with puke it all out to some container. I puke a lot of mucus again, but no more worms. The doctor analyses the worm that I brought in in a jar and says it is really just the end of a long tapeworm still inside me. He prescribes me a pill to kill the worm - although probably already dead without the head - and for my body to expel the rest of ot, but even the doctor isn't sure if that's gonna work.

      I am with Riverstone at some foreign country to help a couple scientists who we know and are in trouble. The world thinks they are dead, but turns out they were just hiding. They are an old gay couple and look cartoonish, with big curly mustaches and strange shaped heads, also one is tall and thin as hell and the other is basically a dwarf. Thy also wear early 1900s clothing style. I have so many questions, but what matters is that they are ok. They have been staying in the house of a lady scientist, who gave them shelter. We meet them at some mall but then they take us to her house and when we arrive there, her kitchen floor is flooded with water. But apparently it is on purpose, she is fostering some odd looking ducklings and leaves the water running. She tells us on the phone that she has a drain under the cabinets that keeps draining the water so it doesn't go after a certain limit.
      They then take us along with them to the university, where she is presenting the discovery they made that is the reason they went into hiding. Nobody in the audience knows what she is going to show. It's just some lecture about cell biology.
      She basically shows microscopic videos inside cells and everyone is amazed at the quality of it, totally mind blowing. People want to know the technique. Then she points to some very small structures I have never seen in a cell and ask us all if we cab guess what that is. Riverstone jokes that it is the Instagram logo and in fact it looks like it. Nobody else seems to have a clue to what it is, but I do. I say "it is an eye!", to which she confirms it is in fact a synthetic microscopic eye that can be planted at the cellular level, is totally organic, functions like an organelle and can watch anything inside the human body at the cellular level, but also somehow sends out an input to a computer interface so that we can actually see what they see. Everybody is mind blown.

      I go out to eat something with someone, but everything around is so expensive, we decide to go to a small fast food deli with good vegan burgers. One of the cooks is Beta, a lady that was one of my educators when I was a kid. She and a colleague are baking some delicious orange cakes and they get a bit annoyed when we order burgers and fries, like that was not on their plans. But they manage actually pretty fast. They ask if we want dessert to complete a menu and I say I want one of those orange cakes. They say no because it is some important order for someone to pick up and are not available to other costumers. I insist on just a small piece but Beta is adamant and very protective of her cakes so I settle for something else. I also notice somehow the cost of the menu is now 3x higher than what they said it would cost at first, but I don't say anything.
    2. 20 Mar: Rescuing cats, parasites and toxic bugs, superman alter-egos

      by , 03-20-2021 at 11:42 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      At a house which appears to be Carla's home. There's my mom and my grandpa along with a bunch other people, as if they all live together there. There is an earthquake and I suggest we get out while it is happening, but my mom points out that grandpa can't get up and walk on his own. So while we're doing our best to lift him, the earthquake stops. People feel like it is ok to stay, but I go check the house and some rooms look dangerously affected, with awful cracks on walls and ceiling. I insist on evacuating everybody and I manage to grab my grandpa on my own over my shoulder and take him away, but then mom and a friend remind me about all the cats that live there and especially like to gather on the rooms that are most damaged. I tell them I will get them all to safety, and I start grabbing them two at a time and putting them in improvised boxes and containers to a safer area of the building, and closing these rooms shut. But there seem to be more and more cats popping up. At some point the corner room that was more damaged, is really coĺapsing and the cats are just there hanging out like totally oblivious of the danger upon them.

      At some modern house with glass walls and straight lines over a grassy hill. There is a bunch of kids that come over for activities and I am somewhat responsible for them. We are playing with a radio broadcaster or similar and I am thirsty so I go drink a glass of water. It tastes horribly and I notice it is orange like it has rust in it. I go check our water source, some kind of well, and it is poisoned by two kinds of dead processionary caterpillars, one of them which is orange and black and I've never seen before. Doesn't seem very safe. Meanwhile I spot a bunch of them on the ground and before the kids or dogs touch them, I rush to pick them all and put them on a bucket. But on doing so, I grab some soil that is infested with different bugs and worms and there are some thin long ones that I think are baby earthworms, until one gets between my fingers and finds a way through my skin. It is so thin and slimy I can't get a hold of it and it enters inside my hand. I can feel it moving and it is exasperating and painful. I go to the doctor immediately and she gives me really grim news saying I just drunk water with a deadly toxin and have inside me the worst parasite that grows the larger of all. She says I have also been bitten twice by a black widow and I'm like "when was that, because I didn't complain about any of that?". She starts me on treatment but says the prospects aren't the best. I cry like a baby and say I'll never again even step outside the safety of a city.

      Me and Riverstone run a little shop with everything from new and used clothes to a books and antiques and we also have a few boxes with stuff for free that people can just take. Some lady is interested in used baby clothes as she can't afford brand new clothes and I am having difficulty in finding it in the middle of the mess the shop is in at the moment. She asks if some stuff she likes can be taken for free and Riverstone says yes, because he is overwhelmed by the excess stock we have, but I think it is very sellable stuff so I say no to her. Meanwhile the lady is waiting regarding the baby clothing and I tell her to come back the next day and I'll have the stuff she wants. That's when I notice she is a little person.
      Then I see some other customer sitting on a stone slab outside where some slug like creatures are sneaking behind him and because of my previous dream with worms, I panic and warn him about it. Still, one of them hooks itself on his back, like a leech. Fortunately we manage to unhook it. Then some stupid ass idiot comes by with a bunch of these worms in a jar, throws them at me and runs away. Everybody freaks out and helps me shake them out of my hair and check if any has latched on my body, but we think I am in the clear.
      I then get possessed and chase that mf down. Turns out it was a girl, she teases me like "so what? what will you do?" and I go full "Kali Ma" on her (Indiana Jones ref) and plunge my hands in her chest ripping her organs out and then to finalize it, I intend to project flames from my mouth, like a dragon, but instead I project hot green vomit on her, like the possessed girl in the Exorcist.
      When things calm down a bit, I sit with Zilla, Vera and a couple other friends at some outdoor café to drink something and relax. There are familiar faces around from my school past. I hear some music that makes me smile. And Vera interprets that I am smiling because I saw a guy on the next table, she assumes I have a crush on. So she takes a photo of him with her cellphone and goes around telling everyone he is my crush. He actually is a guy who bullied me a lot in middle school, his nickname was "ass-bomb" because he once farted in the classroom or something.
      I am fully aware now and tired of silly games so I explain to her what I was smiling at and whom the guy is and decide to go for a walk and do something with my lucidity. The area is like a kasbah, very tight streets with earth-rammed houses and vendors' tents. I soak in the diversity while thinking what to do. I see a few more familiar faces from middle school, another couple bullies for whom I actually feel tenderness, not so much from what they did but just to see them as they were back then, kids who haven't aged. I find it precious that I still keep their faces stored in my memory. Then something odd happens.
      Superman falls from the sky onto some iron structure like the entrance to a train station or something. He seems to struggle to get on his feet, then he is attacked by what seems another superman who looks more like a super butch superwoman, way more muscular than the original, but with a female face. And she beats the shit out of him. Then comes an emo superman, very pale and skinny and scared. He doesn't really do anything, just watches, confused, I am also confused. I decide to fly up where they are, to watch it better and maybe help the real superman, I don't know. But they kinda stop fighting and look at me surprised, like "and who the hell are you?". I feel like they now might pick a fight with me, so I just let go and fly away and let them sort it out.

      I keep flying but now I am actually on a plane over Florida. Instead of landing in the airport, it lands on water but not as an accident, apparently it is an hydroplane. The sky is so bright blue, no clouds, sun is shining bright, wonderful weather and beautiful light. When we land on the water, people are then taken to some water taxis and escorted by jet skis who are there as a backup (they have rafts for taking in people if necessary). I find it a bit too much of a precaution, but I am impressed with the organization. Some kid is looking at me and I smile at him. Most people are families with kids and I feel they are going to Disney World.

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      lucid , non-lucid , nightmare
    3. 19 Sep: Lots of cats and fighting alien drones on a mall

      by , 09-19-2020 at 01:15 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      I have a broken window and my cat Yéti escapes to outside. I go get him. A storm is coming and my mom screams when a thunder bangs at distance. I go back inside. Besides my actual cats, we have dozens more weird cats in the house. One is purple. Two black ones look like alien pigs. Also there is a nasty dog growling at mom. I growl back at him and he goes away. I put everybody and the cats on a bus and we go on a trip. A yellow cat gets out of the bus at some stop we make and doesn't want to come back inside. Seems to adopt a service station we stopped at. He finds other cats there he connects to. I accept him wanting to stay there. When I am ready to go away, I find a strange vase in the bus, with a message and a flower bouquet. I open the paper to read the message and the bouquet starts beeping and smoking. I tell everyone to run as it seems to be a bomb. It kind of explodes, but not a deadly blast, instead, it releases a swarm of tiny drones that first form a heart shape, but then start hunting us down. Most of them are locked on me. Others disperse and shoot at everyone else. I run into a building nearby, seems like a mall. The door is made of glass and does not lock on the inside. I managed to take cover inside and close it behind me, but someone else comes in and the drones take advantage of it and come inside too. I ask a Japanese girl where is the bathroom and she points me to a cabin on a corridor to the left. It's one of those Japanese public restrooms with glass walls that get opaque when we lock them from the inside. But it has some malfunction and the wall confining to the next toilet does not get opaque. A Japanese man comes in to the next stall and also realizes it. We try several things, then he says he is there just to nap anyway and clicks some button that pops out a small bed from a cabinet. I say I also just want to hide for a while, so I pull down the bed too and plan on staying there for some time. But the door keeps unlocking and opening, so at some point, I decide to get out and keep moving. I spot some drones looking for me, one comes face to face with me, identifies me and calls for backup. I open another door, it's a pediatrics clinic and a lady there finds weird that I have no baby with me, but I push my way in. I can watch through a window that outside one drone catches some dude that was not even part of my group and injects something on him. Then a kind of larvae comes out of his eye and soon his entire head is ripped apart by growing tentacles that attach to the wall with suckers, leaving his body hanging in there while being engulfed by the alien being. I decide again to face the drones outside and gather all my Jedi skills to avoid all their hits and knock them all down. I even rip them apart with my bare hands. Then I call for my friends and tell them to come out from their hiding places, because I've disarmed the swarm. They come and we gather around dozens of destroyed drones on the floor.
    4. The Macaroni and Spaghetti Mystery - Solved?

      by , 08-04-2015 at 11:51 AM
      Afternoon of August 4, 2015. Tuesday.

      I will open this entry with a recent very vivid and somewhat disturbing dream (on some levels).

      “Spaghetti Brain”

      Morning of August 2, 2015. Sunday.

      I am in my present home on W Street and I notice my youngest son sleeping on his left side on the floor. His head is encased in a glass aquarium filled with water. As I look more closely, I notice that the area where his hair would normally be is fleshy (though somewhat hollow) and that there are strands of (cooked) “living spaghetti” moving about in the water (somewhat worm-like) as if related to some sort of breathing function. At times, though, the “spaghetti” is much sparser and this seems cause for concern. I also see a small piece of macaroni at times (mostly above where his ears would otherwise be), which vaguely reminds me of some sort of tiny worm. He does not seem to be in distress though I still worry about whether or not this is normal. I seem more concerned when there is the least spaghetti “swimming” about and moving down and through some sort of organic structure near his neck. As vivid and surreal (and bizarre) this imagery is, I do not become lucid at any point. I continue to have deep concern about his well-being, but there does not seem to actually be anything wrong. I get the impression that there is not as much active “spaghetti” because he is in a deep sleep.

      My above dream probably relates to seeing myself in the form of my son and puzzling about the nature of consciousness and still not becoming lucid in this case. It also correctly shows the nature of my consciousness in sleep (spaghetti becoming sparser in there being less critical thinking on hand).

      “‘Eat me…eat me…’ and animated birds” (July 6, 1985) caught me in sleep paralysis which is normally pleasant, though this was not. A box of Kraft macaroni and cheese “dances” and rattles in the air near my head and screams “eat me eat me eat me” as I try to cover my head with my pillow. I have updated this entry with my interpretation, so am linking this particular one in this entry.

      “Tornado Encounter” (November 24, 2014) has the tornado turning my old neighborhood in La Crosse into large strands of cooked spaghetti (rather than the expected debris of wood and glass and such). It also replaces the one block of Loomis Street with a bridge (not that elevated), the only time a dream has created this alteration of the setting. There is an additional concept that ties in with the Disney animated movie “Lady and the Tramp”. Even though I had updated “Tornado Encounter” fairly recently, there is still more in the decoding. The scene causes me to think of when the two dogs end up kissing accidentally due to both picking up and sucking in the same strand of spaghetti (a scene I saw numerous times as a child in television commercials). So, in knowing that a tornado is the bottom half of the Merkaba and that spaghetti is related to extensions of mental energies, this dream is showing me that I need to “pick up the strand of spaghetti” and wake up to be with my soulmate (as the “old neighborhood” is gone) so I can kiss her and not wander about in dreams so much other than when becoming lucid and seeking higher states and real knowledge (rather than conjecture). Now that I know what spaghetti lying about anywhere means, I am thus prepared.

      “The Legend of Tony Karoni” (June 27, 1976), though not related to a pasta theme, does include the surname “Karoni”, naturally causing me to think of macaroni (as well as “mac” being another word for a man whose name is unknown). There also seems to be some sort of play on the idea of a “spaghetti western” (though in fact, it is supposedly called a “macaroni western” primarily in Japan). “Needle’s cell” in fact, may be a deliberate play on brain cells, this dream being about a month before my surgery on my right thumb and wrist, which is related to much of how I interpreted it at the time.

      “As the Worm Turns” (May 17, 2014), which was “dream of the day” on one site on Monday, August 3, 2015, also had implications of macaroni being close to the head (and even inside the brain - taking me back to someone who was making jokes about “brain worms” regarding raisins in muffins at my father’s wake and where I just sat gasping and giggling foolishly at his audacity). In this case, the supposed “killer worms”, in dying, fall out of my hair as seemingly uncooked elbow macaroni (in a very vivid perspective). This also relates to my own conscious energy not being in my dream as I am not lucid. The potential though unacknowledged and uncontrolled “mental energies” are the worms in this case and become macaroni prior to my waking since I had not used the energies for apex lucidity. The likely play on “showing your feathers” in this dream is probably sarcasm from the Source (or a wayward orphaned tulpa) based on the line "stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni”.

      Additionally, the “Tornadopillar” dream (April 3, 1982) brings to mind a dream, “The Great 'God’ Worm” (April 4, 1992) where the Merkaba is huge (appearing, in fact, as the total essence of god) and appears as a giant albino glass-like earthworm, “spinning” into my forehead like a tornado force after spending time with my wife-to-be at the top of a truncated staircase (which also seemed to be in a “divine” portmanteau setting including restaurant and observatory).

      In conclusion, macaroni and spaghetti represent the energies of the human brain. The link to caterpillars and earthworms is also relevant due to their visual similarities. The difference is that caterpillars “ascend” in becoming butterflies (“lower” mental energies into ascension with soulmate union) and in contrast, the earthworm can be either microcosm or macrocosm (in either digging deep or “digging as high as possible” in the “god-like” Palouse earthworm form - or great white worm, which unfortunately is associated with the devil in some schools of thought).

      There. I am glad I got this all sorted out. Thank you for reading.
    5. Strange Infection (warning: gore)

      by , 05-22-2015 at 11:22 AM
      Morning of May 22, 2015. Friday.

      There are a number of (seemingly) random facets to this dream. The first event relates to hearing about a comet on a collision course with Earth (the name of the comet not being known or mentioned) and to strike somewhere in New England (America); either Maine or Vermont. I heard the name of the city as well at one point, but do not recall it - or there could have been a “reset” to explain the Maine and Vermont confusion as I seem to recall both conflicting elements. The unusual detail is that it will supposedly not cause that much widespread destruction even though it is indeed an entire comet that had apparently passed by the Earth before. I am not that concerned as I am on the other side of the planet anyway. However, my (deceased) sister Marilyn is also an in-dream character, and she has never been outside the United States. I do seem to be living amidst some of my present real-life features and circumstances, though the setting is ambiguous.

      The next part of my dream seems set in possibly our Stadcor Street home in Brisbane (though it does have a few elements reminiscent of our present house’s kitchen). It involves an unknown family cooking an elephant bird (extinct birds from Madagascar - formally known as Aepyornithidae) as some sort of taste test or trial. It is not fully known of how ordinary citizens in a family got the body of an elephant bird, though there is a mention of someone having cloned one. There are only two smaller cooked pieces on the plate (which resemble distorted parts of normal-sized chicken legs with about half the skin removed - which unrealistically represents a part of the otherwise huge bird), but oddly, my dream “resets” twice - where I eat the two pieces as three different people in a sequence; a black female of about thirty, one of her sons of about thirteen (who I believe cooked the meal), and as myself as I am now. I do not question this strange transition and impossible series of events of the changing in-body perspectives - it is like spiritually “jumping” from body to body for a very short time to experience the essence of how the person is moving and what they are tasting. The female gets annoyed by a single small red ant crawling on the edge of the plate at one point and says loudly to “get that animal out of the house” and it seems to foretell failed cooking endeavors in the future until it is removed. This part is a bit unusual in that the two pieces of meat are “still” on the plate as if they had not already been eaten three times over in the few “resets”.

      After this is another somewhat confusing event involving my sister (appearing as she was in about 1980) chiding me (but without that much emotion) relating to having broken a CD case holder, which is somewhat drawer-like (so that it would fit in a larger cabinet in the kitchen). There is a part near the front on one side that is broken off, which is a cylindrical piece of plastic, which makes it difficult to keep the cases uniform. I explain how it had happened due to it being difficult to get the case back in, being slightly wider than what the holder seemed designed for. As I look around, I notice a couple dish racks which look very similar to the CD case holders (and almost the same size - but for smaller plates) and notice that there had been a breakage in the same area along the top runner of the “drawer” in at least two of the racks. I then say how I am not the one who had broken the other items, reflecting that my sister had probably done it, making the act of me having broken the other item seem less eventful and me less deficient. There are about a dozen holders for either CDs or small plates in the kitchen, all on the same side of the room. At this point, I am also still aware of the comet approaching the other side of the planet (but again, supposedly not to be a catastrophe even though I am somewhat wary of the idea).

      Finally, I notice that I have an open cut near the middle of my right middle finger, which seems infected. Green jelly is showing, which somehow seems to be coagulated blood. I start to reflect on the idea, as I pull out what seems like an entire “vein” that resembles a green-apple strand of toothpaste but more viscous, that I probably should have gone to the doctor and gotten antibiotics before it progressed this far. Still, I am somewhat relieved that I am able to pull out most of this green “vein” (all the way down to my wrist) before it infects more of my body, but as I do, I am aware that it will make my hand somewhat hollow and eventually useless. There is one area above the knuckle that seems more problematic and “lumpy” as a result of the infection and needs to all come out. In fact, as I mention it to my sister, my hand is already weakened and “hollow” near the wrist where it will probably just flop around unable to be used to pick things up. Most of the muscle seems to somehow be gone shortly after my act of pulling out the green “Gummy Worm”, even though it was only the one strand that I pulled out.

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    6. Deadly Water Worms

      by , 07-27-2014 at 01:17 PM


      I remember being near a stream. There was a crab that could talk. It told me about a deadly worm that can kill you that lived in the stream. While we were walking through the stream, I saw a worm that probably was the worm the crab was talking about. I was afraid of it.


      I don't remember much about this second dream, but I remember having sex with a beautiful woman. I remember Amy from Futurama, too.
    7. Academics; Kitten Bomb

      by , 11-22-2013 at 09:18 AM
      Original entry dated July 12, 2002:

      I was on a campus and it had really big buildings, only they were built in trees. And there were obviously lots of stairs involved. I had a chemistry lab class in one of these buildings, but just outside the door to my classroom was an arcade, and I wanted very badly to buy some nachos because I was hungry, only I was afraid the teacher would return while I was waiting in line and then I'd get in trouble. And then I went home, and for some reason Lucy and Ricky Ricardo were our next door neighbors, and there was a convention going on where they were showing all sorts of different movies, because it was the big debut of some much-anticipated anime, only I missed almost all of them because I was asleep or in class. Then something kept biting me while I was in bed (in my dream) and leaving huge welts and nasty scars, so my aunt and I searched my bedding and found a fuzzy grey worm that she said was a "ragamuffin" and was responsible for my wounds. It was about an inch long and grey with darker grey stripes, and it had a face like a raccoon.

      Original journal entry dated July 13, 2002:

      I had a dream that kittens were hanging from little cocoons on the wall, staring at me and buzzing.

      Kittens were on the wall, all across the wall, like spiders, with sticky feet, in little cocoons, just staring at me. Just STARING. They wouldn't stop.

      It made me so nervous, being watched like this. Watched like a bug, and I just KNOW they're planning something, because they're actually devious little spawns of Satan, and that their heads would explode.
    8. Short Dream Memories...

      , 07-18-2012 at 01:54 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      Me and my friend Logan were walking around and we saw an old 10 story brick apartment. It had a balcony at every room, and at eaach balcony someone would stand on it and it would be one of my friends.

      I slightly remember me and my friends being captured by this giant robotic alien worm, and we were on its ship.
      I had a dream where there was a missing baby at the hospital.

      I had a dream that I got a job working for Nintendo, and I got to use some new type of DS. Also I got free drinks!
    9. Cartoon Worm

      by , 01-11-2012 at 12:38 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Cartoon Worm

      This is the second cartoon dream I've ever had. This makes it really strange to me.

      It was like I was watching a movie, but the events were real. There was a green caterpillar, but in my dream it was some type of worm. It was green with a dark green stripe and a light green stripe.

      The worm was on a stick under water. It swam from the right side of my field of view to the left, but then it saw a snake, so it swam back to the stick and tried to hide behind it, though the worm was much larger than the stick.

      The worm was swimming to a mate, but couldn't make it due to the snake. I watched the worm swim in an undulating motion the way you might expect a worm to wiggle.

      When the worm was hiding behind the stick, he started shaking with fear. I could almost see the lines that one would draw to indicate shaking with fear.

      The worm eventually swam to find it's mate again, but the dream ended.
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. Birthday at the Beach

      by , 09-29-2011 at 08:43 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      It was Arlene B's birthday. Celebrating in the beach. Sunset, or after sunset. There's bonfire.

      People are toying with a ringworm or tapeworm (?), as long and as fat as an arm. It was only skin though. I assumed they took out its innards, or they flayed the creature. White skin, and it seems to have some sharp teeth. I thought they might eat it.

      I walked a bit away from the group, and moved near the sea. Arlene arrived, and I greeted her merrily. She asked for her gift. I told her I left in the camp.

      I also recall fire dancing, a dolphin, a cat, and an octopus.
    11. The worm

      by , 08-08-2011 at 12:52 AM (The journey of JussiKala)
      So I had just come out of the mail pickup location in the town centre, and was walking around. It was a nice summer day. I was wearing shorts. I noticed that my knee had a white spot on it surrounded by scarred tissue. I looked closer, it was moving. I freaked out. I started handling the thing like popping a zit for some reason, and with that, a long one millimetre long worm was slowly coming out of the spot. Freaked out even more when it curled around my index finger, and I saw the small teeth the head of it had. I picked up a stick from the ground and wrapped it around that for now. The dream ended about halfway through the extraction process.
      Tags: gross, worm
    12. Feb 18, 2011 - Worms

      by , 02-22-2011 at 03:42 AM
      I was in a suburban home that I have never seen before however I know it is my home. I am in my room which is painted blue (like my bedroom at my parent’s house). There is a red bird, a cardinal, flying around my room. I realize that I have never taken care of a bird before and I need to find it food. I know that it has recently rained and so I decide to go looking for worms. I zip line from the house over top this suburban area. I now somewhat recognize where I am. It is a grassy area just outside of a housing project near Trim road in my hometown.

      I land from the zip line into this grassy area. I get down on my knees to search for worms. It is a cloudy day as if it has just rained. The ground is moist but I don’t remember my knees getting wet. I see a few worms on the ground to I start to pick them up to put them in a tiny glass jar that I suddenly have in my hand. I pick two up without a problem and put them in the jar. I’m trying to pick up a third but it keeps slipping out of my fingers. My vision starts to blur and I get frustrated.

      I wake up and slap my boyfriend.

      When we woke up the next morning we spent some time in bed talking. I apologized to him because I thought I slapped him across the face. He tells me that I only slapped his ribs. He then tells me that he woke me up because I had pried my fingers into his mouth and it seemed like I was trying to grab his tongue.

      This is hilarious! I feel bad for him because it’s not the first time I’ve hit him while dreaming but trying to grab his tongue was a first. Also why would I try to find worms instead of going to a pet store and getting bird food?
      Tags: bird, slap, tongue, worm
    13. Skylineish

      by , 01-14-2011 at 03:34 PM (Images In The Night)
      Had two very vivid dreams last night.


      Fun sex dream. Whoohoo! Girl from college. Great Bj.


      Starts with me at a friends house. We are all having a thanksgiving dinner(or possibly another holiday). I grab a little food, then they say grace. I feel embarrassed that i grabbed food before grace. My friend grabs some too while someone was saying grace and we both laugh. There is a little girl their too that comes into play later.
      I'm outside somewhere. I have no idea where i am. There are a few medium sized buildings around, and a few trees. Out of nowhere these giant worm shaped, brown things come from the ground. They start going after people on the ground. They shoot a sticky brown string. Once they grab you they pull you back up into it. I jump off a nearby ledge. The whole city is apparently not on regular ground. Off the side is just a straight down view. There are hundreds of stories of the building going down.

      I start climbing down. I climb down maybe five stories before i head left. Each side of the mega-structure has a window on it. Apparently the whole thing is used as a living quarters for the people. I see the right room.I bust in, destroying the large window. It's completely dark inside. I scour the room and find the light. I turn it on and it's hard for me to see. For the next 10 minutes in the dream its hard for me to see. I find the girl that was in there, along with several other people, including my friend.

      We go back out the window. Outside the window has turned into a grassy field with a road on the other side and a fence beyond that. We all run to the fence. It's barbed wire. I try to pick up the bottom pieces of it and slide under but to no success. I run, grab over the barbed wire, and pull as hard as i can to get over. I mange to get over relatively unscathed. Somehow the little girl got over too. We head for a building in the distance. I turn around and see one of those large, brown, worm type things attacking people in the far distance.

      We get in the building and see that there are dozens of people in there. Most of my group moves forward alot into the main part of the building. The doors begin to close. The doors are made from iron and are not controlled by any of us. This was a trap to collect the people in the building. Only me and the girl from my group make it out of there. I walk over to my car nearby. I tell the girl to hop in the passenger seat. I start up the car. She starts walking around to get in while a guy pulls a gun out in front of me.

      He yells,"Get OUT of my car!". I reply,"No this is my car". The girl then turns to me and asks if she should get in. I whisper yes, yes, yes, now, now under my breath to where the guy with the gun couldn't hear me. As soon as she was close enough to in, i put it in reverse. There were a few obstacles in my way. I hit a tree backing up. I pulled forward and hit a parked car that was in the way. Backed up again, hit nothing. Then pulled away, all while being fired upon by that asshole DC. Out on the road we are following a guy on a motorcycle that is doing a wheelie. He is clearing a path through the street for us so we follow him for a while.

      After a bit i see my friend driving a car and he passes us. I turn my car around and catch up. Somehow the little girl got into his car. I wasn't worried about her, but was puzzled as to how she got their. We are riding along and for no reason, i flip a guy off. We continue on and i see a one of those giant brown worm again. Our road heads right along that way, but for some reason we knew we had to do this. The thing shot the sticky brown strings at us. They missed us and hit a few straggling civilians.

      For a second i get a first person view inside the giant brown worm type things. Inside i saw people being pulled up it until it got to the top. Two people were talking. A man and a woman. The man says that you have to increase the heat just right to create warriors.(he didn't say warriors. But it was something similar). The woman talks about how cold can be just right too.

      I'm back in my car. Me and my friend are driving over some crazy bridges. The craziness can barely be described so i'll do my best. There were 4-5 bridges total, but they all went up and down very quickly while not having rails on the side. Not only that, but there wasn't anything else around. You couldn't see the edges if you looked around. The massive room we were in was just monstrous.

      Anyway, we were heading along those bridges when my car fell. I thought OH SHIT I"M DEAD! I then landed somewhat safely onto a bridge a few hundred feet below it. I saw my friend continue on. Somehow i knew he was going to try to fight the leader of the invading worm type things. I continue along my path. I find a Ghost from halo and a ghost type thing that shoots wraith shots.(can't remember the name of those). I fight an enemy that comes up and beat him easily enough. I settle down on a couch nearby and just think damn this is too much.

      I then get a third person perspective on what went on with my friend. The enemy leader(who was talking in the worm earlier) was looking the other way talking to some grunt looking person. My friend comes up and pushes him off a 15 foot ledge the guy was standing on. My friend then hurries down to hopefully finish the job. The enemy leader instantly looks up upon hitting, gets fireballs in his hands and shoots them at my friend. He doesn't die, but is knocked unconscious. The leader then says,"He'll make an excellent Elementalist.

      That might be the longest dream i've ever had. Anyway, looooong dream. I didn't put a few things in their as they weren't relevant to the story of it, and weren't interesting anyways. Stupid things DC can do is what i mean.
      non-lucid , memorable
    14. Reading a Worm, “Loam” and “Vex”

      by , 06-19-1976 at 12:19 PM
      Morning of June 19, 1976. Saturday.

      I am in the southwest bedroom of the Cubitis house where my father is present. We are in the southeast area of the room, near the doorway. I am facing the south windows as he is sitting on a chair facing me. He has taken a very rare species of (assumed as fictional) phosphorescent earthworm and is holding it by one end, saying that it has the ability to communicate with people. After a few minutes, the worm curls to form actual vertical handwriting with its entire body, first spelling the word “loam”, then the word “vex”. This is all that it does before my dream fades. (I consider that it is a glow worm, as one of the many songs my father sang publicly was called “Glow Worm”, though that is not actually what it is.) I sense that the worm is annoyed by people trying to get messages from it, when it probably wants to sleep.

      The earthworm is a real-time dream state symbol. Attempting to read it as it is spelling words is the emergent consciousness factor, as thinking skills for sustained reading are only viable when conscious. As such, it seems that a part of me does not want to get up for the day yet. Additionally, trying to get feasible “messages” from the unconscious is sometimes futile, as it is just that…unconscious. (I suspect that this dream may have also been influenced by the “Sesame Street” short “Mary Sunshine”, though related to counting, with the lyric, “I head eleven worms yawning”.)

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