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    1. January 31, 2018 Frag

      by , 02-02-2018 at 01:02 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in a gym watching a wrestling match. I remember thinking it was very crowded. The ring was set up in the middle of a basketball court with fans on both sides of the court cheering at the people wrestling. At some point it turned into an actual basketball game. I was on the left side of the court at the top of the bleachers. The bleachers weren't even unfolded they were stacked. I had Mason on my right and Jacob s. on my left. I kept wobbling back and forth trying not to fall as Mason was holding me up. Somewhere in the background I could hear Moo ranting about VT basketball.
    2. Camping Trip Turns into Attending WWE Event Illicitly. HHH and Steph Ignore Me, Vince Doesn't

      by , 06-27-2017 at 11:25 AM
      06-17-2017 -- Am on a camping trip somewhere, no idea who with, where, or why. Just somewhere out in the wild, and somebody is arguing with me about how much I have or haven't been a part of things. They don't think I've been around for most of the stuff that day, but I have memories of doing the day's activities, so I think they're nuts. But about that time, the single unit parking lot tram type of vehicle leading off for the latest activity is starting to drive off, so I'm running along side, trying to pull myself aboard.

      The next thing I know, I find myself at a huge stadium, where they are getting ready to host one of the major WWE events (probably Great American Bash). Somebody may have announced it, or I may just know, but I think we're in Baltimore. I don't have a ticket, can't afford one, and probably wouldn't be able to get past security to get into the actual seating area, but nobody does a think about my simply wandering around. The ring is positioned on a large stage very like the one at Videopolis, which means there are curtains around it, and it is slightly raised ... it's like watching a wrestling event at Videopolis, and for a temporary place to sit, I walk up to the edge of the stage and pull myself up on it, sitting right beside the curtain, where I'm mostly out of sight of the crowd (people looking closely might spot my legs dangling at the end of the stage.)

      There's another person here, an older teen, much like I suspect I am in this dream, who looks a little wild, has very curly hair, and may actually be one of the WWE wrestlers, like Santana or something like that. He settles down on the stage like I am, and we just watch as the wrestlers come and go and wander around. Actually, don't see any wrestling going on. More like people are being introduced and things. Some of the wrestlers are being called up on stage, and as they approach and wait their turns, we get to meet a couple of them. I think I kind of wave to a couple of big names in passing, and at one point Dean Malenko is standing right next to me, so I make a comment about enjoying his wrestling in WCW, and mentioning the whole Man of 1,000 Holds schtick, and he seems like a nice enough guy.

      So we're sitting there for a while, when people start joining us, sitting on the edge of the stage, and soon four of us are lined up, HHH, then the other guy, then Stephanie, then me, all pressed fairly tightly together. Problem is, at this point I find I'm sitting there wearing only a bathrobe and my underwear, so I'm kind of holding the bathrobe closed because I do not want to either offend Stephanie, nor, if the cameras ever swing to catch Steph and HHH's reaction to anything, do I want to be broadcast with my underwear showing. I am thinking about mentioning to Stephanie that I met her here in Baltimore at another Great American Bash a few years ago (in another dream, though I think in that dream it was in Indiana instead of Maryland), but I decide not to draw attention to myself, since I don't belong here, and just feel uncomfortable pressed against Stephanie while holding my robe together.

      Soon Vince has come around and joined us as well, but he gives me and the other guy a bit of a strange glance, and soon after the other guy has left. I'm still sitting there watching stuff, until Vince starts making comments under his breath about security and having people arrested, and I realize that unlike everybody else, he's not going to just ignore the guy who doesn't belong, but is just sitting quietly, and I understand that the curly haired guy 'got' this realization quicker than I did, and that's why he ran off. I stand up and wander backstage, hoping that I can avoid any security, but still nobody seems to care, and I'm thankful that Vince is willing to let me depart under my own steam. I wander around backstage for a while, passing other wrestlers, interviewers, and production people, while looking for a way out of the arena.
    3. Bits: AC and Ben Franklin, Bellatrix deranged Ms Claus, Robin Williams at Coke Corner, Mammoth RPG

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:04 PM
      07-26-2016 -- Another strange dream back at the AC. Somehow I'm going in for an evening of entertainment at the Club, which I imagine has been re-opened. Lots of wandering around the different levels, looking for good parts of the show, and seeing odd things. At one point, there is a sort of a recap from a previous evening of performances, and Anne was doing Pamelia that night, but is in a different role tonight, so is having to rush to try and change costumes to react to the past bit, before changing back for this evening's entertainment.

      At one point I find myself outside an odd combination of the Mask Room and the Library, where inside they are doing a strange show where Tim is playing the role of Ben Franklin, while Steve Cluck is cheering along, and I am trying to get my little digital camera to take good videos, which just isn't going to happen. At another point, I run into Dean Ambrose, and am trying to tell him how much I've enjoyed his recent wrestling ... and also how cute his girlfriend (Renee Young) is.

      Soon I'm in a corridor between shows, and Tim pops by and is just kind of visiting for a few seconds, and asking me to try and help direct guests into the Library for the next show, while Anne is just kind of nodding at me, seemingly ready to be friends again. I am walking kind of fast through an area that is shaped rather like the area around Space Mountain and the Space Stage at Disneyland, except there are huge vines like the kind Tarzan kind of slides along in the animated flick, and I decide that since I'm helping to usher people along, I can get away with climbing up on them to help direct people.


      07-24-2016 -- It's winter time, and it is snowing around Hickory, and I am kind of gliding down the street toward Greenleaf, as though I am ice skating. I'm just reaching the corner when a large truck of some sort (possibly a trash truck) comes rolling along toward Dale, and Ron Weasley is on it, and is firing curses off at me.

      I grab the mirror of the truck, and hang on, letting it speed me down the street, and in trying to get a good angle to fire more curses at me, Ron gets thrown from the truck, and flies through the air before crashing to the ground. He's now got enough problems of his own, that he is ready to leave me alone.

      I return to the Hickory House, and realize it is Halloween, and I know I always face some kind of attack on Halloween, so I am trying to prepare for it, setting up secret passages through the house, and putting in wards and defences, and trying to set it up so that when the Death Eaters attack, they are forced through limited channels where I can concentrate a lot of fire power on them to try and take them out.

      I manage to fight off evil Halloween-type creatures and some Death Eaters, especially with Dumbledore's help (he just shows up and is helping in the battle, even though he seems to be disappointed at how much I'm hurting the bad guys) but soon things start to change, and we're back to Christmas time, and I'm having to fight off evil, leering snowmen, and corrupted Christmas elves, and worst of all, a super-evil, cackling Bellatrix dressed up as Mrs. Clause, as she tries to invade through the sliding glass door!


      07-20-2016 -- Can't remember most of what went before, but I'm walking through Disneyland, avoiding a parade, all trying to reach Coke Corner, and hoping to listen to the piano player. When I get there, there are several pianos arranged both inside and out, but nobody playing them at the moment. What there is, however, is a very young Robin Williams (young like 20, not like a little kid) in a small set of bleachers, doing comedy routines, and cursing at people when they don't react properly to it ... and somehow Disney finds it to be a good thing that he is cursing at their guests, which I don't really understand.


      06-00-2016 -- No idea when this was actually dreamed ... sometime in June or July, I think, but I never got around to writing it down. I am again puttering around in the version of Mammoth Cave that started in another recent dream inside the drainage ditches, before it became the caves. This time I am wandering through the caves again, but it seems to be an odd, live-action version of an RPG or a D&D game.

      I'm wandering through a number of cave areas, dressed in armor and carrying a big sword, when it doesn't just fade away, while trying to understand the game, search out the solution to various quests, and interact with people. I'm with Dale for a while, but he eventually wanders off to do something else. Follow a cute girl for a bit, and soon run into Bynner, who is getting overly into the whole Lord Emperor Drake schtick, and annoying some people, while entertaining others, and hitting on some of the guys.

      Meanwhile, I'm following along a sort of ice queen who is dressed in some lovely, semi-revealing outfits, hoping to become friends, when she takes some time out to work on some skilling. I'm distracted, when I find out the skilling is somehow making hundreds of huge barrels of homemade peanut butter, and I'm thinking I have to keep track of this place, so that I can come back with some marshmellows and some Rice Crispies, and make some top-notch Rice Crispies Squares, except when I look around, everything has vanished. It seems they get together for about one hour every month to make the peanut butter, then it is all shipped away in an instant, and is gone ... so unless my timing is perfect, I'm going to be straight out of luck!
    4. 020116: The Chinese Restaurant, Balcony At A Wrestling Match, In The Afterlife

      by , 01-02-2016 at 09:51 PM (The Dream Journal)
      The Asian Restaurant
      I approach a Chinese restaurant in a town where I spent my childhood, I look at the towns distinctive white architecture. It is in a weird place, by a forested park by the edge of the old shopping center. The day is a clinical grey one. I look at it, it looks interesting and unfamiliar, I see a blue neon sign. I enter it and meet a friend of mine and his girlfriend. I haven't seen them in a long time. The restaurant is small and has a long table in the center of it made of wood.

      My friend hands me a passport he said he found on the ground, saying there's something creepy about it. I open it and see that there is only a picture of our mutual friend in it with his name next to it and the issuing date that it Feb 1900. the rest of the pages are blank. How can that be? I look through the rest of the pages, they are blank until I begin to notice other pictures in it, other people. How odd it is.

      We order some sushi and eat it. I remember having some cash with me for a change and remember I have at least 17 bucks on me, it can't go over that I think to myself. The friend who was in the passport picture is also there now. We eat and I go outside as everyone went out to talk. I ask my friend how much the bill came out to and he says 90. I'm shocked, how could it be that expensive? That would mean I'd have to give him like almost 40 (in my dream calculation of it). I don't have that much, I wasn't ready to even give him all of the money I had. I give all of the 17 bucks to him and say shamefully that I'll have to owe him. He seems cool with it and to my relief says that the money I gave him covers my portion. I talk to his girlfriend, she smiles and is very nice.

      The Wrestling Match
      I'm at a show wrestling match. By the entrance where the wrestlers come in I hear someone call to me, I look up and see an opening over the entrance, an older man tells me to climb up to him. I climb a rope up to the opening in the wall that leads inside to another room. I look down and see how high up I am. I get scared and try to swing into the room. I succeed and feel relief. I follow the older man down the hallways backstage. He tells me it is obvious I just got lucky and had sex. I smile awkwardly and tell him "why hide being happy?". I feel confident and relaxed.

      We enter a cafeteria, it is well lit and looks like a school. It gets blurry, do I sit down with him? I think I see a Tunisian girl I knew in upper secondary. In an unclear transition I'm sitting in a machine shop. I'm surrounded by people who work there. Some of them are being pretty rude, laughing and not listening to anyone. They leave and someone in charge asks what can be done to improve conditions around the shop. I speak up, saying respect for others has to start improving. I also want to mention problems I have with another machinist. I then notice he's there right in front of me. I feel tense but continue, saying that he has to stop being so hard to work with.

      In The Afterlife
      Somehow the scene transforms. Everything looks similar but we are all now in an auditorium with a blackboard in front. A person in front says we are all in the afterlife now, we are all dead. We are going to be sent to the past/future to help save the world? The person writes down 4291.6 on the blackboard. This is the year we are going to. The person asks if there are any questions. A murmur springs up in the crowd and I raise my hand. I try to get my voice heard, I find an opportunity and say I have a lot of metaphysical questions I'd like to ask.

      As people file out of the auditorium I go next to the person who was holding the briefing, she is a pastor. My mind is racing with questions, there is so much to ask? How will we interact in the world of the living? What happens now? I start by asking who goes to the afterlife, adding that it probably Christians since she is a pastor but when I see the Tunisian girl there passing us in the hall I correct myself by saying it must be people from the Abrahamic religions? She says everyone goes to the afterlife when they die, there is now division. She mentions that she saw the Buddha in a park some time before. I say that it's great that everyone gets to come here. I make a mental note to look for the Buddha in the park after the mission.

      I enter a room that looks like a dining hall in a cruise ship. There is a stage in the front, far off to the right I see windows that give a little light to the otherwise shadowy room. I see people in military outfits, does this have something to do with what is going to happen, the mission? I see a stern older man in a military dress uniform, he looks almost like a fascist. People begin singing a song that is very traditional and nationalistic. I sing along, I see a woman is making sure everyone sings along. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't sing at all, not good at it.
    5. 2/16/2014

      by , 02-27-2014 at 05:21 AM
      I was at Hastings buying something. When I went to the counter and pulled out my wallet, some bearmode dude took it, saying "I'm gonna keep this wallet" I responded with "Go ahead, that'll give me enough incentive to go buy a new one. We exchanged a few words and then he laid hands on me. I grabbed his right arm and twisted it a couple of times. We ended up on the floor but I managed to twist his arm enough for it to be painful. The manager of the store came up and I told him to call the police. The man I had by the arm started apologizing and said that he gives up. I told the manager not to call the police and then let the man go. He held out his hand to help me up and I grabbed it and got up.
    6. The Bank and the Superheroes

      by , 11-07-2013 at 08:16 PM
      11-07-2013 -- [Haven't had any dreams worth recording for two or three days. Woke this morning with no dreams yet again, but it was quite early in the morning. Haven't had any fun sexual dreams in probably a month, so went back to sleep constantly repeating in my mind that I was going to have a long, involved, fun dream that included having sex. Slept for a few minutes, was briefly woke, then fell back asleep, and in the process had the following fragment and dream.]

      I am in a somewhat nice building that seems to be a cross of a Mercedes showroom, a bank, or perhaps an office building. Decent sized offices with glass fronts. There are a fair amount of people walking around, including a smarmy male manager, and several females, ranging from very attractive to fairly attractive wandering around in a variety of tops, but all wearing very short, white, pleated skirts that kind of remind me of Supergirl. They wander around in this building, running various errands, and whenever they bend over to pick up something off the floor, they provide a [b]very[/i] nice view. I'm feeling very horny, so I wander around, trying to stay away from the smarmy manager dude, hoping to catch one of the women alone and bent over in one of the offices.

      I follow around the most attractive blonde for a while, bright golden hair, fairly large breasts, long shapely legs, but it almost seems the manager is following her, and because of that, she never seems to bend over. Finally, I end up following another woman. She is not quite as wow as the other, but still very nice. She has a slightly smaller chest and dirty blonde hair. In one of the offices, alone, she bends over to pick something up, flashing a very skimpy pair of panties, and I drop to my knees behind her, and bury my face in her backside, tugging her panties to the side as I give her a lick. She gasps, and starts to say no, no, no, as I continue to lick, but as I reach a hand around and also begin to stroke her clit, it turns to more of a no, no, nore, more, more moan. But oddly, while she seems to be enjoying herself, and I am certainly enjoying myself, I don't seem to be erect, to take the next step. Which is exactly when I awoke to a trash truck going by outside.

      Fell back asleep to find myself in what started out as almost a doctor's office, but started changing into more a sort of abandoned super market. I am wandering around, and there are a lot of beautiful women here, and a lot of strong, handsome men. Many of both sexes are nude, and having sex with each other in individual rooms, but with no doors. Nobody seems to be bothered by it, though. I come across one fairly attractive redhead who doesn't seem to have anybody to spend time with, and we have some sex. It's nice and fun, but not very detailed or textured if you know what I mean. The dream isn't really making it real, yet.

      She wanders off, having things to do, and slowly I discover everybody is turning into superheroes, while still just wandering around, having sex. I am looking for somebody new, and come across an attractive brunette, slightly slim, good sized breasts, long brown hair, a nice figure, but slightly less curves than someone like Wonder Woman would have. She is alone, and nude, and seems kind of upset, and I ask her about it. It seems she is fighting with her boyfriend, because he refuses to eat her out, and I say I'd be happy to do that for her. She isn't completely sure, because her boyfriend is extremely strong, extremely jealous, and kind of stupid, but she's really horny, so she agrees.

      She is soon laying on a towel, her legs spread, and I dive in. She is moaning slightly as I start to lick her, and we carry on for a while, but though I try, I am not quite getting her there with my tongue. I add a couple of fingers, alternating between sliding them inside and using them to alternate with tongue strokes along her clit, and I must eventually hit on the exact right rhythm eventually, because she convulses, gives a huge groan, and starts spraying my face with her juices. Seems I've got a squirter. We continue with some rather nice sex for quite a while, and when we eventually finish, we kind of rest there in each others' arms, cuddling.

      That's when her boyfriend shows up, angry as hell and itching for a fight. He's a big, muscle-bound fellow, wearing a bright red costume. No idea what I am wearing. We exchange punches and throws for a while, and I am managing to hold my own, but we're managing to bang each other up pretty badly. At one point I have him pinned against a wall and straight out tell him, if he isn't going to please his girl, then I bloody well am. He claims that he does please her, and I tell him he refuses to eat her out. He get's this little-kid-icky look on his face and goes "Eeeeewwwwww!" and I look at him in amazement. "Have you ever tasted your girl's cum?" From this he realizes we weren't just cuddling, we've actually had sex, and he goes even more ballistic.

      We continue fighting for a while, and eventually I have the strength and leverage to catch him in a full nelson, completely locked in, and have him pressed against a wall. I tell him flat out that this can go a couple of ways. He can decide to give his girl what she wants, as well as taking what he wants, in which case I'll only be with her once more, to show him what to do, or he can continue to be selfish, and I'll be with her whenever she wants. He gets this intense look on his face, like its a really hard thing to think through.

      About this time, some other heroes come running through, and say some bad guys have planted some bombs at a nearby strip mall, and we have to go stop them. I let the guy go, and he kind of collapses to the ground. I almost follow him ... we've really battered each other. A couple of the other heroes are half supporting me, half carrying me, one on each side, as they start to lead me off to the strip mall. The farther we go, the more I regain my strength, and am able to move under my own power. Soon we reach the abandoned store front where the bombs are, and we find there are a lot of bombs held within some good-sized cardboard boxes. We start grabbing the boxes one or two at a time, pulling off a tab that kind of forces them to detonate within a few minutes (like a delayed action pin on a hand grenade) instead of whenever the bad guys had set them for, then are stacking them in a big, open area outside, where we hope they will do no harm.

      The guy I was fighting with wasn't here for a while, and I am worried that he is going to come along and attack and fight me again, rather than working on the bombs, but as I reenter to grab more, I come across him carrying two out. He seems to be more interested in doing his job, and I briefly clap a hand on his shoulder, then grab a couple more bombs and haul them outside. A fire engine pulls up right next to the bombs, and we try to chase them back a bit away so they won't get blown up when the bombs all go off. We've got all the bombs out of the strip mall, but what were medium sized cardboard boxes have turned into a number of railroad containers filled with explosives, and kind of quivering from the volatile contents inside. Now we're just kind of standing around, waiting for them to explode, and to find out whether the area is open enough to avoid them doing any major damage or not.

      Then I stop to think for a moment. We have a lot of heroes here, maybe 20 or 30, and some of them are probably not as impervious to damage as I am. I call out, loudly "Who here is not invulnerable?" I hear a couple of voices call out on the other side of the crowd, including a couple of female voices, and I head over that way until I find an attractive blonde female hero with her hand up. She's got a nice figure, a nice costume, very sexy. I explain when all these containers blow, there is going to be a lot of shrapnel, and if she isn't invulnerable, I am going to have to protect her. I pull her into a very tight, very invasive embrace, and pull her to the ground, my body between her and the containers, while they continue to quiver and pulse with the unstable materials inside. We're laying there for several very long seconds, though she does seem to be enjoying herself.

      Suddenly there is a flash of light, and we are flying through the air. For several seconds, it is very peaceful, almost as if we had the power of flight (neither of us do) as we somehow move smoothly and rapidly through the air, then there is noise and turbulence and fire, and we crash violently to the ground. I glance around, and there is flaming debris everywhere, but nobody is seriously hurt, and the buildings are all OK, so it seems we got everything set up all right. The beautiful hero in my arms seems rather affectionate, and we're only two or three miles from the abandoned supermarket where we seem to live, so I figure it is time to go back and have some more fun. I know we can't fly, but I am super strong, so I figure maybe I can jump a mile at a time, like the Hulk. I hold her tight in my arms, but only manage to jump maybe 30 yards into the air, and only about 50 yards distance before I drop back to the ground. I do a couple more jumps like that, but it just isn't moving me far enough, fast enough. I try running at super speed, but it turns out that isn't one of my gifts either, because I can only run about a mile a minute. Phooey. With our headquarters two or three miles away, it takes me two whole minutes to get us there! AAUUGGHH!! But soon we're moving among the abandoned aisles looking for a bed, then we start to rapidly undress each other, ready to relax after a tough day of explosives!
    7. Wrestling Superhero Circus

      by , 11-03-2013 at 06:45 PM
      Batman wrestler is on some spinning machine and his other wrestling buddies are spinning his around with pens (don't ask). looks like one of those things you see on a kids playground. He screams he has had enough but they keep spinning him. These wrestlers are reckless and are comedic. I did not have a dream body once again.
    8. Neville and Poker, Midget Wrestling, and England Travels

      by , 07-20-2013 at 02:02 AM
      07-15-2013 -- I am standing around Fullerton College, visiting with people and talking to Neville Longbottom. He needs to find a way to make money, and somebody suggests a high-stakes poker game, but he declines, saying he knows how they collect what they are owed if you lose money, and he needs all his limbs, thank-you-very-much! I try to make a joke, saying maybe he ought to try testing new drugs. I did, made a lot of money, and it never had any effect on me, ::spasm, seizure, drool:: but it falls flat. Never was very good at telling jokes.

      Unfortunately, talking about the tough guys seems to bring them about, and they are suddenly after us, even without losing in any high-stakes poker matches. In the process of running from them, we find ourselves in the world of the Wheel of Time, being chased by dark friends as we try to both protect and limit some of the control of the Aes Sedai, while behind us there is a ring where midget wrestling is going on. I don't know why, but every single midget hates every single non-midget, and they are all trying to attack us every chance they get, while we defend ourselves as best we can while trying to ensure nobody gets seriously hurt.

      Eventually I escape from that mess, and do a little travel that leaves me arriving in a small sea port where there are lots of small stalls selling sea-related items like carp and sardines and nets and things. There is also a huge six-floor branch of Harrod's, which seems tremendously out of place in this tiny harbor. I am considering going inside and looking for travel guides, which I have decided I want to collect. Soon I have moved inland a little bit, and find myself standing on a slight slope leading to the entrance of some ancient stone works, or perhaps some kind of coal mine, and somehow I know I am somewhere in Gloughchester or Glastonbury or some such area in England.
    9. Kitchen Sink Dream: Mardi Gras, Used Books, Rescuing Sylvester McCoy, Travel, plus more, and fragmen

      by , 05-23-2013 at 05:14 PM
      05-23-2013 -- [All over the place, took place between about 1:30 am and 3:15 am.] I have no idea where I am at when the dream starts, but am in a weird store, kind of a cross between an antique shop and a thrift store, with lots of odds and ends and big and little crap. Something about the place is familiar, and I think I have dreamed about it (or something quite close to it) in the last year or two sometime. Also some ties to the bookcase in the dream from a day or two ago, though no Wodehouse books this time. First I am looking at one of the small wire rack displays some libraries use for their paperback books, and come across a very old and much-worn copy of Vic Crume's Wiz Kid and the Carnival Caper adaption. (I wanted that book so much as a little kid, but didn't buy it the one and only time I ever saw it.)

      Soon I am walking further into the store, and am in a sort of sloping hallway on a hill, approaching a single short bookcase (maybe 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide) sitting horizontally across the hall, almost blocking the path through it, and am looking at more books on it. I see most of the books from the bookcase a coupe of days ago, including the large collection of Choose Your Own Adventure titles, but this time there are also two four book gift boxes of CYOA books, one with four titles set in the X-Men universe, the other with four set in the Star Wars universe. I pull a couple of books off the shelf to look at them, and seem to start a landslide, with about half the books on the entire bookcase falling off. I start to try and pick them up and put them back on the bookcase, but now it is falling over, and I can't get it to stay up where it was. I finally turn it sideways, so that now there is more space to walk by it on either side (it was like this | -- | but is now like this | | | ) and it becomes more sturdy, so I am able to start putting the books back on it.

      About this time I am attacked by some nutty demented dwarf (Billy Barty type, not long bearded fantasy type) and as he keeps throwing himself at me, I have to fight back. I grab him by his clothes, and am throwing him around the room, swinging him against one wall and then another. Eventually he is latching on to the chandelier above our heads, and as I continue swinging him around, he brings down tons of stuff, including the chandeliers, and brings it all (and himself) crashing to the ground some 20 or 30 feet below. What a mess! I quickly end up exiting the store.

      I find myself with my car, which doesn't seem to have a roof or sides, but is just wide open. I have tons of stacks of paper (mostly note paper) on a wide variety of subjects, including some writing, but with the car so open, I am afraid of how much stuff might blow away while I am driving. At this point I think I am in Chicago, and am about to drive back to California. There is an interstate freeway that makes the trip almost directly, and passes through Indiana and Kentucky on the way, so I plan to stop and look for a couple of Old Spaghetti Factory restaurants and some Hostess O's donuts on the way, but I've got a long trip ahead of me, and am really worried about my stuff. So I end up talking with my mom (who is dead) who is in the back yard of the Hickory House (where we lived in CA) which is now somehow in Chicago, and she agrees to put the rest of my stuff in storage, since she already has tons of it, anyway. She leads me to the corner of the back yard / side yard where I once tried growing corn, and helps me bury all the stuff in a pit I've dug here. I don't argue with her, but I am worried of rain and such.

      I'm very happy to not have to worry about the stuff in my car blowing away, but now I would like to have some cassette tapes to listen to on the long car trip, and I just buried most of them. Worried about it, and looking for some tapes, I step out of the house and find myself standing on a long, curving driveway in front of a big Chicago hotel, where a lot of my stuff is laying on the ground where it might have fallen out of my car. It is the kind of stuff you might find laying on the floor after you have been cleaning a very, very messy room for a while, and you've gotten up all the big stuff, and all that is left is a few small items you haven't gotten to yet, and small bits of paper and detritus that you still have to clean up or vacuum away. Among this are several cassette cases, and I am hopeful, but they have all been run over, so are broken and damaged. [Happened a few days ago to my gas cap when I left it on my roof.]

      This is all in the middle of the parking lot, and there are cars honking at me to get out of the way as I try to find any whole tapes, so soon I dodge out of the way and wander a few rows down in the parking lot. I start walking through a row of parked cars, but it quickly morphs to riding a bike down a path that seems to be for a combination of pedestrians and horses, and I seem to be moving against the flow. Making my way around the walkers is no problem, but the horses, walking three or four abreast and filling the whole path are a lot more difficult to dodge. They don't make room or get out of the way very well, and they seem to be slightly grumpy at the situation, and yet they aren't at all mad at me, they just don't like making room for somebody going the other way. Weird.

      I make it through this area and head back up toward the hotel entrance, where I find myself in an odd sort of room where I seem to have instantly fallen asleep, because a few seconds later, mom is shaking me awake and I find myself in just my underwear, scrambling to find my clothes and shoes and get dressed. I'm supposed to follow mom to the cars so we can leave, but I decide to make one last stop at the strange shop. It is on a hill, and I walk in to find it very, very busy. There are customers everywhere, and about four people at registers behind the counter, and it is almost impossible to get anybody's attention. I explain about the bookcase and apologize for it, and for any trouble I caused them, and they tell me I will be welcome back at any time, that they actually really like the new layout from my moving the bookcase, and that the dwarf was to blame for the damage he caused by attacking me, so it's all good. I wander the store a little bit, and at the entrance to the upward sloping hallway where the bookcase was, I come upon a strange sight.

      Sylvester McCoy (the 7th Doctor) is standing there wearing a space helmet (reminds me of a couple of the 10th an 11th Doctor stories) and his usual 7th Doctor outfit, being choked by a huge guy that looks kind of like Wreck-It Ralph. I run up to him and start to pry his hands away from Sylvester's neck while saying something like "Please stop choking Mr McCoy!" He just kind of grunts and tries to wave me away, but I manage to pull Sylvester free, and start to walk away. I soon find I have bought two of those small bubble packages you find in kids' gumball machines, and as I open them up, I find one contains two kind of mangled cassettes, and the other contains the box the two cassettes originally came from, and it is some kind of audio production Sylvester did (like Big Finish, but possibly not from that company), and I suddenly realize I may have interrupted a play or a recording session of some sort, and I'm a bit embarrassed.

      I'm now standing outside the store, in Chicago (it still fells like I am in Chicago) though it is the home of Mardi Gras, and the hill I am on has the exact layout and buildings of Walt Disney World's Pleasure Island, though none of those buildings are being used for the Island's nightclubs. I can see the Mardi Gras floats making their way up the hill, while people are screaming for beads and things. I am about 2/3 of the way down the hill, and am standing by the store when McCoy walks out, and I start to follow him, hoping to apologize and tell him how much I loved his portrayal of the Doctor, but he almost seems to be avoiding me, and dodging into paths and alleyways. When I catch up to him, he is back with the guy who choked him and an attractive young woman who looks like a show girl, and the guy who looks like Wreck-It Ralph is saying his name is Dan Spivey. I ask him "Dangerous Dan Spivey? Like the guy from 80s Disneyland entertainment?" and a bunch of people walking by who look exactly like various Disney entertainers who are walking by ask me what I am talking about. I say I think I remember a Dangerous Dan Spivey from Disney entertainment back when I hung out there as a teen. [In reality, Dangerous Dan Spivey was a wrestler back in the early days of the WWF, I think.]

      Anyway, by this time all the entertainers and Sylvester's group have wandered off, and the cassette tapes that I am trying to stick into the pockets of my large jacket have turned into 12 green apple lollypops. The thin, short-haired black woman at the meeting at First Baptist on Monday who somehow looked familiar is standing near me, and tries to seal some of my lollypops, but I catch her and pull them away from her, and a heavier black woman who seems to be her mother tells her something like "You can't do that, that's wrong ... but you might succeed if you try again." By this time we have reached the building that, at Pleasure Island, would be the Adventurer's Club, but here it isn't, and the black girl tries to steal my stuff several more times. By this time the lollypops are in my pockets, and I am pushing the girl's hands away, while the mother is berating me for daring to touch her daughter.

      I eventually grab her hands in my arms and shove her away hard enough that she slams into a wall, as I explain that I am helping to teach her daughter not to try and steal ... at least from me, and the mother acts like I am a horrible person. Then I duck out the lower level back door by the river (lake?), and find myself walking in a kind of darkish alleyway where I come across chorus girls dressed up as Cadillacs. They are wearing costumes that look like full-sized Cadillac cars from the waist, up, while still having the usual nylon-wrapped gorgeous gams beneath, as they dance around in a Vegas-style show, and I wake up. Very odd.


      Somehow I find myself in a public restroom with Carl, and it is one of the nicest, cleanest, and most private restrooms I have ever seen ... if you remember to close the stall door! D'oh! I push the stall door shut while Carl is doing the embarrassed 'I didn't have to see that' thing, as we discuss different job possibilities, as somebody familiar walks past and comments I ought to get a job doing what he does. I look at him and he looks much like a middle aged Andy Griffith, and I eventually recognize his uniform as that of a fire fighter. I am thinking I am in no shape to be a fire fighter, and he agrees with me, but says I could drive the truck and do record keeping, and stuff like that. I eventually start to recognize him, and place the name Conrad to him, but I can't quite remember where I know him from, then finally it clicks, Jeff's next door neighbor on Hickory. Turns out he moved right after I did, and now also seems to live in Orlando, and somehow we end up talking about internet connections.

      In the dream, I have a rather cheap internet connection through GEnie or something like that (with hints of Prodigy thrown in), and am complaining about the signal I get, but he explains that I need to get two modems to double up the signal, and then it works much better. Very strange (and pointless) stuff. Soon I find myself literally running down I-4 with Dale, as we're trying to get to the airport on time to catch a plane back to CA (I think), and Dale is wondering if we are going to make it, as we pass his rental car, which ran out of gas. Dale says it is no big deal, and that the rental car company is coming for it soon, and will add a couple of gallons before they take it back.

      We soon find ourselves boarding a bus, which as we try to make our way to seats is turning into a plane, we find ourselves taking two seats next to a guy in the window seat with a bag in his lap that looks like George Takei, but isn't. With Dale and I being big guys, and him with his bag, we ask if he is OK with us sitting there. He indicates he has had a bad day, is tired and sore, but our sitting there will not cause him any problems. Soon the plane is flying, and we are listening to the conversations around us, and a slightly older, attractive lady (about 55 to our 45) almost seems to be flirting with us. I'm shocked when suddenly Dale and this lady seem to be in one of the plane's restrooms making some very improper sounds, as this is nothing like him, and everybody on the plane can hear.

      But it all turns out to be a practical joke, she and Dale come out of two different restrooms, and it turns out she was showing him the weird phone system the airline has installed in the lavatories, which connect all the bathrooms, and broadcast everything said across the entire plane. Very weird system. I've reached the point where I need to use the restroom (no intention of using the phone, though), but all of them are in use. And the keep being in use. And when I finally get to use one, the plane suddenly takes off without me. Things have gotten weird, and the lavatories are no longer on the planes, and it seemed to touch down for a couple of minutes to let people use the restrooms, just before the end of our trip (which is now flying into Orlando, instead of out.) I find myself on Landstreet Road, chasing after the plane, waving my hands before a truck almost backs into me. Turns out I was running down the road trying to flag down the airplane while in between two small trucks, and they are mad because my running isn't as fast as they want to drive. I dodge the truck, then start the slow walk down Landstreet and up Orange Blossom Trail to get home.
    10. 'Bikini Wrestling'

      by , 05-09-2013 at 12:58 AM
      Date: May 8, 2013
      Method: MILD & WBTB
      Total Sleep Time: 8-9 hours (bedtime 12:00am-5:00am) WBTB (5:00am-5:45am), then slept from about 6:00am-10:00am
      Category: Dream (short) Non Lucid (again)

      Dreamed I was at some after school program with a bunch of kids. One kid started just talking to me and we began to wrestle (play wrestle). I had very long hair and he began to pull it out by the fist fullÖoh yeah, I looked down and I was wearing a bikini .

      Note to self: Bikini wrestling could have been your dream sign. You know you would never bikini wrestle...or would you ???

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    11. Ziva and the Wrestlers, Tom Drick and Betty White, and Cops Chasing Dad (Fragments)

      by , 01-17-2013 at 06:29 PM
      01-15-2013 -- [My first day of using 5-HTP, and though my dreams seemed kind of vivid, they also seemed kind of short. And for some reason, I could not be bothered writing them down in great detail. I had two dreams, and this is the sum total of what I wrote down: Ziva, NCIS, and wrestlers at the BPM. Tom Drick, Betty White, and clowns at new church by Winn Dixie. Let's see how well I can expand this, a couple of days later.]

      I was at the Buena Park Mall, on the east side near La Palma, half in and half out of the mall. I know I was watching some wrestling, and there were some good matches with some tough wrestlers, and yet they seem to be older matches from back in the 90s, even though I am watching them live.

      Somehow, one of the wrestlers is Ziva, from NCIS, and I think she is working undercover, as am I. I think we are talking to some of the wrestlers like Brutus Beefcake and Rick Rude, and trying to figure out who are the faces and who are the heels at this point in time. Oddly enough, Ziva is pregnant at the time. Odd stuff.


      01-15-2013 -- I find myself at a new Church located across the street from Winn Dixie on Orange Blossom Trail. Tom Drick is leading worship, and it isn't in place of Pine Castle UMC or Tarpon Springs UMC, but in addition to both the others. It seems he is turning into a work-a-holic, and is now leading worship at all three churches, simu;taneously.

      So we're in this church, and Tom is leading songs, and Betty White seems to be speaking, and is somehow talking about working as a clown back in her early days, while Tom is running out the door, heading for one of his other services at one of the other churches. Familiar people (but nobody I can specifically identify) are running around, discussing things, and I'm just kind of relaxing.

      Eventually things calm down and the service seems to be ending, and I find myself out in the parking lot. Betty White may be on a Segway, and seems to be getting ready to leave, and I think her for joining us, and what she had to say, and am trying to ask about her time as a clown, and she indicates that she was never a clown, though she may have played one on TV, and it is all very strange.


      01-14-2013 -- [Since these are short dream fragments, I'm lumping them all together in this post.] Can't remember anything earlier, but I find myself at a dry cleaners, where I need to get some clothes cleaned or fixed, or even get some new clothes. A lot of the clothes seem to be western garb, and some of it is kind of wild looking. Also maybe hints of a security uniform, though not much.

      The guy who is supposed to be cleaning the stuff is also giving me advice on what might be good clothes to wear, and is telling me I should get some more fabric, and he will make some more clothes that might go well with what I am already planning to wear.

      Somehow I find myself with my dad in his truck, and he is driving me to a fabric store. We're in Buena Park on Crescent, and we're just north of the nursery, and he is driving on the wrong side of the street, because he just plans to dash past the nursery and pull into the driveway at the crossing guards' house, which is where the fabric store is supposed to be, and it is a pretty short distance.

      Unfortunately, there is a cop right at La Reina, so we've got sirens after us as we turn in at the house. It turns out to be a bank, and we've gone inside, and dad is pretending to be drunk and falling asleep (how this would get him in less trouble I don't know), but somehow it allows him to knock out the cop.

      So we're back on the road, just going a block further, to where we find ourselves in another bank. Dad is now really drunk, and Melody is here, taking care of him. More cops come in, and they are now grabbing me and dragging me out to his truck, even though I am a little kid, far too young to drive, as dad is passed out on the table.

      They lead me to the and are badgering me about how I am too young to drive and how dare I drive, and being very rude, while I haven't driven at all, and am starting to get very angry with them, and am about to start yelling at them, before just flying away in disgust.
    12. State Wrestling Tournament (Most Vivid Dream)

      by , 08-28-2012 at 06:23 PM
      Woke up on 8/23/12

      1A) I was at the state wrestling tournament and my coach picked me up and span around like coaches do when their wrestlers win, even though I had not even wrestled yet. I wasnít really excited or anything.

      I wake up. I remember to try and think about what I was dreaming of to fall back asleep, but I didnít remember. I kept trying anyway and when I fell back asleepÖ

      1B) I was back at the tournament with my friend Max in front of me sitting in a chair. I didnít realize that I had been dreaming of this before. I thought we were at the state tournament, but I still asked Max where we were and he confirmed it. I got excited and began telling him with excitement that we were at state! I thought that it might be a dream and commented on it aloud. Coach Robinson told me to do a reality check and I tried poking a hole in both hands and, oddly, nothing happened. I began yelling in excitement along with the others for the fact that we were at the state wrestling tournament and that it was real. I suddenly realized that I had a dream about this, but I still thought that I was awake and that my first dream was simply playing out in real life. I told my coach in excitement that I had a dream about this and that the details were the same, including the red and white clothes he was wearing, though I donít know if those were the same clothes in the previous dream.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    13. Olympics + Wrestling

      by , 08-24-2012 at 04:23 AM
      Woke up on 8/16/12

      1) I was running down a sidewalk saying how Caesar’s pizza wasn’t that bad and it was only $5 for a large. I ate a piece and by the time I was done I was at the entrance of an Olympic stadium but it looked dark around the edges and bright only on the stadium. I saw my friend Aaron Wang and someone handed me a clear box that had four California rolls in it which rested on what I think was lettuce. The box was a normal size and I wondered why a box this size was needed for only four pieces of a California roll. I remember thinking of eating them and a piece of pizza that Aaron was offering to me but then saying that I shouldn’t because I was about to wrestle and I had already eaten one. I remember feeling very thirsty.

      2) The next thing I remember I’m inside the actual stadium in the top right corner and I’m doing a synchronized movement thing with countless other people in a rectangle for the US though I don’t feel at all surprised by the fact that I’m in the Olympic stadium. The judge was Chinese and was unimpressed, but not annoyed. I remember them giving a command that meant “Be a kid” or something and I didn’t know which action that meant so I did something weird. When I saw everyone in the stadium sit down criss-cross I did as well (I assume this is because we are told to sit like this when we are kids). I saw my friend Huy from Tae Kwon Do sitting next to me smiling. Next, the group was told to do something that meant to sew. I began to pretend to sew with the others and they told us to do something specific while sewing but I didn’t understand. The dream changed perspective and I saw the judge. He was explaining how us Americans were bad at synchronization so they even needed a commercial break. The dream then turned into a commercial and the Chinese judge was shown in a picture. The picture was actually of a famous Asian man, but I can’t remember his name. The name of the judge was shown beneath the picture and he was again commenting on our performance. When the commercial was over I started to sew in a very specific way like we were told to. Lastly, I remembered thinking that the reason the Chinese were so good is because they learned to do so many things early in their lives that in the synchronization event we were doing they could easily do the commands called out.

      3) I was in the stands of the same Olympic stadium and the board said Japan and the US were about to wrestle but against other countries and the style was Greco-Roman. I didn’t want to miss it and after I saw the matches I went home to get something because for some reason my home was close-by.

      4) I was sitting in the stands of a school at a normal wrestling dual meet and there were three bleachers along three mats. I was in the very left. I took out a camcorder and started filming all the way to the right mat when my coach, Coach Robinson, interrupted and said something that was meant to stop. I went back to the far left bleachers and filmed someone in yellow who was running back and forth along the back of the mat and I concluded that he was sprinting and that someone I saw running earlier, who looked and dressed like someone I know named Elliot, had probably been doing the same.

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    14. Working Hotel and Being Chased by Hell Stallion

      by , 08-13-2012 at 09:09 PM
      8-13-2012 -- Very fragmentory. There was a lot more to this, but all I can pull out of my memory is bits. A few of those bits were interesting enough to make it worth posting, however. (Same thing all night long. Three dreams, but only parts, and all over the place.)

      I think there was something about a wrestling company, and somebody complaining about how they were being held back, and threatening the bosses, until they remind him that's just his character, and he's actually too nice a guy to follow through on something like that. Also some hint about vampires, but can't remember anything more than that.

      Soon I seem to be kind of working in a hotel, sort of, and being sent all over the place. Somebody has asked if I can make a Chinese omelet, and I have no idea how, but I say I'll figure it out, and will ask one of the two friends online who have been helping me with stuff. I see a French guy wandering by, and he somehow sounds slightly familiar, so I ask him if he is Pierre, and explain I think he is a friend of mine from on-line. He tells me he doesn't know me, never heard of me, and please get away from him.

      One of my bosses seems to be Umbridge, and she is yelling at me, and trying to trap me and/or a dog in a sort of tall crate, but I move too quickly, and have somehow locked her in, instead. Think there was more to this, but it is gone now.

      Something about trying to hook up, or rehook some computers together for a possible girl friend, and then I suddenly find myself in the Buena Park Mall, somewhere near Waldenbooks, and am helping an attractive blonde with something. We're heading toward either May Co or the exit on La Palma near it, but she says she wants an Orange Julius, and I point out that shop is in the other direction. She decides it isn't important.

      Soon we're being chased by something up and down narrow stairways, but we don't really know what it is that is chasing us. Some guy hands me a high-pressure spray paint can that can shoot 20 or 30 feet, and I start spraying it around to prove there isn't anything there, and instead I find I am highlighting some sort of hell horse or evil centaur that was invisible, and now I can actually see it to try and get away from it.

      Was a cool dream, wish I could remember it better.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. NYC, Corset Wrestling

      by , 05-01-2012 at 11:35 PM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      I took a train to NYC by myself and was wandering around. I sat down on a bench and set down my two books, then realized that I was lost. I did not bring a map of New York, nor did I remember which route I took from the train station. Somehow I managed to get home. I remember something about a car. I realized that I had forgotten my books in NY, but didnít care to go back to retrieve them. My grandmother was at my house when I arrived, and she cooked me a meal. She offered to give me money, but I declined her offer. My sisters came home after I ate.

      Corset Wrestling:
      The next dream I was wandering around a mall, and a man came up to me and asked me to take his place in a competition. I agreed, and was given a corset, stockings, and high heels to wear. No wonder he didnít want to compete. I changed into the outfit, and my chest changed to fit better into the corset. I looked at my chest in the corset and thought it looked different from usual. I promptly forgot about my new breasts. The corset cups were a few sizes too small for my new breasts, so my nipples would pop out if I moved a lot. The strings used to tie the corset went from my left thigh up to the center of my left breast. Since I had to move a lot, the strings would become loose. When the corset was loose, my left nipple would pop out between the strings. I had to regularly tighten my corset and tuck away my nipples.

      I walked out to the wrestling ring. I was wrestling against a man in a t-shirt and jeans, while I was in heels and had a spinal fusion to boot. The objective was to push our opponent out of the ring each round. I tried to convince my opponent and the person judging the match that I was actually a guy, but naturally no one believed me with my breasts bursting out of my corset.

      Our match began, and I lost the first round magnificently. The next two rounds I became much more aggressive though. I punched, tackled, and elbowed my way to victory. My reward for winning was $100 for each second that my opponent and I fought. I didnít know how many seconds that was, but I asked where I could claim my winnings. The wrestling organization refused to give the money to me, and told me to wait for the check in the mail. I remembered fighting in this competition before and never receiving any money, but I had also lost in the previous match.

      This dream felt very familiar, so I wonder if this was a sequel to a dream I had years ago. That happens to me occasionally, but not very often. I canít remember when I had the first dream though, so I think that the first competition was just a false memory in the dream, rather than a dream I had in the past.

      I had a few dream fragments too. I was watching Game of Thrones with my fianceť and sibling. Then another fragment with an ill-fitting bathing suit.
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