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    1. Beach House

      by , 11-21-2011 at 03:36 PM
      I remember two dreams from last night plus the emotional ghost of another one. You know when you know you had a dream and when you try and remember it you think "that was a nice dream, but I have no idea WTF it was about", Its that. The first dream I had I was with a friend of mine and we were going to his beach house with a few other people. His mom was driving for some reason. I was in the front seat and we were taking back roads. We constantly had to stop to avoid running over dogs who were all chasing squirrels. When we got there I asked his mom why she had seemed so mad at me. She said she wasn't mad, my pants were inside out and It was aggravating her. I turned my pants right-side out and she was happy. We went inside and I woke up, I was able to catch the awakening in like 2 seconds but I had already shifted my body position so the DEILD didn't work. When I woke up in the morning I remembered a fragment of another dream in which I was at a wrestling tournament. I was talking to someone and I had a small entourage. I was either consoling the person or giving them advice. My dad thought I was still sleeping when I was writing in my dream journal so he banged on the door really loud for an unnecessary amount of time (akin to a military wake up) and it ran the rest of the dream out of my head.
    2. Science Class

      by , 11-18-2011 at 03:33 PM
      This morning I was able to remember my dream more completely than in nights before but I was only able to remember one (I didn't wake up when my WBTB alarm went off). I was in a science classroom and the people in the class were all the kids from my wrestling team. My wrestling coach was the teacher. He was talking to us about some charity that we should give to then he switched to complaining about where the money went (something about two murderers in Pennsylvania). He wanted us to donate the money to the wrestling team.
      While he was talking I was looking through my friends text messages on his Droid. I asked him how much it cost and he said it was 1,000 a month but every third month it was far more expensive. I had a glass of water and it was empty so I was eating the ice in it, one of the ice cubes was a small egg (no shell) and everyone thought it was funny that I spit it out. I didn't get the feeling that it was a prank, instead that eggs were usually in in glasses of water and most people had the common sense to avoid them.
    3. Fraggy

      by , 10-12-2011 at 09:07 AM
      I was reading a wrestling comic of sorts on the computer or a book. My friends started saying that it was gay and childish.
      Tags: wrestling
      false awakening
    4. Old West Gas Station Robbery 07/20/2011

      by , 07-21-2011 at 01:09 AM
      5:30 AM

      Part One
      Found myself with restless male DCs, fighting, wrestling etc. They were pretty typical except that they seemed to be from the old west some how. One of the DC's was pretty different from the rest however. He somewhat resembled Michel J. Fox and carried a small pearl handled revolver. I decided to call him 42 and for some reason the fancy name suited him. This scene quickly evolved into a pre bar fight as we entered an old, cramped, poorly lit, dry and dusty bar / shop. Sitting at a small round table were a couple old possibly confederate men minding there own business. There were a few more standing around the place.

      Not long after that a few DCs started talking smack about the old men in the building. I can't remember exactly what they were saying but it was something along the lines of "they bunch of money hungry bastards, blah, blah, blah." One of the guys at the table had enough of this crazy talk. I could see he was missing quite a few teeth as he clearly stated the obvious fact that "Do we look like we's rich folk?!!" "Cmon look over at 42 that fancy boy of yours",,,,,,,,,,,, a fight broke out as 42 who was standing by a beverage fridge reached for his revolver.

      Part Two
      The bar/shop quickly transitioned into a gas station with old west features as we proceeded to rob the place. The old DCs were all gone except two regular guys who I figured to be owner and manager of the gas station. Also, my original gang was armed while the two old guys no longer had weapons. I found the owner fumbling with a cash register so I plunged my (looked similar to a 9mm Glock but bigger) into his back. As he tried to put the handful of cash into a safe I noticed that they were large denominations. (dream reality $200 bills) and $500 dollar bills. He mostly ignored my gun and I had to snatch at the cash he wouldn't let go of. I got some of it and decided that it was time to go. Before I headed for the door the store manager handed me a receipt with lots of circles and numbers written in different color ink.

      I began to worry whether or not the cops were waiting outside or not. I was bright outside so maybe we could make a dash for the forest behind the gas station and meet our getaway van at the road below. Or chance it pulling up front. I thought about finger prints for some reason and clumsily stuffed the gun under my shirt as I dropped some crumpled up paper on the floor. I woke up as we bolted out of the door.

      note: If you haven't guessed I know nothing about guns or burglary.
    5. Wrestling

      by , 03-06-2011 at 10:05 AM
      Time: Morning
      Scene: Boarding School
      Plot: Wrestling
      So here in the morning I had an interesting dream. Me and my family were in the Theatre Room in my school, where there is a great stage.
      We were sitting on first row, and a table with 3 judges (kinda like idol/x factor) were in the side.
      Now the game begun. First 2 of my cousins and my uncle had to fight with the 3 judges and my other uncle and aunt.
      Next up came my cousin (age 6), his father and his sister vs some unknown people.
      Now came the last round, where my two cousins Christian and Martin had to fight. First they wanted me to come with them, but I said "I know no moves, and know not the rules!".
      Then they went backstage without me, one man short, the judge then came over to me, and asked if I wasn't going to participate. I repeated "I know no moves, and know not the rules! Wouldn't it be better without me?" Then the speaker came "The three teachers are in their cells, but this young boy, is on a quest for knowledge, he knows no rules in this game, but he will soon learn!" And I knew that was the cue for me to get backstage and get in the game.
      As he said the "teachers are in their cells", a lightning show made three silhouettes of cells show up on the wall with shadows of men behind them, you remember we were on my school .
      Anyway, I went backstage where my cousins were awaiting, and as the bell rung we ran towards the stage, and saw our opponents. Before we started fighting however, I woke up.
      By the way, there was no actual fighting in any of the rounds, my brain skipped those parts, and went straight to the next round, without proclaiming a winner.
    6. Wrestling 01/10

      by , 10-03-2010 at 05:35 AM
      Before this dream I realised that my dreams all had something to do with what I had done that night and since I was watching Puro style wrestling that night I tried to remind myself to do a reality check if I found myself at a wrestling event.

      From what I remember I was a wrestler wrestling KENTA, I can't remember what happened in the match but I doubt I had the brainpower to plan out a wrestling match in my dream anyway. The next thing I remember is him being on his knees but what he was doing I don't know, I do remember it wasn't anything good.

      Next thing I remember was after the match was finding out he is a huge facebook whore (my Japanese friend from real life is also one and he was at my place the night of the dream). The only other thing I remember is feeling very disappointed that a guy that entertains me so much performed such a shit match and is a facebook whore. And that was it.
    7. The Video Store 30/09

      by , 10-02-2010 at 07:06 AM
      I didn't write anything down on the 29th. But on the 30th I have quite a lot written down. A lot happened and some of the events may not be written down in the order they happen.

      In the first part of my dream I remember being in a shop, I am unsure if it was the video store at this point or not. I briefly remember my friend Jonty being involved but I am unsure what he did. I then received a phone call from another friend Isaac to come and work at the video store with him later; I don't have a job but for some reason this proposal didn't seem strange to me, nonetheless I made up an excuse and got out of it.

      The next part definitely took place at the video store, even though I am not sure how I got there (possibly could have used that fact to get lucid), I had actually been at one the day before I had this dream though and they were pretty similar. I went to the basement, it kind of felt like Silent Hill (I had got a Silent Hill game from the video store that day and played it close to when I went to bed so this isn't much of a surprise) and I thought stuff was bound to jump out at me. This is part of the dream I didn't remember very well when I wrote it down but I feel as if it was crucial to the experience for some reason.

      When I was back above ground some strange things happened. What seemed like a few Pornstars from the covers of videos in the store's restricted section were having sex with the few people around at that time. I can't remember if any wooed me or not but I remember the whole thing feeling very out of place and me running around the store trying to work out what was going on (I never once thought it could be a dream).

      That stuff cleared up and then something else happened. I am unsure where it took place, it seems like it was in a place that was a cross between my actual house and the video store. I was with a girl called RzQU and watching wrestling, I am surprised I didn't realise I was dreaming at this point, girls watching wrestling? dream sign for sure. But it actually felt very real and I had no idea I was dreaming, but I was really happy. I don't remember anyone else being there.

      Soon after the dream started to get weird. Before that point I drunk some vodka; for some reason I took the vodka into a backroom and mixed it with coke (the drink) I didn't taste the vodka as I drunk it though, even though I put quite a lot in. Then a girl named Carolyn came into the backroom and took the vodka away without saying a word.

      And then Isaac shows up for work, along with a lot of other people. They start hanging out around the store, they appeared to be having a bit of a party. There were people making out, people fighting but I don't think anyone was interested in videos. Isaac didn't care though, he just stood at the counter or hung out with me. I remember going down to the basement again, it was a lot less freakier this time as there were people down there but a lot of them were scared for some reason. I remember coming across a shower and RzQU's sister CNz naked but I can't remember if anything happened with us or if she even saw me.

      I then remember finding my dad in the store and we had an important talk that I wish I could remember the content of but after this I remember dad, me and Isaac tried to get everyone to leave and we wanted to close the store. I don't remember much beyond this point but it was not an easy task. I wish I could remember more as it seems pretty exciting but oh well. This was one of the clearest dreams I've had. Interestingly it occurred in the morning after waking up for a few minutes but being to lazy to get up and falling asleep again.
    8. The Walls do not Move 28/09

      by , 10-02-2010 at 06:09 AM
      My second dream I recorded was even more mysterious than the first one. I also remember less.

      I remember being suplexed (wrestling move) onto a concrete floor which broke as I hit it but I wasn't injured. I do not remember who suplexed me either. When I got up I saw an entirely stone room with a smooth concrete floor, it could have been a dungeon. I wrote that the dream had a mysterious nature but I can't remember why I wrote that. I also wrote 'The Walls do not Move' and that it had something to do with a book but again I have no idea why. There was at least one booby trap, I stepped on a certain part of the floor and it started moving down and I just managed to get my leg out before I was put in a very uncomfortable position. I think there were others but I can't remember specifically what they were. The last thing I wrote is that it was a very strange dream but hard to remember much.
    9. Get Out Of My Town You... Travelling Circus Wrestlers?

      by , 07-07-2010 at 07:53 PM (exdreamer's Dream Journal)
      Key: Non-Lucid, Lucid, Commentary/Notes, Hypnagogic Hallucinations

      I was a kid again, about 10 years old and back at primary school. A girl who was a friend and my first love interest was there, C.

      Fast forward to sometime in the future and we're both adults -- I assume the same age I am presently. C is wearing a wedding dress and we're getting married.

      When I was a kid I always had this idea that I'd marry her when we were older. Heh, a little soppy for a young boy I know, but I always was a little weird like that.

      C and I were outside my old primary school. There was a mob of wrestlers and they looked angry. There was a circus tent off in the distance at the end of a dead-end street. I wasn't happy that these apparently travelling circus people who were also for some reason wrestlers were causing trouble. I was telling them they better leave, or else! Some of them were dressed as cowboys, and I think they all had beards. There must have been 20 - 30 of them, but I was determined to make them all leave, even if it had to get violent... I woke up before it did.
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