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    1. Mobile Home

      by , 02-01-2018 at 02:27 AM

      Orcs are coming. [Day residue from watching LOTR.] I pretend to fire a German WWII machine gun out the window to drill for the orc invasion. My sister and brother and I hide in the hallway [where we used to duck and cover during tornados in reality]. Suddenly I feel the house shifting underneath us. I look out the window: the house is moving south. Lucidity. I attempt stabilization but fail and wake immediately.

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    2. Superfortress

      by , 01-20-2018 at 09:57 PM
      What a good way to start the year: A lucid dream and a false awakening―all in one night!


      A very loud WWII bomber flies overhead, towing a smaller aircraft behind it. The bomber grows in size (or comes closer). I see that it is a B-29. Then it becomes a six-engine B-36 Peacemaker. One or two of the propellers are feathered. Suddenly I notice that the aircraft is flying backwards. Perhaps this confusion is due to the fact that the real B-36's engines were mounted on the back of the wing? (This one's were not.) At any rate, the idea of a plane flying backwards jars me into lucidity. But I am unable to do anything with my newfound conscious state because I wake up immediately. Or is it a false awakening? Because I sleep again and dream a false awakening in which I am writing my lucid dream in my bedside dream journal--with two very large L's in the margin, denoting lucidity.

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      lucid , false awakening
    3. Being in WWII/Swearing At My Mom/Another Short Lucid

      by , 01-02-2015 at 09:49 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I really need to work on not losing the dream 1 minute after I become lucid.

      Something didn't feel right. I looked at my hands and saw that I was dreaming. I was in my house at night time, and wanted to go outside so that I could go explore. The dream was pretty unstable so I stared at my hands for quite awhile to try to stabilize. I went to the door to the garage and I was afraid that opening a door would make me wake up so I just walked right through it. Then I was in my garage and the garage door was closed so I walked through that as well but then I woke up.

      I was learning about WWII by actually being there and seeing some of it happen. Apparently there was a big flood that trapped thousands of soldiers who drown. Hmm, never read about that one in history books.

      I was with a girl in my room who I've never met before but it was like we were friends already. I went into my mom's room and she was slurring her words and stumbling around. I got mad at her for being drunk so I yelled, "FUCK YOU!" like five times. She didn't respond. I thought of how my new year's resolution was to be a good person and realized I was kind of failing at that by swearing at my mom. Oh well. I went back into my room and was crying and I think my "friend" was trying to comfort me.

      Two gay men who looked alike and dressed exactly the same were making out on my kitchen floor

      Woke up with the song "Sweater Weather" playing in my head.

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      lucid , non-lucid
    4. 17 Nov: forced labor farm under Nazi rule

      by , 11-17-2014 at 01:48 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I live and work at a farm, possibly in Germany. The owner is a nazi sympathizer or at least that's my impression of him, since he seems to be well integrated in the nazi society. Most of the farm workers are jews, men, women and children, forced to labor like slaves. Their life conditions are miserable and I do my best to help them. I am also a worker, not jew, but of a lower class than my boss. He is in love with me and I am his mistress, but he can't have a serious and socially accepted relationship with me due to my humble origins. Also, I don't love him, I just tolerate his sexual advances because he provides me some privileges and I also use it to manipulate him, for instance, to better the conditions of the forced workers. I feel a lot of empathy for these people and I am particularly fond of the children, especially a little orphan 2-year old girl, whom I love like my own child.
      The boss is a bit obsessed with dressing me up with pretty lingerie and sometimes I feel sick with how he shows me off in underwear and analyzes me in front of his best friend while they are having lunch, for example. He treats me like a sex toy. But when he is pleased, I can get him to agree on certain things, like providing hot baths for the jews, when previously they only had cold showers, even in the winter. He allows the german house workers to heat up large pots of water to fill in the bathtub for the jews to take a bath if they wish. But when I tell them the news, only a couple of them accepts happily the offer. The others are suspicious, as if afraid that if they take it, something bad will happen to them later as punishment. I don't understand and feel disappointed.
      One day some nazi guys come for a visit and insist on taking a picture of the farm workers all lined up. As usual, I serve as intermediary, because they like me and they trust me. I sense much nervousness in them and the children feel the tension and start crying. I tell them it's just a photo, no reason to be afraid and with somber faces they line up. But the 2-year old baby is restless and the lady who is holding her can't keep her quiet, so I step in the line up and hold the baby in my arms, as only I can quiet her down. Her eyes are full of fear as if she can sense something that I can't. I feel so much love and compassion for this baby. I hold her in my arms with unconditional love as they take the picture with me included.
      Life goes back to normal, until one day my boss gives me some money to go buy some pretty clothes in the village or town nearby. When I return at the end of the day, I find all the jewish workers screaming and crying inside a truck, being taken like cattle to the slaughterhouse. I freak out, I try to stop the truck, I plead to my boss, but he is also upset, it is not in his hands. I didn't think he cared much for the jews, but he didn't hate them either and found useful to have them as a free work force. But then I realized that deep down, he had started to apprecciate the idea that they were in a safe environment at his farm and that he could save their lives. But there were superior orders that they'd be taken somewhere else and I learned the ugly truth of what was going on with the jews.
      Much later, we left the farm and the country. My boss and a couple of his friends, who no longer could take part of what was going on in their country, flew to Havana and he took me with him. I could feel a difference in him and I started being treated more like equal. We started a new life, leaving the suffering behind. I took refuge in the experience of an exotic country and other life realities to try to forget the unfortunate people I had left behind.
    5. The Gestapo are Coming; This Kid Will Help Me!

      by , 10-29-2014 at 06:35 PM
      29th October 2014

      Not a particularly exciting one, but I figured I'd plonk it down for posterity, as it's the first entry in which I've began writing "Dream Notes" at the end, in accordance with a Dream Journal Tutorial I read a while back:

      A few recollections from tonight, patchy though they may be. In the first scene, I had gone for a dinner with an old couple; something told me that the older man was either a close family friend or well-known distant relative. He had a gaunt face, was exceptionally skinny with ribbed, wrinkled hands, and was bald but for a few tufts of white hair sprouting up from above his ears; his wife was a large-apron wearing type, and I don't remember seeing her face. Their house was a pleasant place, with an old-time French country feel about it, with rustic wooden counters and floors. We sat down for a meal, though I don't remember what was said.

      There was a drive back somewhere in a black Volkswagen Beetle. I sat in the back with the old man, a third person dream camera focused on us, I was on the left and he was on the right (according to the camera's point of view; it would've been the other way 'round for us). He looked very weak, and leaned into my ear to say something ominous in a croaked voice, something about knowing something or someone was coming for me. All I knew was that I ought to be scared, and I was.

      We returned to a caravan site where I'd been staying; it was typical fare, a few grassy patches, an ugly square toilet block with wheelie bins put out in front of it, not very many trees. As I observed the toilet-block, a horrible thought dawned on me about what the old man meant; the Gestapo were coming, I knew. This was an alternate realty in which the Nazis won WWII! (I've been reading a book called Fatherland by Robert Harris recently, set in such a world, which would explain this). I ran, getting a first person view through my then-caravan, which was pretty messy, with wooden floors and pans lying all over the cooker; oddly dim and long for a caravan, but I thought nothing of it. That scene (rummaging through the caravan) was probably briefly after the scene I had about to write, come to think of it: Through what few trees there were, a little kid came in a light blue T-shirt; he had short-cropped blonde hair. He said something to me, and before I knew it, the scene suddenly jumped:

      We were now on a grassy bank, a large Omega Elite parked on the edge of the hill, and a thick mist ahead, with a vaguely discernible mesh fence only just piercing the gloom. The kid was sitting in the driver's seat, and I was trying to discourage him from starting the car, but he was having none of it; he turned the key in the ignition. I grabbed the key and turned it back, I felt irritated, but no overtly angry.Something told me he was intending to help me against the Gestapo. There was a scene where he was standing outside my caravan on a slightly brighter morning, which looked smaller on the outside, and had a cream tarpaulin canopy over the door; I was standing in cream clothing, the same colour as the canopy, with a mug of coffee, the dream camera in third person; the kid was telling me something, and we had apparently teamed up despite our altercation over the car, but I don't remember what was said, or what happened next, as it was at this point that I woke up. That's all I can recall of tonight's dreams.

      Dream Notes: Slept for about 7.5 hours considering awakenings/margins of error. The dream didn't feel particularly long, maybe 40 or 50 minutes, stretched over all scenes, even though there seemed to be time-skips and jump-cuts. I fell asleep at about 3:20 a.m, dreamed briefly of something I don't remember, waking an hour later at about 4:31 a.m, then fell asleep again until about 11:30 a.m. I would put the dream's vividness about 5/10, and my awareness at about 2/10. Emotions felt: Anxiety, fear, irritation, protectiveness (during the car scene). There weren't anything I've yet recorded as a dream sign, but I think I should start to consider caravans as such, as I realise they've appeared in a number of my dreams thus far. I didn't really bother using my MILD technique tonight, I just told myself that I wanted to at least recall my dream unlike the previous night, which I did successfully. I had to lay still for a while to recall everything.

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    6. memory is coming back

      by , 12-20-2012 at 05:00 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I remember playing this game that was like starfox at my house. Instead of a joystick and buttons, it operated with two joysticks. The one on the right controlled firing, and the one on the left controlled the plane. It was pretty awesome except that my nephews were over there and they had some really annoying kid with them.

      Eventually I stopped playing, and someone was asking a guy if he wanted to bring in a large cat.. Dude agreed, and he came back with something I've never seen. It was white and it came up to about my chest, but it didn't have any real length to it.. Apparently it was a female, because she stared rubbing against me. She even started doing some sort of sign language. I was trying so hard to understand what she meant, and then someone explained that she was asking if I knew anyone who would hire her as a model in New York. Obviously I didn't know...and slowly, she started becoming more human, until she was a girl and talking. I asked her if a dog ever tried humping her on the leg in her human form and she said no. Oh well, at least I got a laugh out of it.

      We were on some bus, and I remember some general was talking to us about all these various attacks, and they would flash in my head. This was going on in American soil though.
      While riding, I noticed a cement mixer type vehicle, but it was super small. It looked like a large RC car. I was just telling someone how weird it looked, and when I looked back it was full size and someone was in it. We got out and started walking.

      And there were all these injured soldiers getting treated by nurses in training. Everyone had on WWII type clothing, and I noticed all the nurses were females. I kept walking, and I was trying to see if there was anyone I knew. I made a mental note that there were so many redheads in the crowd, and most of them were cute. Wherever they were stationed at, I wouldn't mind taking a visit. Eventually we stopped at some tables, and I started talking to the cat lady again, but I don't know what it was about.
    7. The Old Man, The School, The Deaths, The Rebirth, and The Success.

      by , 04-15-2012 at 12:34 AM (The Realm of the Child)
      Dream Type: Non-Lucid, Semi-Lucid, Memorable.
      Dream Mood: Mysterious, Stressful, Eerie, Sad, Happy, Strange.
      Dream Setting: My Hometown, Some Futuristic School, The 50's.
      Dream Characters: My Mom, Some Old Guy, Random Classmates, False-Parents.

      This was a long string of dreams that I had due to the fact that I kept waking up and falling asleep again because of a sudden and painful cramp I got in my lower back.

      Anyways, as usual, the beginning of my dream is not quite present, though I remember my Mom and Me were at some sort of emergency of some sort and told some old guy to drive me to a hotel or something where she would be staying, though I was concerned of her trust in this unknown man. He was a Caucasian man with no hair and a long strangely beard. I got into a black, modern-day car with him, and we drove off but not to the hotel, but to my mother's house, where we cooped up in my bedroom and began eating and talking. At first, he was a bit of a jerk, though as time progressed, he became nicer, and even ordered me a pizza that came in an instant. My mom texted me, wondering if I had gotten to the hotel yet, and for some reason, I said yes. We then conversed on how we were going to get to the hotel. We never did get to the hotel by the end of the dream.

      This next dream was very strange. I was sent to some futuristic boarding school of sorts, where everyone wore a tight suit that exposed their lower legs and their arms. Many things were quite futuristic, actually, such as the TV screens that were large and wide in our classrooms. I was in one of those classes, and a girl who I don't remember knowing was my friend. I was making a killing in these answers, getting almost every question asked by the teacher right, and once class was over, the girl asked me if I wanted to see a play she was in, and I agreed as we walked towards the front desk to see what time the play was at. I don't remember finding out though. Next, I was outside the school, and some guy was fixing something on the road as I watched him a bit, though suddenly, I saw a large truck, an 18-wheeler that for some reason drove on it's side coming his way. The whole truck avoided him, though the tires bounced up and down, and I realized one of the tires was heading his way, and as I saw one of them suddenly bounce a bit over his head, ready to crash down on him, I shouted "Watch out!" but it was too late, well, he didn't even react, but instead, the wheel came crashing down on him, putting his body into a round pulp of skin. I was shocked, traumatized at what I saw, and as the other's crowded around the mangled corpse, I ran, far away. I went on the road, making sure I was far from the school. I even went into the forest, and kept running and running, faster and faster. I eventually crossed a WWII airbase, and they began shooting, someone did at least. I realized that I was going to die then, so I wouldn't let them have the pleasure, and I jumped off the takeoff point, falling to my death. This was the end of my life, supposedly. Once I "died", I only saw black and a flash of some images that I cannot remember, but I was given the opportunity to start my life over, as if there was no heaven or something. And so I did, though I was given the choice of an era to choose.

      The era I would choose to be born in was the 1950's. I can't say why, but I just chose that time. Still, there was no point where I was a baby or anything, but instead I was a child, more of a pre-teen really. I wore a red and yellow striped t-shirt and had short blonde hair, much like my actual self, and I had different parents, ones that were unfamiliar to me, and we were looking for a house in the dead of night. We found one eventually, and it was right by a dreadfully scary woodland area, though we didn't seem to mind, and without any caution to who or what was inside the home, we went in, and it was already furnished with all the things that we needed. Many things didn't seem like they would exist in the 50's, like cable TV with a channel guide built into the TV and modern-day cartoons such as Ed, Edd and Eddy. Still, we took the house.

      I can't quite remember what happened after that, but what I do know is that there was quite a large gap between then and the next part of the dream, where it mainly consisted of me, my false mom and my false dad, who now lived in a very prestigious home with a large backyard and a horse statue in the middle of it, and not to mention the great view of a large green, grassy landscape. I can't remember what we were doing there, but we were there.

      I've been having a lot of death-related dreams recently... I wonder what it could mean.
    8. World War Two

      by , 05-08-2011 at 01:02 PM (Just Dreaming)

      This dream was really really really weird. I wasn't in it- I was just floating around and follow the voice of a narrator. For some reason, I also feel like I've had this dream before or maybe it feels like its not the first time the narrator told this story.

      "Back in my day, the planes where a lot different. If they had two boosters on them, they would also blow up faster then the speed of light."

      There was a metal plane that was just sitting there broken up in an old swamp. It lifted out of the ground as the narrator talked about it. It started to spin around in the air, then when it stopped it had two boosters on it. The plane caught on fire and blew up like he said it would. After it blew up, the plane turned back into its normal self, only this time with just one booster. It worked fine and flew around a little bit.

      "[I forget the men's names] had a plane with two boosters on it. When they were flying over [forget the area name], it blew up and they had to take cover in the hidden area that was saved for just this purpose."

      These two men started to walk out of the wreckage of their plane, and walk towards a cave. It was dark inside, but as they walked into it, it got brighter. You could see there were skeletons of dead people in the cave, but they just kept on walking past them. They opened up another part of the cave, and they found a girl inside part of it (I never actually saw her, the narrator just talked about her).

      "The girl was trapped in here for 7 years. Things like that happened all the time during the World War Two. People didn't think it would last this long."

      One of the soldiers went into another room that someone dug out, and he took a can of tomato sauce and started to eat it.

      The dream morphed into me being in the stairway of my house- but I'd rather not write down that dream.
      Tags: narrator, planes, wwii
    9. WW2 bad guys

      by , 02-27-2011 at 08:38 PM
      2/26-27. 230. Something from that Ghost Adventurers show? Zack guy (host)

      At my house. Night. Dave there. We have these 2 guys that had broken in or something. Theyíre dressed in war BDUís. Looks WW2-like, but not sure. One was Asian the other white. Dave and I end up separated at some point. Iím fighting the Asian one. I donít have a gun, so just drying to dodge the guyís fire. He uses a single shot, then switches to a Thompson looking gun, but had no wood, and no straight mag, more modern looking, but the main part looked the same. The pile of dirt on the side yard is gone and itís just all flat grass. The pool side doesnít have as much stuff under the tarp. Then I find an M1 Garand. I look in the top and see that thereís a round chambered. I hide around the corner with the bushes concealing where I am. The bushes arenít as dense and can see through them easily. Guy runs past and I shoot him in the chest. He goes down and I start to beat his forehead with the butt of the M1 which isnít flat, but angled and a brass guard on it. Itís not doing much damage, just some scrapes. Then he starts to take something out, a grenade, but doesnít look like one. Before he could pull the pin, I take the butt of the gun to his neck and pretty much chop his head off. Heís still alive until I make the final cut. Flick his head away from his body to be sure. Then go to the garage and find Dave there with his bad guy disemboweled and shredded up and some pieces are hanging from the rafters, which are only 3ft off the ground. Garage is cluttered. I go in and check out some of the pieces. The garage door opens and some older people are there, live at my house (so not my house). Some sort of quick conversation about them being baddies
    10. 9-30-10: World War 2

      by , 10-01-2010 at 03:13 PM (Alone With my Mind)
      Non-Dream Non-Lucid Lucid

      I was in WW2 and everyone was looking up at sniper towers. I was dressed in a brown-green uniform with a rifle on my back. Everything seemed to be a shade of green-brown, including the sunless sky. The Japanese(?) snipers did not notice us hiding. My team picked up some torches and wood along with other burnable materials and walked behind a wall near the towers. We lit the wood and threw it over the wall, hoping to hit something. We didn't. So we took a huge flaming log, ran around the wall, and hurled the log at one of the towers. As tower ablaze, we shot flaming arrows at a few other towers, setting them on fire too. Finally, we heard the crash as towers fell one by one. Before we could cheer in victory, I was woken up.

      Vividness: 6/10
      I always was a pyromaniac.
      Tags: battle, seige, wwii