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    1. 25 Dec: Street theater, family acting strange and creepy kindergarten

      by , 12-25-2018 at 10:30 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Feels like the 30's. Some guy doing some street theater, a critique of society about how people buy clothes to show off instead of focusing on building a better society together.
      Me and a couple of other people are going to take part in the play, but we need to change outfit first in the changing rooms of a shop just behind. I go first. I have to use two dresses during the play, so I need to leave one ready to change later. I feel sweaty, would like to take a shower first but it is not possible. I am topless when I notice someone peaking over a curtain I thought had nothing behind. Actually the next changing room is only divided by this curtain and there is a guy with a small kid and they were surprised by my presence. The man apologizes and asks me if I want some compensation. I am ok, a bit outraged because he had seen me topless, but I tell him it isn't a big deal and he clearly just had been confused, wasn't a perv.

      With my uncles, aunt and cousin at my grandmas. Everyone is a bit weird. My cousin Ana brings baby toys and utensils and scatters them around. I ask if she pregnant again. She says no and offers no explanation. I grab a baby doll that is extremely dirty and ask her why. She says she is saving the toys and I see one that is a Japanese automated vintage toy and I agree it should be preserved. My cousin Duarte brought a friend, they are teasing me about something and then run away. I go after them. I find Zilla, and my uncle Fernando and his wife, doing a weird form of yoga and meditation, that makes me laugh.

      False awakening in my bedroom. I go to the window and I see my dog Hachi barking and some other dog like him in the front hill barking back. Then another large white dog, appears behind the other. Both are dragging a chain and one has a log at the end of the chain. I think that they must have run away from their owner. I feel like helping but it is so early dawn. I find something weird about this... But later I go with some friends to look for the dogs. We only find them in a village 10 kms away.

      Some aliens live among us and we live in an apartheid regime. Kids in school learn a language which is a mix of our own language with the alien language and is becoming the street language.
      I am visiting a creepy school kindergarten. At some point the kids freak out and start running to their places to look behaved. They say mother is coming, she is the director and a very creepy lady. She distributes quilts and linens, she throws two at me. I wonder WTF. Then she picks up some kids and makes them paint the walls in horrible weird colors while singing a creepy song echoing through the corridors.
      I meet a kid who has a hideout in an abandoned hallway in a different section of the building. He takes me there. He takes snacks to eat and leaves chunks of them rotting around, it is disgusting. When I leave him, I come back through the same place and I see the newly painted walls in tones of red and purple and with enigmatic numbers on. There is a creepy song playing in the background. The whole environment reminds me of The Shining. Strangely, some classrooms look absolutely normal, but all around I can spot kids in absolute stress and anxiety.

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    2. A State-Changing Pool

      by , 09-12-2018 at 06:34 PM
      I'm walking around a cool-looking amusement park that also has many water attractions. I get in line for one I've never seen before. It's a frozen pool area that's surrounded by a building. It's supposed to be relaxing. Around 30 or so people go in at once and as we walk across the ice, I do yoga poses as I slide along the ice trying to get relaxed. Everybody is looking at me funny but I keep it up until we walk to the side of the pool we're supposed to be on. When we get there, I start to notice the ice looking thinner. I mention this to some people, but it seems that no one is troubled. Suddenly, I fall through only to find that the water is warm, like a hot tub. Gradually, the ice melts away and the frozen pool is now one giant hot tub. Side doors are opened up for people to come and go.
      Tags: ice, pool, ride, yoga
    3. WILD success-ish

      by , 07-23-2018 at 01:35 PM (Exterminate)
      I changed my alarm back this morning from 5:15 to 5:05. I also put the 11pm a bit quieter. I got off computer at 10:30 as normal and meditated for a half hour. Turned off alarm and put on sleep mask and went to sleep. Woke up to 5am alarm. I sat up and said I would be going back to sleep very soon. I set a few intentions and tried to recall any dreams to no success. I laid still for what only felt like a few minutes. I felt some vibrations, and then I felt some more running across my body. I tried super hard to form a dream and then I remembered that was my mistake the other day. I relaxed and let it come to me naturally. I tried to tell the dream to put me at my old house.

      I saw the dream in front of me, but it was like looking at a small low res screen surrounded by darkness. I knew I was in the dream already because of how colorful it was, but I wondered how I'd pull myself into the full dream. I imagined I was viewing the dream through some sort of camera. (I was wearing my sleep mask which is likely the cause of all this) I took a deep breath and put down the camera on a table in front of me and my FOV expanded completely. I was now in the dream. It was extremely vivid. I could see everything clear as day. I was at a strange house that was kind of a mix between my old one and this one. There was a barbecue or something going on because my whole family was there, including cousins. I rubbed by hands together and knelt to the ground. I felt the concrete texture and then I punched it a few times to test its solidity. The dream was so real and stable. I then remembered something about keeping lucidity by playing music in the background so I tried that to no success. I didn't think to try other methods of summoning music aside from pure will. I gave up on that and went back to the house. I said to myself the house would transform as I entered the door. It would change to the house I wanted it to be. I opened the door and found it was still the weird mix of homes instead of the one I wanted. At one point I entered the void. I do not recall if I fully recovered from it or not, but I do recall taking off my sleep mask and still seeing the void. I realized I was still dreaming and tried to bring back a dream but as I said, I think I failed.

      Gah...Accomplished a lucid via WILD, but it was shortlived and I succeeded in none of my goals. Oh well, just another step towards my goals!

      I also remembered another dream throughout the night. I was doing yoga with a room full of people. There was no set routine, but a few of us noticed that the majority of the people were doing a routine in sync. They were all mirroring the exact same movements at the same time, looking stone faced in a single direction. There were murmurs throughout the people that something weird was going on. I admitted I couldn't do yoga and talked to my dream crush. I can't say I fully recognize her irl. She reminded me of a mix between a previous acquaintance and an previous coworker. Both of course I had found attractive. We struck up a conversation about the yoga people and then I asked her to dance. I said I didn't know how and she got all happy. She said she'd like to teach me and she was glad I asked. She offered me her hand and I put my hand in hers, and then I put my other hand on her hip and she started telling me what to do from there. I was in bliss while the dream faded away.

      Dang. I sure am lonely, but that dream was real nice. No, I do not do yoga. I am neither in the shape or is it something I am interested in. But I should probably go dancing.
    4. orange lucid

      by , 07-20-2016 at 04:14 PM
      I was at some aunt's house and thought it was christmas for some reason.
      Anyway something was repeating over and over again. I was trying to do something, gymnastics? yoga?
      then I was transformed into a form of energy, I could see third person view my outline in this strange yoga position
      but inside I was an orange flowing energy, quite runny like orange honey or lava but not hot. It was cool feeling and nice.

      Then it dawned on me that I was in a dream and I said "I'm dreaming!" a little too excitedly. I was perplexed at not being human in my dream but being this wonderful but unusual energy.
      My mind started to race, "Quick what should I do while i'm lucid","Fly!" I thought. So I flew but I moved within the outline only, so it was more like everything else moved and I stayed still, "Zoom" then I thought um, what now? and was happy and wondrous of the energy.
      then BOINK! I was waking up.

      Last lucid was caused also by slow dawning due to physical sensations of a repeated event (key turning).
      Thanks Elainey! for giving me the intention, again
    5. 0211125:On the Brink of Lucidity, Weird Dance, Bomb Goes Off

      by , 11-02-2015 at 07:36 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I feel myself going lucid, like an energy going up my body, I feel like I'm "falling" in lucidity but I suddenly feel a weird knot, like something close to my stomach, a ball forms? I wake up before I can totally get control of the dream.

      I'm in a warehouse with my elementary school class, big windows in front of me show a field and some trees in the distance, sun is coming up. We start doing a dance and I somehow take over, leading it, everyone dances around me in synch except I'm doing different moves. It ends with me doing the Sun Salutation as the sun rises in a golden haze. Afterward I walk to a teacher to my left who commends me for the dance. I say that it wasn't too good, offering a far too simple view of native cultures as close to nature, a modern view imposed on them.

      I follow a man with a brief case down a city street. We enter a large glass, modern hotel or office building. I think he's going to do something bad, like rob the place or extort money. As he does that I go up the transparent glass elevator. In the hall there is a bunch of people sitting and standing, like a reception for someone, or a party. I talk to the CEO, a young, handsome guy. He says environmentalist have put a bomb in the building. I panic, instantly accepting my fate. I'll die here. Then I suddenly gain some courage. Can I escape? I go down the elevator, almost out. In the lobby by the front door, sun is shining through the windows, I see a young woman in a white baggy t-shirt and a sign, an environmentalist protesting. As I exit I whisper to her "I agree with you."

      I walk briskly out, the bomb can go off any second. As I cross the road and head toward the train station I hear a rumble, behind me a cloud of dust and chaos. I run toward the central train station, people are screaming and trams are crashing. Inside the train station, trams are crashing through the walls, and so are buses. I don't know where to stand, any false move and I'm dead. I stand paralyzed. A mutilated and almost blind bus driver comes out of the break room, he's been out of work for years but because of the emergency he can now work as everyone is now preoccupied.

      I see a rat catcher that looks like John Goodman. He says he's killed almost all of the 5000 rats in the train station, but the remaining 800 left are as tough as nails, the fittest survive the longest.
    6. Noah's Yoga

      by , 07-07-2015 at 09:01 AM
      In this space I'll post my experiences and thoughts about Dream Yoga
      Tags: lucid, meditaion, yoga
    7. 3/26/15 "Intercepted" (SLD)

      by , 03-27-2015 at 09:55 AM
      I'm walking along the street when a shop catches my attention and I start to browse what they have on display. The shop interior is open to the street, separated from the sidewalk only by a waist-high display counter—it's peculiar that storefronts in my dreams are so frequently based on the Bangkok model, even though there may be nothing else distinctly Asian about the products or proprietors.

      On the display counter facing the street is a variety of small bottles of essential oil. I examine the labels, and recognize a few types that I had purchased online recently. Would it have been better to buy them here and save on shipping? But I then I would be stuck with the sales tax, which might work out to even more.

      From the conversation between the couple running the place, I get the impression that business has been slow today. I've spent enough time browsing that I feel like I ought to buy something, if only not to disappoint the proprietors. Besides, it will be good for the local economy. There's nothing in particular that I need, but I'm sure I can find something here I will use or enjoy.

      Looking up from the essential oils on the counter, I see that there are several shelves of shampoo and conditioner on the side walls in front. That would be a practical purchase... but when I see the prices I hesitate. I don't like paying through the nose for bath products. I venture inside the store to see what else is available. The back wall contains a display shelf for books and magazines. Most of them seem to be about yoga. My eye falls on the title of one issue in particular: What Are the Benefits of Yoga Even When Doing it For No Reasons? I reflect that the title is biased; it implies that there is benefit. And the "no reasons" thing reminds me about the attitude so often demonstrated by American Buddhists regarding meditation, the idea that having any kind of reason suggests attachment, so one should meditate without a reason or goal... with the vague assumption that it is somehow good for you anyway.

      Well, I'm not interested in yoga, and I'm certainly not interested in practicing yoga or meditation for no reason. My priorities are quite different, and very well-defined: I'm interested in whatever can help me improve my dreaming.

      Gradually, I make a counter-clockwise sweep of the small store interior. On the left wall, a variety of objects are hanging on display. One catches my eye, a rectangle of black silk printed with a delicate pattern of flower buds. I take it down for a closer look, and note that the silk is pieced together in a curious, distinctive way. "What is this?" I ask the proprietors.

      The man of the couple says, "You could use it for anything. You could even tear it up and just use the cloth."

      I think—but don't say aloud—that the price tag is $90, an awful lot for a piece of scrap cloth! I take another look at the unusual stitching, and it reminds me of something. "Isn't it one of those Japanese cloths used for wrapping?" I'm sure I remember reading about these.

      The woman affirms that it is, and seems surprised that I know about it. She clarifies that it is designed specifically to go around a 10x10x10" package. The art of making them is hardly practiced anymore, she says. I wonder if she means doing the wrapping properly—if the cloths were so rare, why would there be a random one for sale in this shop? And I'm sure I've seen them for sale before, if only in a catalogue.

      I decide not to purchase the cloth as I don't have an appropriately sized 10x10x10" box to go with it. I'm about to peruse the essential oils again and pick something at random, when we are interrupted by a government raid. There is a moment when I wonder if I should avert this plot point entirely, but I let it happen—after all, what is the worst they can do, try to lock me up? And that won't amount to much. Instinctively I am aware of my invulnerability.

      The scene shifts here, and now we are outdoors on a paved area, like a wide driveway, on top of a hill. However, I am aware that I am not far from the shop I was visiting; it is right at the bottom of the hill.

      That agent is back again. What is this, the third time? He has threatened me before, but it has not gone well, so now he is threatening my host, the male shopkeeper. "I'll investigate every client," he warns. "No one can stand up to that kind of scrutiny."

      I feel obliged to defend the poor guy and intervene. The agent should be dealing with me. I'm the real target; he has no business taking his frustrations out on random people who are accidentally associated with me. I get in his face and confront him.

      "Why do you keep getting involved?" I still remember distinctly that this is the third time we have met, and that the previous two encounters have not ended well for him. This won't, either. I conclude my train of thought aloud: "You like it. You must like being humiliated."

      The agent lies down on the ground, as if in demonstration of my point. I am annoyed and start berating him. I forget what I said initially, but I conclude, "And there's your shit-kicking foot." To make my point perfectly clear, I enact the metaphor literally. The agent's left leg extends to impossible length, his shoe and sock disappear, and his bare foot kicks a shit in a high arc away from us. To emphasize what has just happened, I ensure that it leaves a stain on his foot.

      Afterwards the agent gets up to go, and I re-emphasize the pointlessness of his continued investigation of me. "My activities are confined to this circle. I'm not involved in anything in the wider world." I am aware that the 'wider world' is not even real for me; that I exist here within the circle of my own attention. This doesn't fully manifest as dream awareness, just the sense of my ontological difference from everyone else in this environment.

      The agents, about four of them in total, all turn to go. They have three dogs with them. I laugh when one dog darts aside, seemingly smelling something in the bushes, and scarfs it down. Knowing the appetites of dogs, I assume it must have found the shit that was kicked.

      I want to get back to the narrative from which I was so rudely interrupted; I still have business in the store at the bottom of the hill. I decide to fly for speed—and figure if the agents see me flying overhead, they might take my arguments more seriously and think twice before trying to interfere again. I swoop downhill at great speed, thinking about how I use the word "swooping," but when birds of prey dive like this, it is called "stooping." I realize I'm not sure precisely how such birds break their fall, so when I reach the bottom of the hill, I circle counter-clockwise twice to regain control before lightly letting my feet contact the ground again. The whole flight felt very graceful, and I am proud of myself, convinced that I am starting to get good at this. I'm not just flying anymore, I'm flying with style!

      I momentarily wonder if the proprietors of the store will be startled to see me flying. As I reach the ground, however, I realize that I have lost interest in the original narrative—which was incredibly mundane, let's admit—and now want to write my report on what just happend. I still don't have a clear sense that I'm dreaming, as such, yet I understand distinctly that I need to wake up. It takes a bit of deliberate effort to push through the layers—they feel almost like a physical fog—that divide me from waking consciousness, but I persevere until I am sure I am definitely awake... at least as sure as one can ever be.
    8. Practicing Guitar

      by , 01-09-2015 at 02:15 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Sitting in the living room on the couch by the fire, my friend is busy doing something with headphones on. I take my headphones off and they want to eat. I have a few shopping bags with various kinds of chicken and cabbage, but think it'll be too hot to cook it inside, even though frying it is the best. Rather than decide what to do, I pick up my guitar and start learning how to play. I don't remember the chords after 7 years. I make up what I think is the A chord, barring my first finger across the 2nd and 3rd strings of the 4th fret, and playing the 3rd fret of the 5th and 6th strings. I strum with my thumb as a pick, and then see a pick stuck in between the strings near where I'm strumming. Perfect! I use it and play the chord and then the individual notes of the chord to a peaceful rhythm. It sounds awesome. I find a chord diagram and stand up to play so I can see it, but without a guitar strap, I don't yet have the strength to hold the guitar and play it. The B chord is wonky. The diagram indicates that B is just the 1st and 3rd fingers on the 12th fret of the 2nd and 5th strings with the rest open. Seems too far along the neck to be right. Before I can play it, another friend comes in and does a really fast yoga routine right on the wood floor. Looks like a pro. I take in the moves for later reference: Cobra, Downward Dog, and others. Then I go back to playing with the too open because I'm always worried that everything I do is displeasing to others.
    9. Falling building and Blaise and CZ

      by , 12-02-2014 at 07:58 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I was standing at the reception of a huge glass building somewhere around Liverpool Street. I remember talking to the girls at the reception and giving them some envelopes. There is B my GF's sister with me there. All of a sudden, everything started to shake. It must have been earthquake. Thinking that the building is all glass, I tell B that we have to get out of there. When we run outside there are hundreds of people there already. I see masses of people running towards and through a valley of corporate buildings.

      Scene cut

      I am in a room with B and K. For some reason, B is watching some videos of her. I look at it and it is a recording of her working out. She is doing some very advanced yoga, gymnastic handstands etc, in white tights. I find it to be pretty arousing, to the point that I get a hard on. I make some jokes about her and she starts fighting me playfully. She roll some on my back and sits on my legs fighting me. I am worried that she will see my hard on. At the same time I am hoping she will.

      Scene cut

      I am with K on the field in front of my secondary school in Czech. My brother's house is not standing there yet. It is some kind of weird game that we are playing. I have a feeling that it is like choosing houses that we would like to live in, but there are no houses. Instead, we go on the field and areas with wildly running water covered with dirt and cut grass. I notice more people there with us, they are our friends. We jump or fall in the water and the stream takes us some 30 meters down the field. Thats it.

    10. I'm too tired to think of a title (there's yoga and drugs in this dream)

      by , 03-16-2014 at 03:34 PM

      I am in a group fitness room. The room is full of many people about to do yoga. Everyone is nearly touching each other because there are so many people and so little room. However, there is a gap in the middle of the room that no one is occupying. So, I move there and tell every one to move to create more space (this is very unlike me as I am usually quiet). People start moving. I realize that my mat is much bigger than everyone else's mats. This bothers me.

      Next I am in a forest type area with a few houses. There are some friends with me but I cannot remember who specifically. I start walking through the forest (I think I am suppose to for some reason). Soon I get to a very steep slope which I must climb. It is not straight vertical, but still challenging. I climb it fairly easily, similar to climbing a rock wall.

      After this I am inside a house. This part gets fuzzy. All I remember is someone talking about drugs, specifically acid. I say I am nervous to try it, but my friend tells a story of someone who tried it and is now fine. I am not sure, but I think we were all high. We go upstairs (I go first), sit on the couch, and are about to listen to music. I do not take any acid.
      Tags: drugs, yoga
    11. Chimp & Bears

      by , 11-09-2013 at 01:36 AM
      Right. I am way behind with journalling. In the meantime, got mostly short lds and finally a long one today (will post separately).

      Date: 1 Nov

      Combo: SJW, B6, p.oil cap, latte

      It's been around two months since the last time I took this combo. This time, I found the dreams before the wbtb very emotionally charged and not with pleasant emotions. It was mentally exhausting.

      I do a quick wbtb and go back to bed repeating the mantras. An hour passes by where I thought I was awake but actually I was in some sort of deep sleep. Can't recall thinking or dreaming anything. I take a couple mins to concentrate on having an ld and fall asleep.

      LD: From the darkness, the scene begins to form around me and I start walking briskly to allow myself to get in properly. I am on the street in some neighborhood. As I examine the surroundings, I see a chimp in the yard across the street. Cool! I remember that I was supposed to turn into a gorilla for the NY task, so having a point of reference for the transition is very welcome. My thoughts and emotions make the chimp stand on its feet and beat its chest or something like that.

      The dream is kind of unstable and as I look around, I see the chimp suddenly vanish in front of my eyes. It quickly fades away to become transparent, where only the contours can be seen, then these disappear as well. I want the chimp to reappear and look in another direction. Behind the fence of a close by yard, there are now a number of bear cubs and as I am staring at them they quickly increase in numbers. The whole yard is now filled with bear cubs, maybe 15-20 of them. I look towards what I feel is the city center, hoping to see a tall building, but there are only 5- story blocks here. There's this gut feeling that I shouldn't have started changing the dream so early on as this is causing too much instability, but it's already too late.
      I wake up.

      I do another quick and rather sloppy attempt to have an ld, but it seems that I fall into unmemorable sleep again.

      4 Nov

      From scratch short ld in the living room. High instability, decided to do yoga - handstand but lost the feel of my hands and dream collapsed.

      5 Nov

      Stable, vivid, somewhat unpleasant atmosphere. Recognized frequency of objects (toilets) as DS. Decided to leave the place by phasing through a mirror. Imagined Egypt behind and phased but ended in the void. Shortly felt warmth and some sand around but then continued floating forwards in the dark void. Minor dream paralysis (in the void) while trying to rub hands.

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    12. Recall; Day 2 Yoga Nidra

      , 07-11-2013 at 12:12 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Wednesday 7/10/13

      Last night bed 1am - 8am

      DR - I'm visiting family S in WV. Seems they are not home yet, so I'm walking through the neighborhood. Nice, clean, typical SoCal suburb, lack of green though. I walk by a local park with a lake. Everything is dry. Dusty dirt around the lake. Two swans with dirty feathers are standing up and flapping their wings, craning their necks. There is also a crane. And something I think it's another dirty large bird, but it turns out to be a homeless woman in while tethered blankets.

      Now we are at the amuzement park. I offer to push a stroller. We came to some place and the woman is telling me to leave our purses and keys there, they will be ok. I'm like "purses and keys, really?". I don't wanna leave them, and then come back for them, or have them stolen. There is someone standing near me and I'm thinking he is stealing from my purse, but it turns out, he was putting there something for me to smuggle it. I find a key we thought we don't have.

      We come to a bus/trolley stop. But the attendant tells us, bus doesn't come to this last stop. We have to walk to the nearest station. I think we are telling the attendant to make sure to tell his superiors, that that's a dumb idea.

      We come up the hill and there is a bus standing. I'm trying to figure out where to buy the ticket. Booth or the driver. Turns out that the woman has some tickets for me.

      We sit down and womans husband gets on. They talk and he is scolding her for something. Behind me is a mirror window and in the adjacent room, some kids are fighting. We look but it's not our kids.

      Kids are playing with oversized ipod shuffles, that have screens. Someone is showing me some pictures on it.

      This was very vivid and detailed. The people were abosulutely spot on. They looked like in waking life. I have not seen them in years, but this dream helped me recall their exact likeness.

      Day 2 Yoga Nidra

      Day before yesterday I played the first track - Survey of body.

      Today I played 61-point relaxation 16 min
      It's basically guiding you to be aware of sertain points on your body. No flexing of muscles involved as I have read about in other guides.

      I was not sleepy at all when I started, but after about 10 min (and first 5 of these, my cat was laying on me), by the time we got to the right toes, I was falling asleep. Didn't realize it, untill his voice jolted me up every now and them. He tells you to be aware of a part, then he is quiet for about 8 sec and then he continues. So these 8 sec were enough for me to be dozing off.

      Ascending Breath 14 min
      This is guided breathing excercise. You inhale at certain parts of the body up to the top of the head. I guess this also keeps your awareness at those parts of body.

      and Yoga Nidra 16 min
      This is to keep awareness at the space between brests and to go deep into silence.

      There is no music on this CD, only this calm voice. Each track was only 99cents, so I figured I have nothing to lose.
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    13. Shopping, Mail, and the Yoga Girl

      by , 06-15-2013 at 04:19 PM
      Level of Lucidity: 0
      Level of Clarity: 3
      Level of Realism: 6
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      Dream Fragment 1: I am shopping at Publix and approach the checkout isle. The lady behind the cash register asks if I have my alternate ID or my Publix rewards card. I say I have my alt ID number. Then I hear someone in real life talking in another room and wake up.

      Dream Fragment 2: My dad has been asking me if his check from work has come in the mail lately (In waking life). In this dream fragment I was standing outside by the mailbox. It was extremely hot outside, but I didn't feel hot, I just knew it was hot. I went to the box even though the mail man hadn't come yet, and there was mail in the box. I pulled it out and held up a large birthday card sized envelope. It was white with a red bar across the top and bottom, kind of like a Netflix banner. Then the dream faded.

      Dream Fragment 3: I'm in a yoga studio and there's a lady teaching yoga to another lady, of about age 21 or so. She's very attractive. The teacher then tells the student about the next move they'll be doing, which is basically doing a split, but instead of splitting with your feet moving further apart on the ground, they'll move apart in the air in front of her, and it'll be up to her to hold her legs up. She holds her legs up and spreads them as far as she can, revealing the most sexy cameltoe you can imagine. She looked at me seductively, and for some reason I literally said "ohhhhh ya! UGGGGH!" The "ohhhh ya!" was like a deep, black guy narrator kinda voice, and the UGH was like a tennis grunt that you would make on your final strike. Just as I made that UGH sound, an image of me on top of her thrusting popped up, and then I woke up. (Damnit...)
    14. Walking Dogs

      by , 02-05-2012 at 08:36 AM

      There is some kind of a performance at a movie theatre. I thought we were going to see a movie, but there was none. Just people acting in weird, mildly interesting ways. I tire quickly and go home.

      I live in a rather large house, where I have a small room, but there is a large common area. I change my clothes there and decide to go to the center of the city. I take a bus. For a while I'm afraid that the bus is going to the wrong direction, but then remember that the route turns at a bridge.


      I'm walking a dog amidst and ancient city. There are columns and stone buildings around me and I follow a road made of natural white stone. There are also decorative statues, plants and water canals. I enter an open area with a statue in the middle that looks like a wall. There is a man with a large black dog. The dog growls at my dog and a fight almost breaks out. Somehow it doesn't and I play with the black dog for a while.


      Something happens that I don't remember. I'm getting back now, without a dog, and decide to swim along a ditch. The current is to the right direction. I have a receipt from a store and I put it on the water. I can step on it to get out of the water later. Unfortunately, it sinks in a torrent. So much for the swimming idea. I get out of the water and hide behind a line of trees.

      A man with a dog appears from behind a building and continues along the walkway. There is another walkway and some bushes between them. I crouch and stay behind the bushes, and get to the other side of the building without being seen.

      There is a wall in the middle of the next area, and there's some text on it. I'm interested in one piece that has to do with yoga.
    15. Awakening in moonlight

      , 01-01-2012 at 12:46 AM (PRo's journey to the lucid light)
      It's a while ago that I'm here so I think it's a good think to post a little lucid dream at first action in the new year .

      I awake early in the morning in the sleeping room from my childhood. I stand up wide awake and a very clear view up and walk to the window where I see the moonlight. On the way I see both cats from my childhood (Wuschel and Peterle) one walks away, the other sleep on the carpet .

      By the window I stand in a very deep yoga position, look throught the window to the fullmoon which is so great how the window (2m x 2m) . I meditate in the moonlight and when I realised, that my body move oddish I realize that I'm dreaming .
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