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    1. Enemies of Different Kinds

      by , 04-06-2015 at 03:12 PM
      I sit down to watch a superhero movie, similar to the Incredibles where there's a whole super family, with my mother and immediately get sucked into it. I'm now somewhat "playing" the teenage daughter, and my family, myself, and captured civilians are in the evil person's jet hangar.
      There's a cute boy who isn't a superhero and doesn't know that I am one, and I have a crush on him. But unfortunately I know our arch enemy is hanging around, waiting to stir up trouble. I go into the bathroom, where my superhero family is hiding from her, and making a plan of action.
      I then wonder about the boy and peek outside. He's talking with our nemesis! I have to get him away from her! I call him over, which gets the attention of our evil nemesis, but the boy does come over. I pull him into the bathroom, and tell him things like "don't listen to her" and "be brave" and such. "Trust in me" I plead with him. He nods. I then leave the bathroom to go rescue the civilians.
      I hardly get very far when the boy comes to me and says "Hey! You left you phone!" The evil villain grins in the distance. The boy hands it to me and I notice a flashing light, that's flashing quicker and quicker. A bomb! I quickly flick that away, in the direction where nobody was nearby and it explodes the second it touches the ground. (This part happens in just a matter of seconds.) I look back at my phone in his hand and the phone is still blinking! I slap it out of his hand and push him away. The slap didn't fling the phone very far at all, it was too close to everyone. And it was blinking ever faster. I gingerly kick it down the tunnel where the jet is. It didn't explode, but it's still not far enough. I'm shaking in fear and because of adrenaline, but mostly fear. I kick it again, a little harder this time. It explodes, massively, farther down the tunnel, and I can feel the heat. I collapse on the ground, crying, psychically and emotionally drained. That almost killed my family, these innocent people, and my crush.
      During the huge explosion, the jet behind it turns on. A flame bursts from its tail, and starts pulling me toward it. I try to run out, but I get sucked further in. I make a force field around me to protect me. I glance up, at the boy who is standing at the mouth of the tunnel, looking at me in horror.
      The POV turns to him, and now I'm watching the teenager get pulling to the jet as it gets hotter and louder through his eyes. She starts to grow in her force field, but she's not strong enough to stop the blades that she's getting sucked in to. (honestly though why are there blades on a jet?) She keeps growing and growing at a faster pace, and finally grabs the blades, forcing them to stop and break off. But she's still getting sucked in to the jet. She forces herself under the jet, and looks at me one last time. She looks terrified.
      Everything goes black and all I see are two huge, glowing red eyes and I hear growling.
      The scene changes. I'm leaving a movie theater with my mother, and sister. We're talking about the movie while walking through the parking lot. Zack is in the parking lot, and he gives me the middle finger. I feel confused, and a little insulted. I never did anything to him. He joins our party, begrudgingly, and we walk to the park. At the park, there's a little gazebo where two pianos stand back to back, along with other, smaller, instruments. One piano is an upright, the other is a grand. People are welcome to play with them, and they're kept in excellent condition. I consider playing Jonsi's Where No One Goes from HTTYD2, but decide against it. We walk out of the park, and arrows lead us to another parking lot.
      Then, I wake up.
    2. Space and stuff

      by , 01-01-2011 at 05:53 PM (Images In The Night)
      Took a shitload of dream enhancing drugs last night. Worked for the most part. There were extra parts to the dream, but they didn't go along with it, so i'll only tell the parts that make a good story.


      My dream starts with showing Zack Braff(J.D. from scrubs). He is hanging out with his girlfriend in a futureistic world. I'm not sure of the exact date, but if i had to guess, it would likely by around 2100-2150. Possibly further. He is just hanging out for a second and then it goes black.

      About 20 years(guessing) pass and some sort of rebellion is being led by Zack Braff. He owns a small planet that is a house in real life where my friend lives. Something must have happened to the atmosphere at one point because the world filled up with a poisonous gas. I run into the base for safety. I go into a room i think is safe. I look to the side and see a window isn't entirely closed. I pass out(and presumably die).

      Now everything is like a movie(camera angles and scene changes). A large craft and a fleet led by the rebellion are attacking a very large station. The station is circular, has multiple weapon batteries all over firing at the fleet. This goes on for a few minutes before it goes to a ground view of troops fighting on the large station.

      There are destroyed buildings everywhere. Soldiers running away, and people dieing all over. Two soldiers are in a bunker shooting at enemies coming near them. They request reinforcements. The scene changes over to the base back at the other planet. They respond with, "No we can't.... come in..... come in...". My dream shows the two soldiers dead, one with only his skull left in place.

      The phrases requesting reinforcements, and a whole bunch of other related lines are constantly repeating now. Now the dream goes into one of the phones on the battlefield into the circuitry. It crosses over into other circuitry and into what looks like a black hole. This happens for a minute or two and then blackness.

      Zack Braff is hanging out with his girlfriend near a neat looking slide. A radio is nearby playing some light music that noone is really paying attention to. Just as Zack goes down the slide the radio starts playing the messages from the battle. There are multiple messages being played at the same time. People dieing, requesting reinforcements, and pain were the easiest to make out. The dream ends with Zack smiling at his girlfriend.
    3. Lucid Dream #12

      by , 09-23-2010 at 11:01 AM (Warbenifit156's Lucid Dreaming Adventures)
      Lucidity: 7/10
      Vividness: 5/10
      Length: ~10 Min.

      I was in my art class when my teacher gave a announcement saying that we have to goto a different tutor because the semester was ending. I was like "this can't be happening" so I did a reality check and there was a algebra problem on my hand in red so I tried to change it and when I opened my hand I had a BIG black dot on my hand. So I tried to change it again and it got bigger. I went lucid and I felt exited/scared so I calmed myself down. I walked out of the classroom ignoring the teacher and I was in a LONG hallway. I decided to try Earthbending since I haven't successfully done it yet. So I tried to make a piece of the ceiling fall down and something did. It was a grey like texture that was flat and fell down, the ceiling was fine. So then I decided to try Firebending, I saw some people behind me and kicked fireballs at them. It was awesome. Then I was walking out of the building and walked with Sahara and Zack. When we got to the other building I saw Maddy and decided to try to kiss her rather than have sex. So I was kissing her and it felt great. Then I FINALLY woke up.

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