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    1. A ghost story, no life is cheap, a tango

      by , 01-25-2015 at 12:04 AM
      I'm being told a story. There's a man, a shapeshifter who can seem to be anyone, but when he smiles you see the shards of glass filling his mouth, grotesquely. I see the moment he'd died, falling from a horse and landing on a glass bottle full of something he'd been carrying, shattering it.

      The story shifts to the woman he'd loved when he was alive. She was called a witch, and a mob took her and chained her to a tree in the forest, with a circle of some kind of wooden pegs placed in the ground to prevent the body from leaving that spot after death. Her body's left there without her head. I 'hear' the body briefly feel a dim sort of awareness of the presence of something familiar and loved nearby.

      Over time, the body comes loose from the chains as it decomposes, sinks into the ground and is covered by - I hear the word 'loam', but I'm seeing moss growing over the body. The arms separate from the rest and hang from the chains. At one point, a horse that had belonged to her while she was alive comes to the tree and noses at those decaying arms, and they reach out and pat it. At another time, the body rises up from the ground and seems to dance, with those arms dancing along as if they were still attached - slightly altering how my vision works, I can see dark strings which would be invisible, manipulating the body like a puppet. That man with the mouth full of glass shards is pulling the strings.

      Later, a scene in which I'm using Mephisto as a pseudonym.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      On a ship after some incident in which several of the crew died, the captain came to me privately to ask a question. He's under the mistaken impression that I can see the future. I don't see the future, I just have more memories to draw on to recognize old patterns playing out again. The captain asks, essentially, whether any of those who died were important - he uses the word 'cheap.' I say to him, "No life is cheap." He acknowledges that this was poor phrasing, but "I need to know-"

      As he speaks, I see a go board. The point is made that certain moves will have a drastic impact on the outcome of the game, and others won't. The captain needs to know if any of the people we lost would have been necessary for this journey to succeed, in ways he can't foresee himself.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm looking at paintings hanging on a wall, a series mostly depicting figures of the zodiac, with one in the center of a man labeled Dream.

      I'm meeting with a man named Snow who'd initially tried to conceal his identity from me. He's disappointed to find I recognized him immediately. The persona he'd put on for me was this sort of affable type; the real Snow is - well, he gives the impression of being intimidating but I'm not personally intimidated, I'm just enjoying watching how complete his transformation is.

      The majority of the scene after that reveal consists of a tango, during which he leads - which is different, but I find I have no difficulty following. Great fun. He's proposing some kind of deal - there's something about him recognizing the way I've been challenging myself, and how working for him would be beneficial for both of us, something about working for a greater cause, a sense of direction - but when the tango's over and he wants an answer, I just start laughing. Man, have you got the wrong guy. I'm thoroughly enjoying every aspect of his presentation - the intimidating attitude, the seriousness of the deal he's proposing, the song and dance, his whole look - it's all incredibly appealing, but I have no intention of taking it seriously.

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    2. From the store to another world

      by , 07-08-2014 at 02:46 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I was in Walmart and there were a lot of little people around. I bumped into two guys (that I had a head on) who smirked at me. I smiled and moved on.

      In the jewelry section, I met a small lady and we ended up talking about zodiac signs. “You could be a Cancer - a crab, or Taurus, a bull. Or an Aquarius, born in September [got this one wrong!].”

      She said she didn’t have one because she was born on this one day. I was confused because I hadn’t heard of it. I told her to just pick one, no one would ever know.

      “You could say you were a Sagittarius born in December.”

      At one point I asked if I could carry her and I did.


      She had had a secret power, and taken ‘us’ [a bit fuzzy, but a girl and guy pair I think] to a secret place. We had to make our way across land. Some people with the lady thought we wanted to use her powers.

      We were cloned [just appearing there) – there was a younger and older pair of us. The older pair got split up, I think. The older guy was being used by this old man while he was in the first cave.

      I saw that the place was big (like looking at an area map in a game), full of forests, plains, caves and such. I did not want to have to go through another cave, which was to the far right. I wondered what was at the very end.

      Inspirations: I watched the first episode of Sailor Moon: Crystal yesterday and think the zodiac stuff came from that (and maybe the jewelry section) – also, I’m a Sagittarius born in December. The landscape might come from playing Pokemon. I think I recently saw a show with little people on it.

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    3. 'Survival' card game

      by , 03-19-2014 at 02:04 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Fragment 1. Some kind of food thing.

      Fragment 2. Me and Rane are going through things in my room. She’s looking through the green binder and I briefly wonder ‘why she has to go through my things’.

      I find a pack of Uno cards and wonder if any are missing. ‘Survival’ is written on the bottom side of them. I realize it’s not Uno. There are dinosaur themed drawings on the cards and a stegosaurus. ‘Sagittarius’ is written on the other side.

      I show them to Rane.

      Inspiration: I played Skip-bo with Rane the other day, thought it seemed a lot like Uno when I saw the deck.

      Notes: I had the hardest time getting up enough to remember anything. The only reason I can imagine why is because of the rough night and going a little overboard with exercising. *yawns*
    4. Shapeshifters and the zodiac

      by , 08-13-2013 at 07:11 PM
      There's this rich and powerful old woman who sends her goons to fetch me and Julie. One of the guys working for her warned me that she's got a thing against shapeshifters like us, and I'm pretty sure we're in danger but Julie's already gone with them. She's not entirely right in the head, off in her own world most of the time, so I don't know if she can read the atmosphere, realize there's a problem here. When we get to the old woman's place, she's lying on a bed with more goons in black suits around her, but she stands up to greet us. There's a line of tiles in the floor inlaid with zodiac designs leading from the door to her bed, and it's important for ceremonial reasons to step only on that path, like the old woman does; but me and Julie just walk naturally, sometimes on and sometimes off the tiles. The old woman makes casual conversation as we approach, pleasantries, and I worry again whether Julie will be able to recognize this as a dangerous situation, but when I look over at her, Julie's got a knife in her hand. She looks happy.
    5. Zodiacs,Resident evil,Nightmare

      by , 08-04-2012 at 05:06 AM (Boring Misadventures of a Teenage Girl)
      The nightmare starts off with me walking in a park with my cousin Candy. I was complaining of some back pain to her. Out of nowhere, a guy shows up and tells me " You have back pain, why don't you show up to our sermon and get a free massage from our master massager!" Before we can say anything he guides us through some bushes and into a huge park clearing where there's about 50 people sitting on the ground all turned to a raised platform in the middle. The man guides us to the front row, and makes us sit down. My cousin says "Why not? Free massage!" so we stay and wait. Finally the "Master massager" shows up. He looks a lot like Salazar from Resident evil, only that hes taller, and is wearing purple robes with gold accents, and has a gold alarm clock necklace hanging from his neck
      I forgot what he talks about in the sermon. Finally it finishes and he says " And now for the free massages!Who's first?" he sees my cousin and says, " You." My cousin starts shaking her head but he gets her by the chin and looks into her eyes. I start feeling uneasy, and decide to get her and leave. All of a sudden his eyes glow yellow, and he tells her "I finally found you, Aries!" He opens his mouth and a long snaky tongue comes out and enters hers. She screams and disinagrates into ashes in front of my eyes. I scream,and so do the others,and chaos ensues. He sees me and his eyes start glowing again "Its you, Cancer!" he grabs my wrist and I scream. " What do you want with me?" I manage to stutter. He says "Don't you realize yet? You and your cousin are the one of the 12 human versions of the Zodiac.I already absorbed your cousin, Aries, into me. Once I absorb all of the Zodiacs, I'll become immortal! And you're next, Cancer." Still holding me with a tight grip, he opens his mouth and his tongue comes out. It manages to touch my chin before I kick his stomach hard, and he releases me. He doubles over and I run. "You won't get away!" he yells, and I keep running. I dont stop running for a long time, untill I see someone up ahead of me. Finally help! I catch up to him. Before I can say anything he turns around and lets out an inhuman yell. I remember him as the man that showed us the sermon. He's turned into a Zombie! His yell is followed by others, and I see the people from the sermon too, zombified as well. The start running toward me. They look a lot like the zombies from resident evil 4
      The drag me to someone in the distance. Its Salazar! (In the dream, i never got his name, so I will just call him Salazar) He says " Good work, my minions." as I get closer and closer. I dunno how, but I manage to break free about 10 yards away. The zombies start to follow, but Salazar holds out his hand " No. Go find the other Zodiacs. I'll take care of this girl." I speed up. It is nightfall by now. I think "Great, I can use this to my advantage.If i have to." I can hear Salazar behind me. I make a turn, and realize I hit a dead end. There is a gate in front of me, and its locked. Its unclimbable.I turn around, but its too late to turn back, Salazar was coming this way. I see some bushes near the gate. I have no choice but to take cover, and hope he doesnt see me. Luckily, the path is surrounded by bushes, so i might not be noticed. I dive behind the bushes and make myself as small as possible. I start ripping leaves of the bush and throw them on me,hoping to hide my clothes. Then i sit there and wait, trying to stop my body shake violently from the terror. I hear Salazar's steps approaching. And hes checking the bushes one by one! I scream internally, and realize that its over for me. Finally he stops at my bush. He starts feeling around, and touches my knee. He grins " Ah, I found you little Cancer. Dont shake, it'll be over in a minute." I close my eyes and wait for my death. Then something rips him from my knee. I open my eyes, and see that a car crashed through the gate and ran him over. A hand reaches through the bush to grab mine "Are you alright?" she picks me up. It is a young woman,about 20. She is wearing black short shorts and a pink t-shirt. Her hair was up in a braided ponytail. "Thank you for saving my life." I tell her. " Dont thank me just yet," she says. "I saw him absorb Aries. Her power will keep him alive. Hes only knocked uncousious.He'll wake up soon. You should get a move on." I nod and she starts to turn around to run off. " Wait,can I go with you?" I ask. She shakes her head " 'Fraid not, he can detect our power greater if we go in groups. You're safer alone. Its harder for him to detect us that way." I nod. Before she takes off, I ask her "Wait, who are you?" She gives me one final smirk. "I'm Gemini."
      I decide to make a move on before Salazar comes to. I run till dawn. I reach an area that is filled with zombies. I have no choice but to run through them. They see me, but they are to slow. Suddenly something hurls themself on me. Its some kind of black dog, with a skeleton for a head. Its too heavy to throw off. It pins me to the ground and starts chanting something. The zombies start chanting more. And get closer. I scream. Then something shoots the dog off me. Its a man. Hes wearing a gray tshirt and black pants and has two holsters with guns strapped across his back. He shoots the zombies and picks me up. "Thank you." i tell him. He nods. " Follow me." We start running, him leading the way. "I'm Leo," he says, " Who are you?" I tell him "Cancer." He nods again " We are going on a helicopter." soon, we reach the helicopter. There's another person there. Shes a woman with short red hair. She doesn't acknowledge me, but speaks a couple words with Leo. I dont know what Zodiac she is, but I get the feeling that shes Saggitarius. I take a dislike to her. Leo opens a glass dome thats on the side of the helicopter and tells me " You're safe now. Get on. Hold on to the pole though, you might fall off." Inside the dome, there is two seats. I sit on one and he straps me in. Then he goes inside the helicopter and we take off. Its not until we are high in the air that I start crying. I know that I am safe now. He waits till I calm down and explains to me that we arnet safe yet, we got to rescue the rest of the zodiacs, and kill Salazar. I get determined. We are going to save everyone. And finally bring peace. I make a mental note before I fall asleep that I will kill Salazar personally. The dream ends.
      Note: I woke up pretty scared from this, even though this seems like an adventure.Didnt sleep the rest of the night.I still have this shaky feeling in my stomach.God, I hate nightmares.But it was a pretty cool dream
    6. Tribal Imposter + Book Thief + Frag

      by , 02-19-2011 at 03:31 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      Tribal Imposter

      I am watching a movie about an anthropologist who is living with a native tribe. Jake comments on the scene where, after eating the native spicy food, the anthropologist has to take a huge shit. He washes his hands in a regular bathroom and there is a girl who also comes out of a stall and washes her hands. They join the tribe in the circle around a fire.

      Suddenly, I am part of the tribe. Whether I am "part" of it or not, I'm not sure because while they are all black, I am still white and also have no relationship with them. We get a message from a lady somehow informing us that there is a huge storm coming and we must all walk to the safe weather house. We're all kind of disappointed as if we've been there before and really don't want to go. It doesn't take us long to walk there and its only just beginning to rain. Its dark out but I can make out the details of the area. There are a ton of trees, we are in a forest, but the path to the house has been cleared. It's muddy but none of us mind.

      The house itself doesn't look like it should for a weather safety house. Its a usual wood building with chipped paint, it looks pretty old and out of the norm in the woods. I wonder to myself why the tribe would let modern man come into the forest so easily, but I don't apply the fact that this building is old and therefore the expansion must have happened quite a long time ago. To enter the house, we don't go through the main door. We all step through a fake painting on the outside of the house. It looks like a black and white framed painting, but its actually silk flaps that we can walk into.

      Inside, against one wall there are little cubby holes for each of us. Some are built for two people, and the couples go into them, as if all was pre-set for us (or as if we've been here before, recently). I run to the last one, half knowing its where I belong and half thinking if I don't get a cubby to stay in, I won't have one. We all get settled in. Mine is relatively empty, as is all the others, though some have blankets and pictures on the walls. Everyone starts talking to eachother in their usual dramas and friendships.

      The lady who called us in here is really nice. She might be an anthropologist herself, perhaps thats why she is taking care of us tonight and runs this building. She calls attention to us and on a huge chalkboard on the opposite wall she has written the alphabet. Everyone is bored with it but we are handed little chalkboards and try to write it down. She explains the letters and then in a strange yet understanding way she explains the song behind the "alphabet song", the accents on each letter when you sing and how they relate to other sounds you can make, and how "big" or "little" the sound is. A few of the tribe people understand this completely and laugh at her elementary way of explaining things. My conscious dream mind daydreams of the thought of musically inclined people.

      I come back to the dream and start drawing the letters but remember that I am an educated person and don't want to be "found out", so I draw them with my left hand. The lady comes over to me and she has a little see through plastic page with black lettering. Its an astrology chart. I ask about the Chinese horoscope and she says this one is the Zodiac. I talk to her about it and she asks if I'm a leo. I say yes, and she says she is too, that she was born on August first. We begin talking about the tribe. I leave behind me the notion of "fitting in" with them, and talk about how its like having your own soap opera always with you because of the intricate dramas always happening. While we talk, the tribe people are all just talking, fighting, laughing, etc.

      I wake up and it looks like lightening is illuminating my room. Not just light-wise, but everything in my room is highlighted by lightening streaks and the windows are completely white. I do a reality check, I seem to be awake, and wonder if this is just more of the winter thunder storms that has happened. I go back to sleep.

      Everyone has left the building or something, and I am outside in the darkness gliding/running very very fast across muddy hills. I see a modern house and hear a voice that tells me "they are inside" and so I glide to it. On the porch, I'm welcomed in by a black lady who has a motherly aura. We go into the kitchen and she's making dinner. I lean on the counter and we discuss how one of the tribes people, a 20 something woman, is living here and is trying to fit into modern society. She has wrecked her life somehow, getting into drugs and prostitution and lacking any education. Her memory comes to mind. On her chest, she has one of those microdermal implants. It's a circle with a piercing in the middle, and a sun tattooed around it. Her whole face has piercings and dot tattoos. I wonder how she fits in with the people of this area and age. The motherly woman asks if she can move in with me because she needs a place. I tell her she is my sister, even if we are very different and of course I will take her in.

      Book Thief

      I am with Autumn and her parents and another man and we go to a gift store (which is where Goodwill is in waking life). Inside I begin to look at the books and everyone scurries off into their own directions. On a rack I find a book by the same author as a Series of Unfortunate Events (I can tell not by the name but by the artwork/similar appearance). The title amazes me: How To Be A Lucid Dreamer! I have a dream memory of wanting this book very badly, ritually looking up reviews and prices online.
      I don't have any money with me though, so I carry it around and intend to steal it. My mom comes to look at the books and I tell her I brought this book into my life and we both celebrate a little before I walk away. I start looking at little zebra sculptures that are for sale on one wall and daydream of a dream memory: I am asking Autumn to put a zebra sculpture in her bag for me to take it because I am too nervous. I feel bad about it and the guilt hits my "present" dream self, so I stop daydreaming. I walk over to a mini train that is running on a track circling a platform. I sit on the platform and go through the pages of my book. An electronic tag falls out, the kind that make sensors go off if you take it without paying, so I carry it around separately. I don't throw it away immediately because I know the techie who is in charge of that kind of thing in this store is somewhere near by.

      I go back to the main part of the store and there is a giant dunk tank and folding chairs placed to watch it. Everyone in the store save a few shoppers are sitting down watching, so I do too. They say they are dunking all the people who steal from the store. I wonder how many people there are, but realize its one man who is representing all of the thieves. He has a disgusting mutilated Halloween face mask on and a belly shirt. His stomach is huge and over stretched. They dunk him, and the water makes his stomach rise and fall in slow motion. Everyone is laughing at how fat he is, but this is part of the act and he doesn't take offense. I really don't want to watch this idiotic scene anymore, so Autumns family leaves, though Autumn isn't with us.

      Before we leave, I am simultaneously in the back seat of the car and inside the store. I ask the man driving if I can have four dollars so I can buy the book. The Dalai Lama is in the passenger seat and turns around and tells me "you're really getting into something". My heart jumps at recognition from such a high being. I don't pay for the book, we just leave, and that seems to be part of the driver's joke he quietly has with me. I give him back the money. He gives me back the same amount of bills, but its 3 one dollar bills and 1 one hundred dollar bill. I laugh and give it back to him: I don't need it.


      I am in the back seat of Jacks car. Jack is driving and Andrew is in the passenger seat. We are going around the highway looking at dead animals. We see an orange cat in the middle of the road and a fox on the shoulder. I get a text from Heather and she asks me to come over, I say sure and tell Jack to drop me off. I get worried about her seeing Jacks car. My POV switches to upstairs in Heathers house (usually she lives in a one story house) and looking out the window, seeing the car. I tell Jack to drop me off at the beginning of the driveway, but its really snowy so I know that wont work. I dont know what to do.

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