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    1. In the Zone, short DILD

      by , 10-02-2015 at 02:55 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was wandering aimlessly in the swamps of the Zone, avoiding anomalies and mutants. I checked my inventory and saw that I'm low on ammo. I entered a building in an abandoned village. It was dark everywhere, I could only see the entrance. The building had wooden floor. Suddenly I became lucid. I told myself "This is dream." and proceeded with a nose-plug RC. It was cold, there was something wrong with that place. I wanted to leave it quickly, so I phased through the wall, but instead of coming out from the other side, everything went black. Shortly after I have awakened.
    2. In the Zone

      by , 03-25-2015 at 04:40 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I woke up in an old hut. I went out of bed, and looked around. Everything was old. There were rusty pieces of metal scattered over the floor, the window was cracked. There was a table in the middle of the hut, a few chairs and cupboard. There was an AKS-74U rifle lying on the table.

      I come closer, took the rifle and loaded it. There were also some grenades, so I strapped them to my belt. Then I went outside. The hut was placed in an abandoned village, in the middle of a wilderness. I felt somehow uneasy in that place, so I went to a small nearby hill. I took a map out of my pocket, and saw that I'm in the Zone around Chernobyl Power Plant, the one from S.T.A.L.K.E.R games.

      I decided to move away from the strange village. When I entered the forest, I was attacked by a horde of bloodsuckers. I was running away, trying to shoot them down. Meanwhile some fleshes joined in, and I spot a controller in the distance.

      I took a grenade which was strapped to my belt, and thrown it in the group of monsters. Some of them died in the explosion, the rest ran away. Suddenly, the controller that was walking in the distance decided to join the party. I readied my rifle, while he was preparing to launch a psionic attack.
    3. 15 Mar: dystopian world

      by , 03-15-2014 at 09:41 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I share the house with my whole family. Parents, grandparents, I even have to share my room with my best friend. Life is ok, just a bit crowded and back to the basics.
      One day, my friend and I meet a handsome stranger, who coincidentally looks just like Matt Damon. He seems a bit lost and he needs a place to crash, so we offer him to stay in our room for the night. He is so cute, I realize both my friend and I are doing shifts in trying to seduce him, but he is just not that interested.
      The next day he takes us to his hood. It's in a part of town where people are even poorer than us. He shows us a community centre, where people help each other out and meals are cooked and served to the masses. A lady is stirring corn porridge in a giant cooker and people line up to get some. But still, they seem happy, some are dancing after eating, there's nice music, a festive environment. That's when a strange looking group appears. They almost seem like buddhist monks and lamas, with long red and orange vests, trumpet sounds and banners in the wind. Everybody bows down and folds their hands when their "spiritual leader" comes up in front. I am still stunned by the whole thing and I feel genuine devotion, but the guy doesn't seem too friendly. He gives orders for a random selection of the people and I'm caught in the group. We are guided through this festive troupe of musicians and dancers to a sort ot transportation tunnel system and as I walk into it, I feel honoured for having been chosen. But the transport drops us directly into what looks like the posh downtown area, with buildings, terraces, roads, squares, but no people walking around. I find strange, until a white car comes in racing and hitting as many of us as it possibly can. I realize this is a cross between hungry games and mad max. Someone must be watching and having fun as we are killed. But I don't go down that easily. I run, I jump, I do whatever is necessary to escape and at some point I manage to create a trap for the car and he hits and gets stuck at some concrete structure I lured it into.
      The driver gets out of the car, pissed, but he just leaves. In his place appear two large guys who plan to beat me up, the old fashioned way. I avoid all their hits and I hit back. But they are both bigger and stronger than me. My hist don't seem to hurt them much. The bigger one is laughing at me, and asks me what martial art am I practicing. I reply that I'm not following any, I'm just using my intuition. He says my intuition will not help me for so long.
      That's when we hear a loud noise and we look up. What seem to be two police helicopters, with no helices and joined together by some sort of bridge, draws a circle in the air, passes over our heads and flies in the direction of a huge building in the horizon, which I see now for the first time. It is a big block of concrete and glass windows, with a semi-circular and horizontal highpass on the top pf the building. I know that is the headquarters of the central power. And the helis are going straight into it. But I think "if history taught us a lesson is that a plane crashing into a building will not make it collapse". But the helis were clearly modified and probably contained a lot of explosive stuff, because soon after they crashed into the building, there were a series of explosions that made the building collapse. As the debris are flying in all directions, the few people around start running away in fear.
      We run and run, until we leave this dowtown area behind, and cross the hoods, and more people joining the run, and crossing barriers that used to divide the zones. Until some of us reach the most outer area, a place with a really bad vibe, empty concrete buildings with no glass on the windows. I hide in a building for a while, to avoid breathing all the dust that is outside and to have some rest from all the events. but I feel a presence. There's someone patrolling the building and it seems to be very dangerous. I go from room to room trying to keep ahead of it, but I encounter signs of something horrific. Heads and other body parts scattered around. A bloody smell. And then I am at the door of a room where lots of people sleep on the floor, but they don't look quite human. They are indeed a cannibal zombie like pack. I got to be careful not to wake them up. That's when an army of clone androids bursts in and starts shooting all over the place. I use the opportunity to run.
      I keep running, I meet again some other people who are also running. We're looking for the outer rim. We're hoping it might be collapsed or defenseless, so we can go out and see what's outside this world. We encounter this giant wall. It seems to have a top, but as we climb, it just continues to go and go and never end. But some clever guy notices something about a technical compartment halfway in the wall. He manages to open it and manipulate it to crash the intelligent system that continuously creates the wall. And it starts opening gaps and we see people down on the ground level being able to pass it through. So we go over it as well.
      The other side is countryside and there are still a few remote villages where people live simply and we join them.
      I go back for my family and after we settle in this brave new world, in a new house in the country, I watch my mom knitting and making crochet, more peaceful than ever.
    4. 7-30-2013 A Military victory mounted on innocent ground

      by , 07-31-2013 at 03:17 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      CSGO Lava temple:
      I'm in a match of cs:go and the setting is a lava temple, if i remember correctly, i get wounded pretty badly and i'm the only one left alive. Around the temple is a black rocky area with a grey sky and lava flowing in streams. I walk out of the temple and near a stream.

      A Military victory mounted on innocent ground:

      I'm at my house, having some kind of party or something. Or maybe i was working, either way, i only had a set time for lunch. In that set time, My dreamself would eat lunch and watch two episodes of dragonballz. I was outside by my pool. It was sunny and nice out. Eventually, our lunch ended and i get pretty mad because i didn't even get time to eat, let alone watch anime. So i stayed behind skipping whatever i had to do just so i could eat and watch anime. At one point, i had to go inside and yell at my brother because he was on my pc, and then i downloaded the episodes on my pc and put them on my laptop.

      As i'm outside, i see a girl i like and her family walking inside my house. I walk in behind them to see what's going on. They walk down a hallway and i get cut off as this person walks in front of me. I head back to my room and there i talk to dr.strangelove. He tells me that we're being attacked. Next thing i see is a scene of two mechs that look like their from code geass fighting two big battleships.
      The battleships are the enemies. They definitely have the upper hand in firepower. And not only that, we are also being attacked by other enemy forces which are surrounding the house.

      For some strange reason, the mechs are fighting the floating battleships in a hanger like area that seems to be far away from my house. Our two mechs in the hanger are getting beat pretty badly. Eventually, the two battleships form one, but our mechs unleash their full power and jump onto the battleship. As they do, the mechs turn into a black liquid and absorb the battleship. The mechs then take their original form.
      As that goes on, i run down my hallway and use a tank mech to fight off enemy units. It's quickly damaged so i run back into the house.

      The scene then switches back to the mechs. Even though we defeated the battleship, our enemy still outnumbered us so we had to surrender. Originally, the enemy was going to kill us all but since we defeated the battleship, the enemy decides to simply enslave us. Next scene, my comrades and i are dropping all of our personal items into crates as we move in lines.

      Next thing i know, i'm standing in bleachers ( stands ) which are positioned around a track. It's night. I'm standing in a straight line, with multiple rows of people going up and down the bleachers. As we stand, a drill sergeant is issuing commands. He's going through rolls. We received packages earlier with cassette tapes that when played, tell us what role we will fill in the army, which is our enemies army by the way. Back on topic, i didn't have anything that could play the tape so i couldn't tell the sergeant my role. Since i couldn't tell him, i had to go find a player. I jump down and start looking.

      I eventually find a small cave with a poor vampire in it. It sort of looks like shinobu from the -monogatari series. She obviously needs blood, so i cut myself and lie down waiting for her to suck my blood. However, another vampire comes along and takes shinobu. I quickly pop up and look back, it was a female vampire with a yellow shirt.

      --At this point, i wake up and log what you've just read. After i fall back asleep, the dream continues.

      I find myself with other prisoners who were captured in the attack. We're standing outside my house. It looks like a storm is coming. A man then tells me that i should get a better jacket since it might hail. At this point, we are only allowed to take a certain amount of personal items so i drop some of my stuff and run inside and grab a better coat. As i get out, most people have already been taken and i'm quickly called over to board a giant metallic vehicle. The vehicle is a troop carrier, so i suppose i'm going to go fight.

      Since i was called over so quickly, i had to leave some stuff behind. Either way, the vehicle starts moving. In the distance, you can see other vehicles with prisoner soldiers on them as well. We drive through trees and after a while, make it to our destination. The destination is an old torn down house in the middle of a forest. The vehicle gets parked and we are called over to the house. A higher ranking officer inflates the wreckage of the house and somehow rebuilds the frame.

      After the frame is rebuilt, he opens some sort of portal near the house. He then sends some people in. The portal seems to lead to a different zone. The zone in which the house is still standing and has yet to be destroyed. As we wait to see results, other vehicles pull up and park nearby. It's been a while and we are pretty sure the people who traveled through the portal into the house are dead. I head in.

      I find myself in an old dimly light house. There are various spirits and entities roaming the place. I get an intuition that if i climb the stairs to my left, i can get geass powers. I do this , but a seductive demon like lady stops me and starts seducing me. As she does this, two spirits come over and beat me up, they then drag me to the entrance and drop me along with some manual. I look at the manual and it details various military experiments they did by sending people to die inside this house.

      I then get up and try to head back up the stairs again. The lady then kisses me and i kiss back. She drains my energy while doing it, but i can't stop, and eventually, i guess i die. The ending is pretty immediate i know, this might be continued on some other night i hope.

      Super Hero movie trap:

      I'm outside by some largely populated area. I'm letting these people film me for a commercial. After i do that, i quickly go with the flow of the crowd. Apparently, everyone is going to see some movie. I'm initially with friends but they walk away. I find myself looking at a giant mushroom shaped metal construction, the bottom is hollow. At the bottom, an announcer is describing how the movie works. The people under the outer most edges of the top part of the mushroom will choose from a select group of heroes. Everyone else will take the role of some other faction.

      As the movie starts, im on the outer circular edge. So i get selected to be one of many spider mans. I instantly have the costume on. Then a ring starts spinning around the outer edge of the mushroom like structure above us. As the ring reaches above each of our heads, it instantly shoots us up in the air. Normally, the ring is supposed to catch us and act as sort of an elevator allowing us to reach the top of the mushroom structure.

      However, the glowing circle hundreds of feet above me sends me flying away from the top part, since i'm flying away, the ring won't catch me and i will fall to my death. However, i thought since i was spider man i should be able to shoot webs and i did that to save my life. I shoot around and soon make my way to the top of an apartment complex that is really high in the sky. As it turns out, a party is going on, half the people ditched the movie and ran off with their super powers and are partying. I join in and have fun.

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    5. NFL Match at a Market After School

      by , 07-17-2011 at 09:09 AM
      I was with 2 of my friends at school and we were just talking about NFL (I think) but then one of them said something about a match being played right now.

      So we got the bus and went to the market and strangely there was a NFL field in the market. While I was watching the match I was also playing it as it turned out to be Madden NFL 09 (probably becuase I stopped playing NFL games) I was playing as the Giants (my team) the ball was already in the red zone and it only took 3 plays to get a touchdown.

      After that I went to my friend and told him we won.

      Dream Fragment

      I was playing Saints Row 2 and there were loads of saved games when I usually save one.

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