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    1. Me-House

      by , 06-18-2015 at 02:21 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 15, 2015

      I was with a group of my classmates, except that there were some other people there, too. One of them was a girl who was a year below me in high school, who is doing her undergrad in education at the same university as me. She was telling me how she was going to come back to do the same master's program I'm doing when she finished her undergrad studies. another of the people in the group was a guy from my high school.

      We were sitting, eating our lunch near a large building with lots of big windows. There were apparently a lot of illegal Asian students at the university lately, and the campus police were really cracking down on them. We could see through the huge windows that a young woman was running from a group of like five cops. She was carrying her books and had classes, she looked like a normal college student but much more modest. She eventually ran out of the building and past us. I was a little worried because one of the people in my group was Asian and I was worried about racial profiling. Three of the cops continued chasing the young woman, but two of them stopped and inspected our group. One stood back as the other confronted me first. He asked my name and major, I answered. He moved on to the friend from highschool, and asked him the same questions. But he was nervous and stammered, and the cop got confrontational and hostile, got up in his face, and then forcefully kissed him violently. I punched the cop in the jaw and yelled at him, telling him I was filing charges and that I had been recording the whole thing. The cop skunked off.

      Our group was moving on, to a secret garden type place, where we were going to meet Kali, who was apparently our field instructor or something. He told us we had to go to Germany for a final test, and that the university was paying for our tickets. I was so excited to be going back to Germany! We all packed our things, and somehow managed to get in the same car heading for a place we were going to stay in tonight, before the flight. In the car, I was looking out the window. The scenery couldn't decide what it wanted to be, and I thought this was funny... I had the inkling I was dreaming, so I checked my hands... I WAS dreaming!

      I was so happy to be lucid again after such a long dry spell, that for a while I just let the dream play out. We were still in the car, though, and it was still driving. I remembered the TOTM to find a house that represented yourself, and so I told myself that the car would stop in front of the building that was ME. Sure enough, the car did stop very soon after that. I phased through the door and looked. The building in front of us was a large-ish Greek looking place. It was really pretty, and Kali stopped to take pictures of all of us in different poses in front of the building. I opened the door to see what the inside was like. It was fascinating! It was all Winchester-y, with rooms in odd places. I could see most of the rooms at once, though, because it was all very open. Most of the things in the rooms were deep reds, dark blues/browns, whites and splashes of blinding bright orange. Zukin was sitting on a bench in the entry room, and stood up when she saw me. "Finally!" She said, grabbing my hand and leading me around the house. "I've been waiting for you for ages. Let's explore!" We looked through a lot of the rooms, but I knew there were more. We went up stairs and ladders, down some and through countless doorways. Somehow I still knew exactly where I was in the house! Usually I'm so directionally challenged. We heard the maid calling us down for drinks, and I decided to go talk to her to see what she knew about this building. But Zukin wanted to go find the Chinchilla Room.

      We split up, me going down and she going further up. When I reached the bottom, I was about to ask the maid what she knew about the Me-House, when the DC of the high school friend thanked me for sticking up for him earlier. He game me a drink in a "candied coconut shell" which was really delicious! I lost a lot of my lucidity and got horny, but the dream faded away after I walked onto a long balcony overlooking a cliff on the ocean. It was beautiful.
      Tags: germany, school, zukin
      lucid , task of the month
    2. Store of Lost Things

      by , 05-02-2015 at 04:30 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      April 28, 2015

      I was back home, at my parents' house. Zukin was with me, visiting, or something. She may have lived there with me. It was a strange conglomeration of all the places I've lived, but it felt like home-home. I was in the basement, when I found a trap-door in the floor in the laundry room. I went down here and found a really interesting computer lab with state-of the art computers and private rooms and whatnot... I went upstairs to tell Zukin about it, and she followed me down the hole to the secret rooms. We were both so impressed and excited that we went back upstairs and got a bunch of junk food and pop to take back down with us. We spent hours playing Minecraft down there, in one of the private rooms. I was almost worried about bothering people by being here so long, but then remembered this was a secret room in my basement. There were no other people there!

      We played for a long time, and then went upstairs for some air. Later, I went back to the trap door. I remember very clearly how I lowered myself through the small hole (it was small, just big enough for me to fit through) and hung from the ceiling a bit until I dropped myself to the floor in the first room. It was dank and dusty, but through a door were the computer rooms. I noticed another sort of hole through some rags, and explored this new area... to find a whole fucking store! It was an abandoned store, but all of the merchandise was still on the shelves, there was no dust, the lights were still on. It was rather beautiful. I explored this store and wondered if I could use all of the beautiful things in the store. It was an open, golden space. The lights were warm-colored, and the shelves were all about hip-height, the highest was at chest height, so I could see the whole store clearly. Things glittered and sparkled, it was so beautiful.

      And then I found the old online orders. Or something. There was a binder with the records, and it said they were all online orders. They were packages that were supposed to have been sent out like 40 years ago. I sifted through them, opening some of them. I was worried at first about opening what wasn't mine, but these packages were so old... I thought about trying to find the people they were for.

      I opened one of them, and it had a calendar/planner inside it. But like, it had already been used. It had belonged to a college students, and she had written so many notes and doodled all over all the pages. It was gorgeous and I had this huge sense of "omg HISTORY" rush through me. Each page had a little furry creature printed on it, and this woman had doodled the creatures doing things like catching pokemon and karate.

      Also in this pile of never-sent-out packages was a pile of all the things I've ever lost. It was amazing. I found dresses I thought were long-gone, that I grew out of ages ago, and some many little things I'd lost over the years. I was so happy, and felt disappointed when I woke up because it was such a cool reality in that dream, and I missed it.
    3. Hooping, Food, and "dueling"

      by , 02-07-2015 at 06:50 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      February 07, 2015


      I was entering a sort of church with my mom and dad. It was in some foreign country, probably Germany or Austria. I knew in my dream that I had visited this church before, with Zukin, but she wasn't here this time. As we enter the first room, we spot Jeremy from Top Gear sitting in a chair at the far end of the room. He talks to us a little, but doesn't say much, and I can't remember what little we did talk about. I had the feeling I was a little scared of him, maybe it was more awe-struck. At the front end of the room, where we had entered, there was a table against the wall with two hoops on it. I had picked them up and was about to start hooping with one of them, when a young boy ran into the room and tackled me with a hug. We had met this boy last time we were here, and he said he had missed me. He asked where Zukin was, and I said she wasn't here this time. He then asked me to do that thing we had done last time. He meant a thing where Zukin holds a hoop in each hand and twirls them around. It's fascinating to watch and I've tried it before, it's pretty tricky to do. I told him, "It was Zukin who did that, I'm not very good at it." But he insisted, and handed me to lighter hoops than the ones I currently held. I gave in and attempted the trick. At first I was doing it all wrong, but I knew what I was doing wrong; my wrists were bending the wrong ways. I fixed it and was about to really get in a groove when I woke up.


      When I fell back asleep, I entered back into the same dream (I was trying to enter it lucid, but it was a normal dream). The boy was gone, and Jeremy was also gone. My mom and dad and I went through the big double doors at the end of the room and entered another large room with tables all over the place. there were people all over, too, and it turned out it was a potluck day. I was excited for food, and realized I was ravenous. The back wall of the room had tables against it, covered with main dishes and sides. I got a plate with the best looking chicken I had ever seen, some pees, corn, and some bread and potatoes with gravy. I put my plate down next to where my mom was, to save a spot while I went to the dessert room. There was apparently a whole other room for desserts.

      In that room, there were two or three tables all pushed together in the center, piled high with plates of cookies and brownies and cakes and whatever kind of dessert you could think of, basically. I walked around it once first, taking it all in and deciding what I would pick... There was a whole section of three or four different kinds of red velvet cookies. One of them was apparently red velvet but without the food coloring, and it had tiny chocolate chips sprinkled on the top of it. But I didn't get that one, I went for a more traditional red velvet cookie. I got two of those, and then I noticed a table at the corner of the room, and there was a bag on the table. The bag had two compartments; in one were smaller red velvet cookies with a weird looking frosting, and in the other were HUGE red velvet cookies with a delicious looking cream-cheese frosting or something. I took one of the big ones and put it on my plate. But now it was full, so I needed another (they were small plates).

      I got another plate, and looked at the layered goodies. There was a piece the size of my hand of this layered fudge and chocolate and either coffee or peanut butter stuff... It looked delicious, but I assumed it was a tiramisu and I don't like those, so I left it. Next to it, though, was a foot-and-a-half tall layered thing of chocolate and fudge and vanilla and soft cakes and mints and it just looked so good. So I cut a super thin piece (maybe about half an inch thick, because it was so tall and I didn't need a shit ton of the stuff) and had to kind of scoop it out into a messy pile on my plate. I started from the top and scooped out 4-inch parts at a time because I was worried that if I just took it from the bottom, it would all topple and get all over the place.

      I drab one more cookie, and then they announce that the food lines were going to close up pretty soon, so I left and found my spot next to mom. I realized I had forgotten the other plate, though, and tried to get back in. The door to the hallway leading to the dessert room was locked from my side, though. I waited for someone to come out, but no one was, so I knocked on the door. A young man peeked from around the corner (I was looking through the small gap between the double-doors, or there might have been a window in the door...) and tentatively opened the door for me. I thanked him with a hug, and went to find my other plate. It was on the table in the corner that had the bag on it. I grabbed it, went back to my seat

      And then I started to eat. And oh my god, it was amazing. the chicken was the most flavorful and amazingly moist chicken I have ever had. I moved on to that layered thing, and it was so good. It's hard to describe what exactly it tasted like, but it was EXACTLY what I was craving (and am still craving right now). Like, think of your favorite childhood dessert, and it was that taste, pretty much.

      I was sad to wake up from that dessert.

      Romeo vs. Me: "Dueling"

      When I fell back asleep, I dreamed I was in a car on the way to a small town in the mountains of Germany or Austria (there was a theme this night... I was thinking hard about castles and balls all day so I could increase my chances of remembering some tasks when I got lucid). We were almost there, I could tell, but there was still another mountain to get over first. Right now we were driving in a valley, with the mountain to our left and farms and scattered rural houses to our right... But the building were all torn down. It looked like there had been a tornado or some other really destructive storm... and so I was worried about the town we were headed for. I was hoping it was an isolated event and that everyone I knew in this small town was alright.

      When we got to the town, I got out of the car and walked to the main town square. Someone was breathing fire (it was sunset, getting dark) and this was so fascinating but weird that I did a reality check... My left hand's middle and ring finger were kinda webbed-looking...

      I was dreaming!

      I looked around and started rubbing my hands together because my lucids have not lasted long lately... I felt the dream getting stronger, and I also took note of my surroundings. I remembered right away the challenge task for week two, and shot into the air to hover above the town square. I looked around the town for a castle that looked like it was having a party; it would probably be the Capulet's ball.

      On the edge of town, on the hills leading to the mountains beyond, I saw what looked like a fancy villa or something, and there were lots of lights around it, lighting up the grounds and whatnot. I assumed this was the Capulet household, and was about to fly off toward it normally, when I remembered my last three-part task. I thought about how fast would count as "advanced" flying, and pretty much decided jet-speed would do. I'm not really sure that I did anything special, I just kinda expected to be going super fast, and I did. I shot off in a bee-line for the castle and was there in pretty much a second. It actually kinda reminded me of Lord of the Rings, when Sauron zooms in on things happening far away.

      I land at the front door and because I am a Capulet, I just walk right in. I was greeted by a servant at the door, and handed something to drink. It was in a fancy glass and looked bubbly, so I downed it and continued into the main room. It was beautiful, really. There was the main floor, which was large, and then there were stairs on either side leading up to an upper balcony level where people were milling about and talking. I looked around, expecting to see Romeo. He was supposed to crash this party, yes? And then I thought, "My teammates and the other team should be here as well." So I called out the names I could remember: OneUp, Pickman, StaySharp, Spellbee, FryingMan. Five young men walked toward me from the crowds, and I asked who each of them were. "Which one of you is OneUp?" The one in the middle raised his hand. Though he also raised his hand when I asked who was StaySharp, and so it was a little bit confusing about which ones were which people (but my subC pretty humorously inserted clues about who was who). I eventually sorted it out, and grabbed OneUp (he had an arrow on his forehead, a little like Aang, but it pointed up, not down), Pickman (he had a flower sticking out of his head and wore an all red suit) and StaySharp (he was pretty nondescript), pulling them to my side. "You three are Capulets, right?" They nodded. "And you two are Montegues, correct?" I asked Spellbee (he was buzzing the whole time so I'm pretty sure that was him) and FryingMan (he actually had a frying pan on a rope around his neck). They nodded, too, and seemed troubled.

      I was about to try to convert Spellbee and FryingMan, when Spellbee's buzzing got louder and he grabbed FryingMan's frying pan and tried to hit me with it. "Hey now. Be nice." I made the frying pan shrink so it was the size of a normal necklace now. "You two should totally join the Capulets. We have awesome parties." They both looked a little uncertain, so I kept going. "You will join the Capulets." I waved my hand, trying to use Jedi mind powers. They squirmed a little and then both said, "Okay," and stepped over to stand behind me. "Now let's find that Romeo guy." They agreed to help me find him.

      I was walking around, expecting that I would bump into Romeo eventually, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw the Face. "Do you know where Romeo is?" I asked him. He just shrugged and took my hand, taking me to the balcony. "Wait, I have to find Romeo," I said. He looked back at me, oddly silent, and just giggled a little, then disappeared. I watched the DCs around me, wondering which one of them was Romeo. Then I heard someone (I think it was Spellbee) say, "Oh, Romeo," behind me, and I turned to see who he was talking to. The young man I assumed to be Romeo had black hair and wore a fancy outfit, but beyond that I don't remember much about his looks. I approached him and said, "You're Romeo, right?"

      He looked at me, nodded, and said, "And who are you?" I told him I was Juliet (Romeo will obviously fall in love with Juliet), and he pretty much just leaves what he was doing, grabs my hand, and stands there holding my hand silently. It was like we were school kids playing date on the playground. I turned to him and said, "Romeo, do you love me?" He looked at me and smiled, nodding. "Don't you want to kiss me?" I asked, and he blushed, then carefully kissed me. Well, this should be enough for that task, right...? But I was also going to do the other option, which was to duel Romeo. "Romeo, I challenge you to a duel!" I said.

      He perked up a bit, grabbed my hand and lead me to a door. The DVers I had found followed us, whooping and yelling encouragement to me. Then it turned into this really weird sex battle. Apparently that's what a duel means here. Romeo pushed me down onto a bed and tore off his own shirt, and one of the DVers yelled "BULLSHIT!" I decided to let this kind of duel continue, and pretty much flipped Romeo on his back so I was on top. I think that was how you won. So yeah. We "dueled" for a while and I'm pretty sure I won because I was on top at the end and my DV following was ecstatic and jumping around and hugging each other as if their team had just won the superbowl. I was barely lucid at this point,
      and then I woke up.
    4. NOT RIGHT, Monster Trucks, and Liberation

      by , 02-06-2015 at 05:40 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      February 05, 2015

      IT'S NOT RIGHT...

      Zukin and I were in some other country and we found a Dönner Kebab place. But they were trying to put bacon on it. We spent hours arguing with the people about the fact that Dönner shouldn't have Bacon in it, and that we weren't going to pay for it unless they made it right. It was a full dream about arguing about food.

      Monster Trucks

      I was with my brothers B and E, and we had rented a monster truck. We spent some time in parking garages and ended up spending the night at a museum with a group of people. We played games, made videos and took lots of pictures. I didn't think it was as late as it was, but when I saw the sun rising, I remembered that my brothers and I were supposed to be home for my parents' anniversary. They didn't want us to leave, and I didn't want to leave either, because I had a thing for one of the guys.

      But we had to leave. E was driving, and we took a wrong turn, but didn't realize it until much later. We went down this whole race-track-like mesa path in the desert. We got all the way through it, and I was freaked out because E was driving really fast, and almost passed a real race-car. We stopped at the end of it, and this man tried to recruit E to be a racer for him. He commented on how E had almost beat the professional racer, even though he'd never had any training. But E turned them down because he had to get us back home. But the car broke down. Somehow B fixed it, and got on the wheel to drive us back home. We carefully drove back down the mesa path, watching for oncoming traffic since it was pretty much a one-way road.

      When we got home, we parked at the bottom of the driveway. We got out of the car, and an old family friend got out of a car that had just parked behind us. She was with a younger woman, and she came up to me. She hugged me and said, "So, I hear you've started nursing!" I said I hadn't had a baby, so I couldn't be nursing. She held up a diamond necklace, and said, "well, I can't just give this to you if you're not nursing...!" And the younger woman with her tried to get her to give it to her instead.

      We get inside, and I hug my mom, She starts crying a little, and I am confused a little. I assume she just missed us so much. She and dad gave us a huge scroll with a riddle on it... it took us about an hour to solve. At the end, we came up with "and we'll have a new /./"

      We were so confused about this. But then B was like "Wait!" and we figured out we had made a miscalculation. It was supposed to say "and we'll have a new son." They were telling us mom was pregnant. Which was sooooooo weird. Because after my little brother, they made sure they couldn't have kids anymore... I would have gotten lucid from this if I hadn't suddenly wondered who's old room the baby would have, and worried that it would be my room. My life seemed to be upside down in these moments...


      I was in a group of people on a different universe... we were all part of the same working group, but we were oppressed by the more "popular" members of the cleaning group. We were walking back from a day's work, and one of my companions was falling behind... the work he had made him break pout in uncontrollable acne, and everyone made fun of him for it. There were about five of us in all, and after work on this day, I was so infuriated with how they were left to fall behind, and we came together and one of the inhabitants of this other universe helped us get back home... It involved taking video and pictures and we were all huddled together...

      We got home, but all missed that friend who had helped us get home. At first none of us talked about our experiences... but about a year from getting back, this girl from the other universe was so famous and like an idol in our own universe. When I told people I had taken one of the most iconic pictures, nobody believed me... so we showed them the video from that time, and my face flashed in the camera. I had the face of Emma Watson.
    5. Losing Zukin, Field Force-Fields

      by , 02-04-2015 at 01:03 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      February 03, 2015

      Zukin Got Shot D:

      Zukin and I were living with a psychopathic killer, apparently... One day he 3D-printed a gun, and used it to kill Zukin and three other people... right in front of me. Then he laid them all out over a long table, on their backs. This whole time I was numb and couldn't really move. I didn't even fully take in what had happened until the killer left through the front door. I tried to wake Zukin and the others up, but they wouldn't move...

      Then I heard the sirens from outside. I looked through the peep-hole in the front door, and saw a cop standing at the other side of a fairly long tunnel. I naturally let the cop in, because I was innocent and wanted the killer to be caught. The cop came in and asked a few questions, then inspected the bodies... I couldn't look at Zukin.

      I went a little crazy then. I invited some random chick into the house, made her wear a green cloth over her head, and mentally green-screened Zukin's face onto the green cloth... I was trying to make it so Zukin was still alive, but it wasn't working. she was still dead, and I was lost. I called the cop who had come before and asked him to come over so I could ask him something. It had finally hit me that she was gone, and because the psychopath was still at large, I had to keep this all a secret. But I wanted to be able to call Zukin's mom and tell her what had happened. I didn't think it was fair that her mom had no idea she was dead. So this cop finally comes back, and I ask him if I am allowed to call Zukin's mom, and the cop said absolutely not. It would compromise the whole investigation, he said...

      Then I woke up and it took me a few minutes to realize where I was and the rush of relief when I realized it had all been a dream was tangible.

      Field Force-Fields

      I am part of a group who was walking along a bunch of crops and checking force-fields. Like, each crop had a force-field around it to keep bugs and animals and robber out. We were in pairs, and had to walk or bike around the edges of each field to check that the force-fields were all intact. My partner and I spotted an anomaly in our field, and used this contraption to seal it up again. It turned out a piece of something had gotten stuck in the force-field which made it bowl out, or something.

      Our field was edged by a river on one side, and we had to cross a bridge to get to our next field. I had super vision, apparently, because when I looked in any direction I could see the other pairs making their way along their own fields, which were far away. It was as if each pair was only about 20 feet from my partner and I. It looked like all the other pairs were having issues; either one of them was injured or otherwise slowing things down, or the pairs were bickering, which also slowed them down. It seemed like my partner and I were the only ones running full throttle.
    6. Only Three Short-ish Dreams

      by , 01-27-2015 at 03:58 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      January 26, 2015 (With CZ)

      I could NOT sleep last night. Figured I was being good and going to bed early around 10:00... nope. Didn't fall asleep until 11, then woke up at midnight and was awake, trying to fall back asleep, until 4 am, then woke again at 5, and was awake for another hour or so attempting to WBTB and only have about another hour and a half of sleep before my alarm went off D:
      Nevertheless, had a few interesting dreams:

      Cave Tour (between 4:00 and 5:00)

      I was on a tour of a huge cave system. I was with Zukin, a few other people I know, and at least one anime character, though I can't remember which one. I distinctly remember the ceiling getting higher and higher as we climbed up. It was reminiscent of the Carlsbad Cavern if you walk back up. At the top, though, there was a small amphitheater and a projector, and a door in the wall at the very, very back top corner. The projector was supposed to display the night sky on the cave ceiling, with a short presentation about something, but the projector wasn't working. We tried to get it to start working, but nothing was helping. Zukin suggested finding a ranger to help us, but there were none to be seen. In fact, we were the only ones in the whole cave...

      Sleep Over (between 6:00 and sometime before 7:30)

      I was with my mom, and we were visiting Zukin's house. We were in a room divided by a book shelf that was about shoulder height. Each side had a couch, but there was only a TV on one side. We were arguing over who got to sit on the TV side and therefore decide what to watch. I am pretty sure I wanted to watch Doctor Who. On the side without the TV, there were about fist-sized holes along the bottom of the wall, every two feet or so. Zukin's mom mentioned them being homes for the rats she kept as pets.

      The dream shifted a bit and instead of my mom and I visiting Zukin and her mom, it was just me visiting some guy. I was about to leave, but it started storming and my bus was canceled. So I had to stay the night. He was saying that I would sleep on one side of the room, and he would sleep on the other side so I wouldn't feel lonely but also wouldn't be worried about him doing anything. Such a gentleman, though I wanted to sleep on the same side, though I didn't tell him. We stayed up pretty late watching a movie on my side, though, and both ended up falling asleep on the loveseat reclining couch.

      Mall School (right after dream 2)

      I was in a class about dinosaurs. I was listening to the professor get all the information wrong, though I can't remember how it was wrong. I got fed up with all the misinformation, and got up to go to the bathroom. I exited the classroom into what seemed like a mall (I've had a few dreams with malls that have classrooms instead of shops...) and turned left to the bathroom. I skipped the toilet and just went to wash my hands, and might have gotten lucid if my alarm didn't wake me up right then D:
      Tags: cave, mall, school, zukin
    7. Gilbert, TARDIS, Bucket Fillers, and Yule Ball

      by , 01-25-2015 at 06:16 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      January 25, 2015 (With CZ)

      Gilbert's Safe Too!!

      I was in a post apocalyptic-ish world. In this world (we were at my house back home), only my dad and I had survived out of my family. Well, and Bina, my kitty. We had gathered with the remainders of our neighborhood at our house and out neighbor's house. We share a driveway, so we had built a wall of sorts around both properties so we could safely travel between the two houses. We had also connected them underground somehow in case it was ever unsafe to go above ground.

      I had gone outside on a normal supplies run one day, and thought I saw a flash of brown and white. I thought of my other cat, Gilbert, whom we hadn't seen since the disaster. I was so hopeful but also a little terrified that he wouldn't be him. He was also outside the walls... I wasn't allowed to exit the perimeter without explicit permission and a buddy to go with me. But I jumped the fence after checking, and found that it was indeed Gilbert, and that he was normal, if not a little frazzled from being on his own for the few weeks it had been. I called his name, and he perked up and ran toward me, jumped over the fence. I got back over the fence as well, and couldn't find him. I called his name again, and he shot out from the other side of our house, and went into our garden. I went to the door, opened it, and again called his name, and he came shooting into the house. My dad picked him up and scolded me for going outside the fence, but I could tell he was so happy to see Gilbert alive. Even Bina came up and licked him and like huddled next to him (they pretty much never get along, true brother and sister pair haha).

      Look, a TARDIS!

      I was at my field placement school, and my class had a horrible substitute or training teacher. My mentor teacher was in the room and sitting next to me, but we weren't allowed to interfere in any way. But this guy was doing things all wrong. None of our classroom norms were being upheld, and he didn't know what our "I agree" and "I disagree" hand gestures were, so he got confused and that made the kids confused. He had us chant something when we gave the "I disagree" symbol, which completely defies the purpose of having a hand gesture (being that they don't talk when they do it, disrupting who ever is speaking). I was so pissed. We finally got dismissed for lunch, and I followed the kids out to the playground. I saw one of my old high school friends there. Her hair was the length it was in high school, but I knew her hair was much shorter now, s I was a bit confused. I asked her about it, and she said, "Ohhh, yeah... those photos were all really old, it's grown out since then." And I was still a little confused, but just shrugged it off. She mentioned a new movie coming out that was going to be really interesting and insightful, and then I had to go inside to eat my lunch.

      I went to the staff lounge, which ended up being completely empty, so I went in search of other teachers. Where were they all? I ended up finding a new teacher's lounge that I hadn't even known existed! Someone spilled something, and I offered to clean it up. I had to find the paper towel, so I was looking in the cupboards. By the time I got to the spill, it was already cleaned up, so I put the paper towel back. The teachers were all gossiping about something or other, so I left as soon as I finished my lunch. I'm not one for gossip in the professional setting.

      I got back to my classroom just as the kids were coming in. But only about half the class came in. Apparently, the class was getting split up. I was teaching on group, and my mentor Teacher was teaching the other group. We each had one of the usual TAs with us. At some point I was writing something on the board but before I got to the board, I noticed the bracelet on my hand (the one that says "I will question reality" on the inside of it) and Paused. I held the hands up and noticed that I had a ghost middle finger. I am dreaming! I looked around the class and shrugged. They were all only Dream Kids anyways, so I left the classroom. As I walked through the halls of the school toward the main entrance to the playground, I debated what I should do. Should I try to incubation task, or my personal task, or the TOTY? I also wanted to start the three-part task as well, and I decided to go with that one. My first one was Advanced Summoning, so I wondered if I could used that to help my incubation of creating a TARDIS (including the insides). I exited the building and looked around expecting to see a TARDIS. In the grass field in the distance, a TARDIS materialized out of thin air, accompanied by the sound it makes. I was about to fly toward it (which would be my second three-part task) but while flying, it started to move around and I couldn't catch it. Then I noticed that the light at the top was flashing red. I knew that was wrong, and then the TARDIS turned into a red phone booth and then vanished again.

      I stood there in the grass, and willed again that a TARDIS Would materialize, this time adding to my thoughts that it would be right in front of me. This time, a blue, accurate TARDIS materialized with sounds included, right in front of me. I touched the wooden walls and inspected the signs on the front. They had gibberish on them, which I would have to work on fixing if at all possible. I made a mental note to look up the exact words they should be, so I could memorize them and hopefully this would make it so that the words would be more accurate in my dream. Now for the big task... I opened the door... And discovered nothing much on the inside. Well, I knew what else to work on next time, too. I vaguely wondered if I was doing this "incubation" thing right...

      I closed the door and discovered that the TARDIS had attracted a herd of nerds, who were trying to climb the back of it and steal it away. I yelled, "IT'S JUST A PORTA-POTTY, BACK OFF." But the nerds wouldn't have it. I lifted the TARDIS away from the nerds, but they clung to it and traveled with it. Fuck, these guys are persistent. I then hit one of them with a rubber mallet that materialized in my hand mid-swing (internally thinking that this was pretty cool and I'd never tried it before, so I was just a little proud of myself~) and they scattered. I patted my TARDIS-In-Progress and was about to jump off to do some flying and advanced flying, when
      I woke up.

      I fell back asleep trying to pull myself into a dream where I could summon a Pegasus, but these two string of smaller non-Lucids happened instead:

      Bucket Fillers

      I was in my class again. This time, everyone was writing a short piece about the things they liked in other people. Each student had another student assigned, so that everyone would get a nice letter to make them feel better. This was our little Bucket Fillers activity for the week. When the students were done writing, they would put the letters into their friend's cubby. I was walking around the classroom and watching all the kids be all nice and bubbly to each other.

      Yule Ball

      I was walking to the Yule Ball that was being held by the Quiddich team here. I was going to meet Zukin there, because we had just gotten our tattoos, and wanted to rest before the ball. I passed a huge group of toga-clad undergrads, and enjoyed watching how drunk they were. I asked if they were warm enough, but they all said, "Oh, yeah, we're fiiiinnneee." I shortly got to the Union, where the Yule Ball was being held. I was all the way at the front table where I would pay for my ticket, when I remembered the Zukin and I had decided not to go anyways. I looked around, got embarrassed at my little mistake that no one else could possibly know, and left.

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    8. Crystal Ball

      by , 01-23-2015 at 02:11 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      January 22, 2015 (With CZ)

      I was in a queen-sized bed with Zukin and some random guy who was apparently our roommate (and we only had the one bed?). Before going to bed, Zukin had told me that the guy was into me, but I didn't believe her. We always slept with Zukin and I on the sides and the guy in the middle, for some reason. I turned to face the wall, so that they were to my back. I felt his knee on my calf or something, and I didn't move it, wondering what he would do. He scooted closer, so I scooted closer too, and then we were full-on spooning. He hugged my stomach, and I turned to face him, and our legs were all tangled and we cuddled for a while. Just as I felt like I would fall asleep or something, he pushes me away and says something like "Unacceptable... To the VAULT!" And gets up, and goes into the bathroom to get some tools out. I was dumbfounded, and just shouted, "Oh FUCK YOU. It's OVER." He didn't seem to hear me, though.

      Zukin was laughing silently, and scooted over to whisper to me, "I'll take your place. Let's fuck with the bitch." So we switched places, and when the guy came back, scissors and a few other weird beauty tools in hand, we were both cracking up on the inside. He trimmed some gray hairs from her head (not that she has any IWL), did something really weird with her nails, and then used the round contraption to clamp each of her toenails to make them healthy? He was making random comments about stuff I don't remember. Then he started asking "me" about things like how many credits I had. Zukin was like "Oh I dunno. Kestrel, how many credits do you have?" I answered, and then she relayed he information back to him, who still didn't get that we'd switched places. He was just babbling like an idiot and we both cracked up, deciding he was a bit of a creep, and left him in the bed. We opened the door to the bedroom and it opened into an airplane cabin (from one of the lavatories).

      We went to our seats, which happened naturally. I looked out the window and saw stunningly blue tropical waters and many islands; an archipelago. This made me realize I was dreaming. I didn't even need to do an RC, I just knew. I turned to Zukin, shook her and shouted, "ZUKIN WE'RE IN MY LUCID DREAM!" She smiled and got all cheerful, giggled a little bit, and I looked back out the window. I controlled the plane right from my seat, just thinking it should go this way or that.

      I looked out the window as the plane turned and bobbed up and down, and Zukin pointed at something off in the distance. It looked like some sort of massive temple from here, so I willed the plane to go to it. I was suddenly in the cockpit, with windows all over (above, bellow, to the sides) and we dove for the water. We dove underwater and flew through it for a while, then the nose pointed up again and we were almost at the thing we had seen. As we got closer, I saw that they were actually lines and lines and lines of large poles sticking out of the ground. They were painted to look like the furs of big cats. There was one aboriginal man standing amongst the poles, looking up at us.

      I had shed the rest of the plane; I was now just flying around. I wanted to go back to the bright blue waters, but when I went over the water again, it was all murky and dark. I frowned, closed my eyes, and envisioned the bright blue waters I had seen before. I could see it in my mind's eyes, but when I opened them, the water was still all icky looking. I sighed, and turned back to the land again. I ended up in some weird building, with a layout a bit like my apartment. It was dark and the bathroom looked weird, but it slowly started turning into my apartment. I went into my room, which was just as messy as it is IWL, but in a different way. I found a piece of tissue paper, and put it down on a clear spot of floor because I wanted to find a crystal ball. I noticed an old couple sitting on my bed, but ignored them. When I looked back at the tissue paper, I was pleased to find there was now a crystal ball underneath it.

      I removed the tissue paper, and started rubbing the crystal ball. I saw swirls and sparks inside it, and closed my eyes to think really hard about the question, "What with the next year bring me?"

      When I opened my eyes, the crystal ball flashed 4 or 5 strings of words. The first one, which I remember, was, "Glück für dich," which was actually pretty promising (and apparently is the name of a song? Glück für dich. Interesting instrumentals but his voice bugs me a little... Not sure what to think about this song, really)

      I flashed another German message I can't remember, then a string of numbers, which I also can't remember. but the last thing it flashed was "KI-HI, CCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!"

      I tilted my head, because that one didn't make any sense. I wondered if the crystal ball was broken, so I closed my eyes to try for a new crystal ball. When I opened them, there was a blue box with a crystal ball in my hands. I shrugged, took it out of the box, and tried again. I started rubbing it, and closed my eyes again, and looked up. The old man must have thought I was weird, because he was like, "Are you alright, miss....?" I shushed him and waved my hand, and my concentration was a little broken, but I looked at the ball anyways. I started to wake up because my alarm went off, and I only managed to catch, in bold, loud fount inside the crystal ball, "LOVE PROSPECTS: " and then
      opened my eyes in my bed. I was shouting in my head "WHAT ABOUT LOVE. IS IT GOOD?? WHAT WERE YOU GONNA SAAAYYY?!?!"

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    9. January Backlogged Dreams

      by , 01-23-2015 at 01:35 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      Wow. I've really let myself slide here... I won't post every single dream from January, but I will post the more meaningful/impressive ones. I've been trying Calea Z recently, so I'll mark the ones I had with CZ.

      January 01, 2015

      Poor Donna

      There was a really surreal moment in one of my dreams this night. I had been with Zukin, planning to go up north. We were driving, and then I sort of blacked out, and then I am in the water, doing a backflip through an innertube, or something. It was all slow motion and when I surfaced, I am in a lake. I swim up to the shore, where Zukin is waiting for me. We were apparently part-way to the property. We had stopped for a break, and now had to get back on the road again. There was a random young man at the beach who told us where we were out of the blue (we knew, and hadn't asked him), and wished us well on our way out. Flash Forward five years, and this man is dating Donna Noble, but was about to break up with her.

      January 05, 2015 (With CZ)

      Utter Forgiveness

      I was in the woods, running from some kind of wild animal. It caught up to me and was going to attack me, so I tried to strangle it... But then it turned into a human woman (who was now unconscious) and we were suddenly in my Oma's house. I was suddenly very worried. There were others with me now, and I feared (I was almost frenzied) that they would hate me and cast me out if they found out what I'd done.

      When someone came into the room and saw the woman, they calmly came to her and picked her up, carried her to the couch and set her down, and began caring for her. They didn't show any signs of being mad at me, and said no words of loathing, scolding, etc. They just understood. It was suddenly very calm and peaceful.

      Monsters and Climbing Naked

      I was in some sort of apartment building in what I think was my hometown. I was with a group of refugees, and we were watching for signs of the giants that were after us. They were a bit like Titans. We began making plans for how we would be able to get to a checkpoint of some kind, and then enacted the plan. After checking for an all clear, I watched the team zigzag across the lawn of the apartment building. The route was completely counter intuitive and it would have made MUCH more sense to just shoot right for the spot they ended up in... But oh well.

      I ran to where they were now, and we ran down the road for a distance. I ducked down an alley, which ended with a blank wall save for a door. I opened the door to find it was a door on the side of a 6th-or-so-floor of a building. And I realized I had nothing but a towel on now. There were stairs leading to the ground, and I had to go down them. I knew I had to, but I didn't know why. I started climbing down the ladder in my towel, and at some point I had to swap hand-holds completely, and it terrified me so much.

      January 6, 2015 (With CZ)

      Forbidden(?) Love

      I was at a fancy party, but had gotten there with a friend very early. There was no body in the round ballroom yet, so I went to the bathroom, which was for some reason crowded. I was in a huge black dress, and there was a rack for women's skirt cinches. Like, you took it off, put it on the rack, went to piss, and then got it back. I remember the bathroom being a bit steampunk (this whole dream was, really) and claustrophobic. When I got out of the bathroom, the ballroom was packed, and I could no longer find my friend. We were part of a secret rebel group, actually. We were here on a mission. The mission didn't require me to be with my friend, so I wandered about and mingled with the gentry, trying to get information from them. Then, I met a young man in a dashing steampunk-ish suit that looked like it was made to be with my dress. He was a soldier, or a security agent for the government, so we were supposed to be enemies, but I found myself so attracted to him. It was like electricity (yay, Clichés!) He almost literally swept me off my feet on the dance floor, and I was so worried about whether my friend/co-rebel was watching, for fear of being punished by the higherups... But at the end it turned out this man was also a rebel under cover. So it was alright that I had wild sex with him that night :D

      Forgot my Shoes...?
      For some reason this was a really striking dream. I went to a movie with my little brother and his friends, but realized as I got out of the car that I'd left the house without my shoes, or my wallet, and so he had to pay for me. After the movie, I got back home by walking through parts of the hospital in town. Like, I crossed town inside the hospital. It was like using the Nether to travel longer distances in the Overworld... The hospital is the Nether...

      January 07, 2015 (With CZ)

      Home for the Holidays

      I was working at some large, private Christian school (which, for the record, is SO not where I would want to teach) and it was the last day before the winter break. There were four or five classes that were normally held right in this huge hallway in the middle of the school, but my class was in a room down one of the side wings. I was walking out of the building and saw some old students and their Christmas projects at their tables in the hallways, and waved at them. I exited the building through the freight entrance thing, where someone was dragging a huge Christmas tree into the building... I wished them all a merry Christmas, and then saw my current mentor teacher in the parking lot. She wished me a merry Christmas, gave me a big hug, and then for some reason offered to wash my windshield for me. It smudged.

      I picked up my little brother, brought him to my place, and then our parents came and picked us both us. While in the car, my mom was telling a story of something I had done as a child. Apparently I had gone up to a boy in my class and told him we were going to pair up and do lots of shit together. I had used a specific phrase often, but I can't remember now what that was. During the story, I was showing my [b]MoonMoon[b] in the car; my head was like on the car seat and my feet were hanging over my face? We pulled up to the house I grew up in and my brother and I were fascinated by the renovations my parents had made; the retaining wall to the right of the driveway was now made of lots of petrified logs with the rings facing outwards. They were rainbow as fuck and shiny. The driveway itself was also different. It was now a sort of red brick cobblestone type pavement. There was an ultra hard and transparent bordering on translucent coat over it all so that it would not wear away ever. But there weren't enough bricks apparently, and so there was a huge gap in the driveway where they had dug out the space of the bricks but hadn't had enough. It was like a small trench, and the car had a rough time going over it. I got out of the car and inspected the bricks, really liking the way they sort of shimmered. My neighbor came out, and complimented me on my shirt (I don't remember which one I was wearing).

      January 08, 2015 (With CZ)

      Rich and Weird as FUCK

      I was a member of a very rich but EXTREMELY eccentric family. We had lots of cuddle sessions with some large animal (I think they were Alpacas) and at some point I was flunking a class because I had a secret poor boyfriend, and so my parents docked one cuddle session per day for a whole month, and I was so sad. But I was really falling in love with who ever this low-class boy was, so I was okay with it all. We thought we had to keep it secret from my family because they would want me to date a rich man's son, but when they ended up finding out, the family was actually very okay with it. They even gave me back that cuddle session when they figured out I was only failing that class because of love.

      My family invited him to come on our HUGE yacht (it was more like a personal cruise-ship) to play with the whales. We went to visit the whales at least once a week and they knew us well. they would do tricks and shit when ever they saw us coming. But this time they were all skittish and ended up swimming away from the yacht. We were confused but then a HUGE whale loomed out of the water and floated above the yacht. It had a shit ton of packed snow on its back somehow, and started slowly tilting sideways. I saw the snow start to fall onto the yacht, and panicked because it was enough to seriously harm us. I got knocked over the edge somehow but had hold of the railing, and managed to miss all the snow because of that. I apparently took a snap-video of the whole thing and sent it to my whole contacts list.

      I ended up having to go to the bathroom at some point but accidentally went into the men's restroom. And I found out I was pregnant I think. That, or I was on my period and didn't have any supplies... Either way, I was REALLY embarrassed when I found out I was in the men's room. :D

      January 13, 2015 (With CZ)

      Fuzzy Cars

      I had driven to a clinic for my dad, who was there. I went inside but got scared of something, so I waited outside, where I noticed that there were lots of cars that were fuzzy and blue with brown hoods. Like, almost every other car was like that. It was weird. As if they were living things... A nurse came out of the clinic and offered me some candy to make me feel better since she'd seen me being uncomfortable before.


      I was at home, and was having a sleepover in the hot-tub room so we could see a special comet that night. We saw the comet, and then also a double shooting star that arched all the way to the horizon, and stayed lit up for a few whole minutes. It was kinda beautiful!

      All that SEAWEED

      I was on a trip to Austria with my cohort. Apparently I had driven my car across the ocean, because when I got to the checkpoint, there was a bunch of seaweed all over my car and up in the rims. I remember driving through vivid, beautiful mountains, too.

      New City?!

      I was in Pokemon Omega Ruby, and was diving next to a cliff or something, and discovered a tunnel I had never seen before. I followed it and surfaced in a new city. I was ready to explore EVERYTHING like I always do in those games, and started talking to people. I ended up signing up for some sort of drawing, but knocked something over on top of someone right away and got disqualified, I think. I went into a store at the other end of this large town square, and talked to some cat-boy thing that had a piece of paper. He kept saying it said something, but every time I looked at it, it said something different. After three different paper messages, I got lucid for a very short time, and wandered around the town a bit. It was low-level lucidity and another of those ones where I just didn't feel the need to try to control anything and just watched what happened.

      January 14, 2015 (With CZ)

      August Meals

      I was on my way back home from a trip with my little brother, and two of my big brother's best friends, and one of my students who has Autism and his TA. (An odd mix of people)

      We stopped at a McDonald's near home because my student. who was in my car in the passenger's seat, was saying he needed a break. He and his TA nearly opened the door before I stopped the car and got out to walk around and screamed a little. I went to the counter (it was like a food truck, but it was a real Micky D's... kinda weird) to order a double cheeseburger meal. I called it by the number, but the lady at the counter was a little confused, and then said, "Ooooh, you mean the August Meal?" I was confused, and she showed me the menu above the counter. Apparently they had started calling their meals by months instead of numbers. What I wanted was now the August Meal. I got a huge rubber car insert that would hold a burger as well as a rubber car drink holder, for free? It was some promotion they were having.

      January 17, 2015

      Zuke's Acting Weird

      I was at Zukin's place but she was talking to some other guy, ignoring me completely. I was a little upset by this, so I left and went down the road to a different co-op. There was some sort of small-scale party going on, so at first I was held up at the door, but then they let me in and took me upstairs. Zukin is there, in a room that was right above the porch I'd had to wait on. The floor was a really interesting pattern of black metal supports with sturdy glass bricks in them. So you could see down to the porch. It was pretty cool! I find out Zukin is also HERE, with the same guy. She is still talking to him, and it's looking like he is being way too flirty. Knowing that Zukin had her eyes on someone else, I tried to sit with them and deflect this guy's attention away from Zukin. I sat in a triangle with the two of them, so not in between them but not letting them in their own world, either. They started to cuddle, and Zukin was like, "It's all good Kestrel, we're just sharing warms." I said, "I can share warms, too..." But she ignored me and he like crawled over her and started kissing her neck. I sort of glared at Zukin, and she looked at me with this look that said "get lost."

      I was so dejected by this that I just sort of wandered away wanting to cry. I looked around the room and had a strange feeling about the room... it seemed like something I had seen before, maybe in a dream... I had the inkling of something being off, especially with how Zukin had acted. She would never do that to me. I continued along the edge of the room and came to the entry to a stairwell with lots of stuff stored in it, and I tried to move stuff so I could go down these stairs... And realized I was completely naked. I tried to remember where my clothes had gone, because I had JUST been wearing them, and that feeling of things being off grew. I panicked, and rand own a different set of stairs to the bathroom. I was facing the door, wondering how I was going to get some clothes, when it hit me that I must be dreaming, which is why everything felt so strange. I looked at my hands and they were all nubby and gross looking.

      I left the bathroom not really caring about what I was or wasn't wearing, and left the building and this weird anti-Zukin, to go flying. I had remembered the "go backwards" task just after taking a step forward, which was a little disappointing, but I jumped to fly in search of a crystal ball, instead. It took a few attempts to fly, which is weird because usually I can just do it easily. As soon as I was in the air, something shifted and cracked and the dream ended.
      I was back in my bed at home. This was either as False Awakening or I actually had woken up. I didn't RC so I don't know.

      How Does It FEEL?

      I was on a bus in some city with a river running through it. The bus was under a bridge hen there was a siren. It was an air-raid test, apparently, and people started getting off the bus, even though the bus driver was telling them not to, because it as safer in here. About 6 people, including me, stayed on the bus, and the bus driver started driving us around the city more, not letting us off. He said the idea was to look natural, but that we shouldn't be outside at all. Inside the bus was slightly safer, especially if it looked like it was on its normal rounds.

      We got to the ocean shore, where there were some docks. He let us off here, saying we should be safe at this point. I looked up and noticed that the clouds were ALL animals. Like, giant sea turtles and eagles flying through the air, or giraffes or lions roaring. Some clouds were pretty patterns when I looked more carefully. I was now only with the bus driver and a kid, who looked a lot like one of my students but didn't quite feel like him. Then shit went down. Three drones of some sort were flying in formation above us, from my left to the right. Then another zoomed past, but stopped, and turned back to us. The bus driver told us to run for the buildings, which we did. The kid and I ran to the nearest building, which happened to be a public restroom. The women's one was locked though, and the men's one had lots of weird stuff stored in it, like a large plastic horse head... We kept going, trying to find places to get indoors while the drones were hovering above people, threatening them.

      Things seemed to be over shortly after the kid and I found shelter, and then we walked on a bridge over the river that went through the city. I told him that if we walked down a path by the water, we would get back to where the bus had been when all this had started.

      Somehow I ended up at home. For some reason I was laying down on the driveway, perhaps just glad that the "test" air raid was done. My eyes were closed, and when I opened them, there was one of the drones right above me. Like it was hovering less than a foot above my body, covering me completely. It tilted so that the end of it was touching my inner thigh, and it as saying things like "how does it feel to be violated? you space is penetrated, how does that feel, eh?" I was so scared but thankfully I woke up.
    10. Something about Nothing

      by , 12-30-2014 at 05:24 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 29, 2014

      Had a pretty long dream, but I didn't write it down or think too much about it (or anything, really) when I woke up, so I can't recall much of anything from it. Zukin was there, and we were on a mountain or in some forest, but I can't remember exactly what we were doing. It was probably shenanigans :)

      Hoping for some lucidity tonight or next night so as I can keep my wingses. Let's see if tonight is the night. I have a really good feeling about it for some reason :)
    11. Random but fairly long or vivid bunch of dreams

      by , 12-17-2014 at 04:52 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 14, 2014

      Where's Zukin?!

      I was at Zukin's co-op, but it was actually my house back home. Apparently, everyone who lived there slept in a communal bedroom, which happened to be where my room is in the house IWL. The only guy in my master's program was my bed-mate (apparently everyone shared a king-size bed with someone else), but H and K were visiting, and took up too much space on the bed, so he had to sleep on the floor next to the bed.

      At some point during the day, I was looking for Zukin. I looked everywhere for her, including at her bed and even in a random grocery store (that, now that I think of it, was a pool. Hahaha!). I got back to the co-op, and see some people watching a movie. I asked them if they know where Zukin is, and one of them says they saw her in the kitchen doing dishes. I went to the kitchen, which was located where the family room is IWL, and finally found her as she was coming out of the kitchen.

      She opened a large freezer, and pulled out a tray of sorts. It created a neat little workspace or something. She cracked two eggs onto the tray-thing. At first I am like wtf is she doing, but as I watch, the eggs sort of freeze hard on contact, and then bubble and fizz and start cooking. Apparently if you get eggs cold enough they jump right to cooking :D

      Zukin and I go outside and head for a restaurant or arcade of some sort, and she is ahead of me. I say something, and she turns back toward me, and something behind me catches her eye. She ran past me and told me to follow her because she "suddenly remembered it was today."

      I turn and see her running toward a tractor and find that there is a corn field. We get on the cart behind the tractor, to ride Charlie's Pumpkin Ride through the cornfield, but Zukin rolled off the tractor and fell through the ground. I reached through the ground to help her up, but she rolls off the cart and fell through the ground again. Then I woke up.

      A is Starring in a Musical

      After falling back asleep, I dreamt that I was part of a play in which my old good friend A was starring. Apparently she knew some old guys who were like family friends, and who were famous play writes. They really wanted her to star in this play. So she and one of the old men were front and center on stage, with lots of men in identical black outfits playing instruments behind them. They were singing and dancing, and A eventually pulled up a group of women in red. She would reach out into the "audience" for one of them, pull their hand, and they were all attached to strings and would fly to one of the men with instruments and dance with them. I had a bird's eye perspective on one of the girls going haywire and crashing out stage left.

      Later in the play, A's character tragically dies, and after that I saw her in the bathroom vomiting. I asked if she was alright, and she said she was okay, but she got her clothes all dirty. I told her to stay there, and I ran to backstage and asked people if there were any spare clothes for her to wear. My dad was there, and apparently was in charge of hardware and equipment. He lead me to A's locker and helped me open it, but the dream faded before I had the chance to get the clothes.

      Grassy Mountain Ridge

      A beautiful fragment about riding a bike along a grassy mountain ridge. I went back and forth on a ridge, and then met up with some people near the top. We crawled through some bushes, and came to an elaborate gate blocked off with some weird scheme. We got past the blockade, and entered into a beautiful, grown-over ancient temple courtyard of some sort. There were four aqueducts that converged in this circular courtyard type place, but one of them was being diverted to a different area which we weren't able to reach. The rest of them powered and decorated the temple.


      I was in a large maze-like house with some people. I kept switching POVs in this dream so I'm not really even quite sure what all was going on. Someone had been murdered, I know that. I was either Yukina, or her friend, or Shigure (Yukina and Shigure being the MCs of a manga) throughout the dream.

      Basically, we were all in a house together because we were trying to protect Yukina, who was being suspected as the murderer. When I was her friend, I sometimes suspected her too, but when I was Shigure, I knew she was innocent. Yukina herself didn't know she was a suspect, though. We were trying to keep it from her or something.

      I think the one who was murdered was a girl who had been in love with Yukina's childhood friend, or something, and because people thought Yukina loved him as well, she was a top suspect. But when I was Shigure, I knew something most of them didn't: she was actually in love with Shigure and they were dating secretly. Or something.

      Anyways, there were lots of scenes flashing all over the place, some flashing multiple times at various points in the scene.

      It was all very cinematic and kinda trippy. I'm surprised I am able to make any sense of it at all, but I just knew what was going on in the dream itself.

      It turned out that another guy with us was actually the murderer. Apparently he was like SUPER obsessed with the school's basketball team. Yukina's childhood friend was a member of the team, and apparently this creepy obsessed guy had murdered any girls who had been in love with any of the key players, so that the players wouldn't be distracted by girls and be able to devote all their time to playing.

      But the childhood friend had turned out to be in love with Yukina, and so the obsessed guy was going to kill her next, because she was the biggest threat to the team yet.

      The scene in which I found this out was at the same time terrifying and just awkward, because I was Shigure in this scene (and yet had a POV of watching myself), and I was searching a sewer for some reason. The obsessed guy came up behind me and at first I'm all "oh sheesh you scared me there!" But then I spot the corner of a shirt underneath his sweater. "Wh-what is that shirt...?" I ask, putting the pieces slowly together as the obsessed guy slowly walks toward me with a grin. He takes off his sweater to reveal a team shirt from the basketball team, and I suddenly just knew exactly what had happened. It was just sort of... comical.

      Then I was Yukina's friend and Shigure alternating, both of them running through the house to find Yukina. But she is not in her room, and when we get outside, I think I am ME for once, and I realize we were in my Oma's house all along. I see my family waving an ambulance away, and they're all smiling for some reason. I yell, "WHY ARE YOU SMILING?!" And they said that Yukina-chan would be alright. They were grateful for some guy named Arthur who had sent her to the hospital because she would have died. But it was all part of the obsessed guy's plot and now she was in even more danger than before. I shoved "Arthur" down and shouted something about it not being his dicision to make whether she goes to the hospital or not. Then I woke up.

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    12. STOP and ICECREAM

      by , 12-12-2014 at 02:51 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 11, 2014


      I was in an art class, and many of my students were there with me. I might have been teaching or at least helping out in the class. I was sitting in a beanbag chair at some point. One of my students, B (who is an English Language Learner), came over and sat on my head somehow. He was immensely heavy, and he was bending my neck and back in a way that made it so I couldn't breathe, and it hurt a lot. I yelled "STOP!" But he didn't seem to understand me, because he just sat there. He somehow used my eye-socket as a footrest, and put his heels in them. I yelled "STOP!" a few more times, feeling I was going to die, and somehow shrugged him off. I held him by the shoulders and panted, "STOP MEANS YOU HAVE TO GET OFF!" He must have realized he'd hurt me, because he looked like he was going to sob, so I wrapped him in a big old hug as if it was him that had almost died, not me.

      But the ICECREAM!

      I was going up north with Zukin. We were going to meet at an old cottage in the middle of nowhere to go camping and roughing-it. I was looking at the map and deciding which trains I would have to take to get there, and wondering if the Ice Cream I was going to bring would survive the trip. I might have actually been driving there. I remember seeing a road I dreamed about before on the map, to the east. It wasn't labeled, but I knew, because I had a feeling. I was still fretting over getting the ice cream to that cottage in the woods, when I decided randomly to get on a train to China without a ticket. I just wanted to see what the inside of the train was like, but it started moving while I was on it, so I ran to the back of the train, where there was a little platform. The train was like an old steam engine's car, but with modern touches to it. Anyways, I sat on the little platform and, before the train picked up a lot of speed, slid off onto the track below me. The train had only gotten maybe 50-100 feet from the station, which, now I could see it, was very small and simple. I looked back at the train, which was gaining speed now, curving to the right through the woods, toward a big bridge with another platform on it.

      I sensed a couple running down the tracks next to this track, saying something about how they missed the train, and now had to run all the way up to the bridge platform to catch it.

      I turned back and walked to the station, and ended up in a line of Chinese visitors, who were going through customs. Any one of them could have just walked off because there were no walls at this station (it was more like an outdoor bus transit center than an international train station [disregarding the fact that there was a train to China from the USA]). But they were just waiting in line, and some people were cutting. The rest of them were just kinda "eh, whatever," about it. I tried to get them to stand their ground against the cutters, but they wouldn't, and I woke up.
    13. "Really Good" Spots

      by , 12-08-2014 at 05:03 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 03, 2014

      This was a non-lucid dream about lucid dreaming. Or something. It had a lucid-dreaming-ish quality to it, but I think it might be more accurate to describe it as magic. There was a notion of going to certain places to "dream," and ending up in different places, or changing the world around you while in the dream. You could only do this in places where the energy was "good." If it's "really good" energy, you would enter a new plane of existence, and be able to "see" things more. Things other people couldn't see.

      I was on a mountaintop with my family at some point in this dream. Though the feeling is still quite clear for me, the specific events are a bit hazy and disjointed, and I'm not quite sure what happened when. All I know is that this mountain had a "really good" spot, which happened to be a swing at the edge of a nearly vertical cliff-like slope. I was sitting on the swing, and doing the magic to see things that existed on the other plane. I closed my eyes, and opened them in a grove with Zukin. I had transported to a spot of equal energy, and brought her with me? We had a group of visitors learning about this magic. We were showing them some things, and somehow Zukin and I ended up in the bedroom of a relative of mine. I knew that the rest of my family was visiting this relative, and that I had given some excuse for why I would not be there. But now I was there. My family came into the room while Zukin and I were panicking about how to leave before they knew we were there.
    14. Half-Remembered Nothings

      by , 12-04-2014 at 11:00 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      Past few mornings (since my last lucid), I have woken up remembering an unimportant but interesting dream, but haven't written them down. Now all I have is remembrances of the feelings. They've mostly been pretty basic; more happy than sad, but with a definite sense of needing to get things done or meet people, or what have you. Zukin was in two of them at least. I don't remember what we were doing in the dreams, but it was probably our usual shenanigans.

      Hoping to have a nice nap in a moment and have time tomorrow morning to write my dreams down before I am left with these dream-shell remembrances!
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      dream fragment
    15. Huge Sky

      by , 11-27-2014 at 05:54 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      November 21, 2014

      I was with Zukin in a coastal town. We'd been hiking or something, and had to stay with a group of people in a cabin in the foothills or mountains. Lots of trees around, because the cabin was in a forest.

      It turned out that there was a huge power plant of some sort just off the coast, and it was going to blow. Or it was radioactive or something. Basically, everyone in the area was quarantined and that meant that Zukin and I couldn't go back home.

      And so we had to stay at that cabin with those people... At first they hated us (or at least avoided us like the plague) because we were just too weird for them.

      So we were sitting at a patio table with that group of people some days later. They had gotten at least used to us by then, so we were all talking and looking up at the night sky. It was fucking beautiful. The sky was so huge. Like, huger than huge. It just seemed so big. There were stars and galaxies and nebulae visible and so many colors. We were watching for shooting stars and flying ships (Whoa, just remembered some dreams I've had about night skies and things flying and whatnot... Huh! In one of them I think I was watching the sky for a sign that something was happening. Like there were spacecraft out there lighting up the sky and I was watching them fly for some reason, like all the movements meant something. Anyways.)

      So we were sitting at this table under this huge, colorful, beautiful night sky, and there is suddenly a sound and we see a sky-ship above us. It's got four circular hover thingies, which are all lit up. A speaker announced, "Attention. The following people have been authorized to leave the area. Will the following step into the cabin and prepare to be taken into the ship:"

      And they called my name first, and I was so happy and ran into the house, assuming Zukin would be called next. But she wasn't. They called four of the seven people, and Zukin wasn't one of them. When I found out her name wasn't called, I flipped out and tried to get back outside. One of the guys in our group shook me by the shoulders and told me to get a hold of myself and not do anything stupid.

      But I still tried to get outside and kept yelling that I refused to go with them without Zukin, and I was about to get away, but they tranquilized me and I woke up :(

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