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    The twisting tales of Tahlz mind!

    1. A few quick dream note's

      by , 10-05-2011 at 11:38 AM (The twisting tales of Tahlz mind!)
      These are small dreams from weeks ago which I hardly remember anything about. I want them on here... for no real reason.

      I transferred into a Vampire/woof, I Saved a girl from shitty home. We became lovers.

      I was Trent from Big Momma's house. I was being stalked by these people. I remember one scene were I pulled up outside a shop; I was yelling at my friends to get into the car so we could get away.

      I dreampt I went into a movie cinema with my friends. I put my 3D glasses on as I sat down to watch the cinema Tv. I was watching a animal movie when all of a sudden, a motor bike teleported into the movie, it was in the sky with a demon following this guy from dream to dream. This guy I realized was from Inception. I said 'No wonder people love this show'.
    2. Transforming into a dog

      by , 10-05-2011 at 11:25 AM (The twisting tales of Tahlz mind!)
      This dream was a few weeks ago so sadly I cannot fully remember the dream.

      I dreampt about a guy who owned two big Husky looking dogs. He was lovely but his dogs had a few aggression issues. He treated them like real kids. He tucked the dogs in actually, told them how much he loved them and so forth. I for some reason talked with them and at one point when I met up with the guy on a walk accidentally. I then for some odd reason came to the guys house late at night, I coaxed his two dogs outside and I turned into one of the females. I entered the house, it was my real house in the inside. I passed the guy, I went into Mills room (sisters room), I peed but became to scared to leave in case he saw me as a human because all of a sudden, I saw myself as a human but before I saw myself as his dog. So I came out as me and explained what I could do to help him. He was on the ball with that. One of his dogs were in the pound =|. The dream then ended sadly.
    3. Harry Potter

      by , 09-26-2011 at 12:09 PM (The twisting tales of Tahlz mind!)
      I was not myself in these dreams. I was Trent from Big Momma's house and then I became Harry Potter. I have another Harry Potter dream to write down but I need to head to bed so I'll write it up tomorrow.

      The dream started off were I was Trent from Big Momma's house and I made great friends with everyone from school. Somehow people found out I at one stage wore a fat suit and pretended to be a female (like Trent did in Big Momma's house 3). I heard whisperers that people had found out and had planned to gang up on me to cause me harm. I threw a jumper over myself and quickly hid in the crowds of students as I walked onto a field which led me to a basket ball court. I quickly made my way out of the basket ball court and in front of the school were all of a sudden, Bellatrix from Harry Potter came running out from the street. I then transformed into Harry Potter. Bellatrix and I exchanged words but I cannot remember the convosation. I remember running from her after we shared words. I then appeared in a meat shop with this other guy, we were looking at meat when I noticed the meat seller was acting a tad odd. I got freaked out a bit and started to run to the closest door which was a door to another room. As I ran, I opened the door and bolted inside, arrows following behind me. Thankfully they flew into the chair that I moved from behind in the nick of time. Sadly, I was in a room with Lord Voldemort and his followers. Voldemort and his followers knew I was there but they ignored me as I walked around the room, looking for a way out which I found out, there wasn't so I decided to go stand by a empty chair. A big gaint guy then sat beside my empty seat and he kept staring at me, he randomly said some sexual stuff to me so I got freaked out got to the ground and climbed under the chairs to get away from him as I couldn't go around the chairs. I ended up next to Lord Voldemort. Voldemort was rather nice and calm, he also was hungry and wanted some food so he asked me what I wanted to eat.. I replied 'Subway' and I, his followers and him went and got Subway.
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    4. The witches and the ghost

      by , 06-30-2011 at 02:03 PM (The twisting tales of Tahlz mind!)
      So, I had this dream.. I forgot what night but a few nights away, when I had my latest lucid dream but afterwards. I cannot fully remember my dream in detail because I didn’t write it straight away.

      I remember my family took me to a camp and at this camp we had loads of fun eating junk food every night, I met up with family and friends and we all hung out and had loads of fun. On the last night of the camp I went to order some pizza but the they weren’t taking orders anymore, this kiwi chick then came out and we started talking, I wanted to see if she’d make me a pizza because I was hungry and the food my family bought; I didn’t like that food so, they didn’t even bother to order the food I liked which pissed me off (I was telling the kiwi chick this) so she was kind enough to make me some pizza. I then sat down with my friends and cousins around a camp fire but this camp fire was real small and there was also a small Tv next to the fire, we watched this scary movie so we we were all freaked out afterwards but to calm ourselves down we decided to talk to each ether but we were interrupted when this black chick came towards us.

      My friend on the left side of me suddenly said ‘I don’t like you’ so this chick turned around and gave my friend a dirty look to which he then said ‘Cause of the color of your skin’ (My friend got bad death glares from the other chicks around the place we were at). This girl walked off but a kiwi chick said ‘You’ll regret this, we’ll curse you now, were witches’. All my friends laughed but I didn’t because I was scared. So, it skipped to where we all went to bed and then I woke up in the middle of the night, needing to go to the toilet. I was scared shitless because it was dark, I was hearing weird noises/seeing shadows and I didn’t forget what those chicks had said. After finishing in the toilet I was washing my hands, telling myself it was all alright, I then went back down the hallway and all of a sudden, those chicks appeared and they had a Ouija board, they summoned a spirit but hadn’t noticed the spirit came forward and came towards me. I then ran down the hallway and I was grabbed by an invisible force which held me back tightly, I screamed out to my friends to help me, I also wanted to wake them up so they could run but I also added ‘Some ones using the Ouija board’.. Then, a lady I know, Libby suddenly came walking towards me and I yelled ‘I’m trapped, somethings got me’ and then she ran away from me while I was trying to escape. Sadly after that I cannot remember much but they must have just made the spirit let me go. After that the sun suddenly came out and everyone left.

      Weird odd dream.. There was more detail but I cannot remember it.
    5. The nightly ghost

      by , 06-27-2011 at 02:09 PM (The twisting tales of Tahlz mind!)
      The dream started where I woke up in a apartment which I didn’t think anything of this until I started to try and switch on any light or my phone, nothing would work but that didn’t seem right to me so I went outside and I was in a hallway and to the right og me, and saw some one I knew from FB with her gf, I said Hey and followed her into this big open shopping mall, we chatted for a few minutes before I headed back to my room, I went to the door and opened it, I went inside but then stopped and kept playing with the door because I realized I had forgotten my room key, which is when I started to realize more I had to be dreaming. I was to afraid to go into the darkness cause it was pitch black and since my door had opened without a key, I was worried some one went in without me knowing.

      After that I think I appeared back in my house, in my room but I woke up and I then thought ‘This isn’t right’ cause it was that same weird dark feeling around me and no electric appliance would work so by this point, I know I was defiantly dreaming. I kept tryng to get these things to work but they wouldn’t. I then started to try and wake up because this dream was giving me the creeps and I heard ‘No, you can stay here’ and it’s a bit blurry but I was arguing with this thing to let me wake up and thats when..

      I appeared back back in my bed, waking up from a sleep again and the same thing happened, nothing would work and when I did get up I decided to go inside the house this time. Everything seemed normal so I thought I was awake til I went to go back to my room and I saw some one in my room, I saw a light on and this person going through my stuff, this person looked like my friend but in shadow form. I walked out and watched this shadow before calling my dogs to me, one of my dogs Sunny actually started growling at this thing. I quickly got them inside the house and thats when this shadow realized I knew it was there so it stormed after me, I quickly locked the door and hid behind the lounge were my step-dad was and if it matters, a knife appeared in my hand, I woke him up and told him there was a intruder in the back yard (I don’t know why I thought he’d help me) but he said ‘I know’ and then he got up and said ‘I’m letting her in’ so I bolted to the toilet and locked myself in and started thinking ‘wake up, wake up, wake up’.

      I honestly thought I had woken up for a split second.. I was on a toilet and thought maybe I was awake until the toilet started moving up and down and i did keep thinking ‘Maybe I am awake.. No, I’m not, dammit’. So, I left the toilet and I was stopped and was looking at this wall and on the left side of me were all these weird machines that cooked things/boilers and such. I then felt that dark thing around me as I watched water running from the walls so I started to try and control my dream by imaging were I wanted to go but that didn’t work, it made this thing angry, more water came rushing from the wall and thats when I started to imagine were I wanted to go even more and I was lifted into the air because of this dark thing and it yelled ‘You are not leaving’ and it’s grasp got tighter before I yelled ‘ok, ok, I’ll stay’ and I was put back onto the ground. After this incident, it’s hard to explain.. I knew there was something bad with me, I myself couldn’t see it but it was like I was watching a movie of myself and I could see the blurriness were this dark thing was.

      Anyway, this thing was forcibly pushing me around everywhere before it reached this large round thing with some liquid in it, it said ‘cold something’ but it did something to human skin; peel or freeze it off, I am not sure so this is where I start freaking out since I know I could feel pain and I was already terrified so I start yelling ‘WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP’ which pisses this thing off more so it pushes me to the ground and starts tickling me so while trying to say this, I start laughing (I couldn’t say ‘wake up’ while laughing, could i?) so I was being dragged towards this thing as I was laughing and thats when I woke up.