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    Singing CIA's hymn with friends!

    by , 10-19-2012 at 03:00 PM (507 Views)
    This is a non-lucid dream I had this night, little weird though, because it was involved with one of my dream signs (getting in trouble) though I didn't get lucid.

    I was walking with my friend mike on a popular city square where we stopped to buy a bottle of water. Then we moved to another place, when suddenly we appeared on a bicycle, me driving.

    We were in a really wide, populated but dark street at about 21:00 and we were going down with my bicycle. On my right side, there were cops with motorcycles hanging around and on the left side of the street there were too many motorcycles parked but not in order, messed up, screwed up and like a big pile of trash.

    Suddenly, I stepped on a dropped motorcycle's right mirror with my bicycle and broke it. I tried to get away, but the cops just told me to stop because this man (a huge fat man in the corner of the street) wanted to talk to me. He started swearing and yelling at us for breaking his mirror and threatened us. This yelling thing kept on and on for at least 4 minutes. Told us to call our parents to pay for it now, and that it costs 100 euros. Also, for no apparent reason he kept asking for a photocopy of my passport. He kept yelling and told us that "life is math, never forget that!". Dafuq?

    For no obvious reason, we thought that the house on the corner where he was at the time yelling at us, is his own. I even remember the address, Sophocleus 7. So we told him we'll just come tommorow and pay for his mirror, so we gave him false information or something, and he let us go. As we were going, the cops stopped us again and told us that when we bought those bottles before, we didn't ask for a receipt. Then I asked them if that was illegal, knowing that it isn't and told them it's the shopkeeper's responsibillity to give us one. So they let us go too. After that there was a...

    [Tiny Little Dream Skip]

    And suddenly, as I now realise, it's day again, a bright really wonderful sunny day, maybe about 15:00 to 16:00 where two more friends from my school, a boy and a girl I know, suddenly appear. We were entering a little van, I entered first from the back left door, but slided to the right seat. Then my two friends, a girl and mike from the previous bike incident entered the two front seats and mike sat on the driving seat. Another friend joined me on the left seat of the van next to me. I had noticed the seat he sat on was wet, but I didn't tell him, not sure why. He sat on and he didn't notice. So there was four of us. Me, mike, and the two newly appeared friends. For the record, we all appeared to have entered from the same door!

    When suddenly as mike starts driving, all three of them start singing a national march of greece, usually played at national parades. I wasn't aware of what this was until I woke up, so I asked them:

    -Guys, what's that you're singing?
    and the one next to me says:
    -Dude, don't you know? It's CIA's hymn!
    and me, without much thought, told them:
    -No guys, no way, that's not CIA's hymn, THIS is CIA's hymn!
    and I started singing USA's national anthem, star spangled banner, being totally sure it was CIA's hymn!
    Then the same guy tells me:
    - No dude you can't know the real CIA's hymn, its ultra top secret! We were just joking before!

    And that's where every further memory of my dream seizes to exist and I soon wake up. Pretty good little dream, very vivid and fun. Wasn't lucid though... Finally, I found out that there's no such thing as CIA's hymn after all. Woke up laughing and almost woke my family up!

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