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    Floating animals

    , 06-01-2019 at 12:39 PM (459 Views)
    The beginning of this dream is very hazy but I remember being in a car on a dark street in the city. Someone across the street starts shooting at me. I for some reason go across the street and get in the car with them. They are paranoid about cops. I end up out of the car in a neighborhood and now I'm with Z. He leads me to climb up on this wall and into someone's back yard. There are several people there and animals running around. We go inside and I'm not exactly sure what happens next but we eventually end up sitting at a large table and the guy next to me announces that he's getting married. Everyone starts celebrating and cheering. People start giving him presents. I go outside and while I'm outside I see a group of animals walking in a line down the street. There are penguin and monkey like animals, but really none of them are real species. They are walking toward me so I decide to walk across the street and continue watching them. As I watch they start floating in the air. I see this and I'm thinking I've got to get a picture of this. I'm reaching in my pocket to find my phone and I feel a vape in my pocket but not my phone. I keep feeling around and finally it's there. By this time they are floating out of sight behind nearby houses. I immediately fly up onto a roof to get a better vantage point. As I do though they drift out of sight once again. Out of nowhere, I hear a voice tell me "Good luck flying after this". As if the voice has control of this? I respond back that I don't there help. I wake

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