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    Flying with Vagita

    , 05-30-2019 at 05:17 PM (116 Views)
    Bed @ 10:05pm

    2:52 am
    Flying with vagita
    Dreamed I was flying thru a cavern with Vagita. (We recently went to IFLY and thatís what the flying was kinda like except without all the wind.) I would lean to far one way and start to drift off course but then I could swim back to where I was trying to go. I was going slow so he could keep up. Over a hill there was a construction crew. We didn't want the crew to know we can fly so we hid for a sec to decide what to do. Then I decided we would distract them with girls. So I made a bunch of girls appear and we started flying over them.

    J had some weird model work truck called a tostada. Me and a couple other coworkers rode through a parking lot in the back of it. Me and my boss are walking back together and I tell him that when J gets his regular truck replaced I got dibs. My boss says dibs at the same time.

    Dreamed something that had to with my sister.

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