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    Stealing a car

    , 06-02-2019 at 01:09 PM (374 Views)
    Me, Z, and someone else are in a parking lot trying to break into a car. I break out the back windshield and start pulling out shards of glass. I walk over to a control panel and find a way to turn of the alarm and open the doors. Still I'm worried the cops will be here soon. When I look back to where the car was it's gone. Z and the other guy have moved it to the street and are waiting on me. I get in and we ride. For some reason we end up switching vehicles. However, this next vehicle is like a big trashcan that we're all climbing into. We end up at a diner. I go out into the parking lot and start flying around. It's weird though because it's like I'm gliding around on a parachute except with no parachute and I can control the speed. I'm on the phone with "A" talking about how I'm gonna get the rest of the way home. I try to tell her about this crazy flying that I'm doing but she isn't really listening. I wake up shortly after this.
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