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    Dreams are p cool, man.


    by , 06-20-2011 at 02:37 AM (556 Views)
    I woke up at 10:30AM today and am only updating this now, so I've forgotten a lot of details but it was kind of choppy even when I first got up.

    Wow, I've actually forgotten the first part almost entirely. I was hanging out with Hitler, though. I kind of remember us possibly doing arts and crafts type stuff together. I was scared the entire time because, yunno, it was Hitler. I thought he might have been tricking me by being nice and was actually planning on killing me or something.

    Then I was on some.. train ride for kids. It was night and we stopped at this platform with an old iron street lamp. It was connected to a pine green building and the platform itself was probably like.. 10ft x 10ft, so pretty small. There was a wooden crate at one end being used as a table and I was sitting in a chair by it with my feet propped up. I couldn't see anything around me, it was way too dark and the light lit up only the platform. I glanced to my left, where the building was, and ♥Mark came out the door. He walked over to the the edge of the platform and started.. throwing something over the edge, I think. He might have been peeling something, like a vegetable or some fruit. I looked down at my hoodie and noticed it was a nice burnt orange colour.

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