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    Stan the Man

    by , 06-19-2011 at 08:35 AM (534 Views)
    There's this crow around my house named Stan who imitates cats and we feed him. He was in my dream and I forgot to update my DJ this afternoon (went to sleep at like.. 6 or 7AM, got up around 1:30PM).

    So I was sitting in our yard and my friend was there, but she was standing. It looked like we had some little get together going on. There were lawn chairs around and we both had drinks. I dunno if anyone else was there. Anyways, there's a branch hanging over her head and Stan is sitting on it and kind of acting weird, like flapping his wings a bit and stuff. In real life, my friend likes to run into flocks of birds and scare them off and I remember hoping she wouldn't try to scare Stan off. I didn't want her ruining the relationship we had with him. Luckily she didn't and just reached up and started petting him. I started thinking that he must be injured or incredibly sick because we can never get close enough to touch him, so I put a chair under the branch and got myself up to eye level with him.
    He looked like a crow, basically, but he also looked kind of cartoony. His head was broad and flat and his eyes were big and human-like. I think he may have had a cat body for a few seconds.
    Anyways, Stan was looking around really frantically and making strange noises. I was talking to him softly and inspecting his body for wounds, like lifting his wings and checking his feet and face. He seemed fine so I wasn't sure what was wrong with him.

    That's all I can remember.

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