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    SpellBee's Summer competition night 1

    by , 08-01-2016 at 11:01 AM (289 Views)
    One of the first dreams of the night. I remember a landscape, houses, an embankment, waiters that serve us. But I canít pinpoint the exact storyline. It felt like a summer camp, but it was way more different. I was showing some hidden rooms and some rocky tunnels in an old house to some friends, we were sliding and playing around. In a white small mini car, I suddenly remembered that I need to do my three-step tasks for the competition. I jumped on the roof of the car. I was trying to remember the tasks, I knew that the first one was pushing my hands through a solid object, the second I couldnít remember, the third one was flying. Before I could do anything I woke up. I do not really count this as lucid.


I woke up a few times from my sleep (trying to sleep on my back and failing mostly). I noticed that my alarm was going off. I didnít knowingly plan a wbtb, but it was set to 5:30 AM.


I was cycling downhill, it looked a bit like the road to my campus. I borrowed something from a friend that gave me acces to the swimming pool. It had a circular income hall. And the swimming pool was part a restaurant and a pool. With lots of DC's, donít remember the conversations. Then there was a course, where I was mostly alone, I didnít really get it. More dc's came in later to attend the class.
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    1. Occipitalred's Avatar
      Too bad you attended a course instead of going swimming! Courses are generally not good for me in dreams.

      It reads to me as if you were lucid, yes. My ideal lucid dream is one where I am aware of my "senses", aware that I am dreaming, self-aware, and have waking memory. But I am not at that level yet so you have to allow yourself to count the times where you are only just aware that you are dreaming, so you can congratulate yourself on your progress. You are breaking through.
    2. lunagoddess's Avatar
      That totally counts as a lucid! Way to go!
    3. Tataglia's Avatar
      Thanks, I will correct it and count it as a mini LD . I've only had one ideal lucid dream the way you describe them Occipitalred. It was a FA, early REM, first time I used a sleep mask. For this competition I will try to sleep with my sleep mask every night. It makes my sleep a little lighter, though also a lot more uncomfortable sleeping on the side.

      I did swim, while I was swimming there was a restaurant table and a conversation going on. The second fragment was the course.