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    First night after 20 years of no lucid dreams

    by , 11-07-2010 at 03:15 PM (429 Views)
    I used to Lucid Dream when I was a child. It felt like I was living a different life. Things were so surreal but they made sense in that strange dream-logic kind of way. I stopped having Lucid Dreams after I was about seven. I started getting loaded up on sedatives and other tranquilizers that either suspended brain function or just turned me into a dreamless sleeper. I stopped taking them about 5 years ago and still hadn't had any really memorable dreams.

    Last night, I attempted to induce a Lucid Dream using the WILD method, like I had when I was young. I told myself I would dream of my friends and I would recognize that I was dreaming. I had several very short non-lucid dreams where the instant I knew I was dreaming, I woke up. I tried about three times.

    I started to count backwards from 100:
    100, will dream of my friends tonight.
    99, I will dream of my friends tonight.
    I reached 81 before I entered my first dream

    The first dream, I was in a world with little more than unintelligible block shapes for other entities and I knew this was a dream almost the moment I entered. I immediately woke and continued to count from where I had left off.

    80, I will dream of my friends tonight.
    79, I will dream of my friends tonight.
    I reached 76 before I entered another dream.

    The second dream, I was with a group of people I did not know. We all had masks on and we were hiding? robbing? I'm not sure. I knew my pulse and breathing were elevated. I felt tension and anxiety. I wanted to look down at my hand but couldn't. It felt like my eyes were on rails. I couldn't control where I was looking or what I was doing.
    I forced myself to look down at my hand. After a few moments of straining, I saw just black filber, like a sock, where my hand should have been. No fingers, not even a hint of digits under the cloth. I knew I was dreaming and was forced out of my dream.

    I remained in bed for a while, unmoving, concentrating on the faces of my friends.
    I counted backwards from where I left off.
    75, I will dream of my friends.
    74, I will dream of my friends.
    I lost count a few times around 71 and started over from 75. I eventually slipped into a dream around 63.

    I was standing in a very nice Hotel Lobby. A dark and rich wood siding covered the walls and all the counters. There was a soft yellow lighting behind the checkout counter. Track lighting with amber cones and yellow bulbs hung over the desk. A brass chandelier hung over the lobby, directly over a few leather couches, a rosewood or mahogany coffee table and a few expensive looking chairs.
    The Man behind the counter was young, bald, and had a goatee. He was tall, about 6'5" and had a thick gold earing in his left ear. He wore a white or light beige dress shirt with a tall collar and a black vest/waistcoat made of silk/satin. When he smiled he showed large, rounded teeth that seemed too large for his mouth. This made his mouth protrude a little from face.
    I was able to observe for a few moments before my body began to walk toward the check-in counter. The man behind the counter uttered a few words in a language I could not understand. It sounded like three different voices were talking at once. I realised immediately I was in a dream and tried to hide the expression on my face.
    The man noticed something about me and seemed like he was asking me something before his face went blank. He pulled a large knife from under the counter and thrust it into my solar plexus, his arm stretching farther than it seemed it should have. The knife pierced my body painlessly and I woke up again.

    I did not try to induce another dream that night and instead stayed awake, concentrating on remembering what happened that night in my dreams.

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