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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. DILD and WILD, thanks SENSEI!

      by , 08-25-2015 at 07:11 PM
      Fucking breakthrough!!! Pre wbtb DILD, post wbtb chain of WILDS. triggered by the sensei comp! I have 12 minutes of frickin audio notes to

      Pre WBTB DILD

      I'm on this gameshow and I can't figure out the point of it but I'm standing in a big black room where these different groups of people are doing weird superhuman feats. I wonder how they are happening. One person is like floating up in the air and their hands are glowing and they fall to the ground and everyone cheers. Everything is happy and exciting. It gets to my group and people are yelling at me "just feel it, just go with it, just do it!!"

      I hear a big voice "TONY, YOU'RE GONNA FLY! YOU'RE GONNA TELEPORT!" I'm wondering, what's happening? There's a waterfall. Like a glowing waterfall. It's a waterfall of lucidity. I realize that the gameshow is Sensei's competiton and i'm watching other people have their turns. I step in the falls and i feel the power of lucidity wash over me but i don't have any control. People are yelling "GO WITH IT!" I can feel this power, this realization that i'm in a dream but i don't have any control. I want to look at my hands but i can't do anything. I step back and the feeling is gone for a second. I step back into the glowing waterfall and I'm thinking about sageous' book for a second and this rush comes over me and it's beautiful. I think about what i want to do in this situation and i start to leave the moment and I'm back in my body.

      i had a WBTB and my daugter puked during my wild attempt. had to get that cleaned up and tried to go back and hold still but it took me an extra hour to fall asleep. I wilded right into my bedroom. i got heavy hands and flashes of pictures. For a while i saw a whipping pattern of light and some noise and i tried to make it into a dream but couldn't think of anything to dream.

      Wild, Remember, then flying.
      From the wild I end up in my bedroom. I can tell that I知 dreaming because the room is very dim and unstable. I am rubbing my hands together. I have a very narrow strip of vision. I知 looking at my hands and nothing is clarifying. I look around and say out loud 的知 in my bed and I知 asleep the room gets more clear after that. I walk to the wall and start rubbing the texture of the wall. I go through the hallway to the living room and go outside. I leap into the air and start flying, soaring over my neighborhood. I land on top of a neigbor痴 house and I look in a window and it痴 my bedroom! I知 reminded that I知 dreaming again and I run to the edge of the roof and jump and I知 flying. I think about how I can teleport and climb to the top of a building, like an office complex. Dream fades.
      School sex then battle!
      In the hallway of a school like a Hogwarts, fancy boarding school and I see a pretty thin girl that looks like amy schumer. I remember that I'm lucid and my sex drive takes over. I ask her if she wants to come sleep with me. We walk through a door and it痴 a bedroom and I start grinding on her. I tried to do thing where you start humping and it turns into sex but it doesn稚, it just stays dry humping. She痴 wearing a pink tube top and has blonde hair. I never finish and I end up going back into the other room. I am lucidish during this.
      In the other room it痴 now a big combat hall like at the end of the karate kid. I知 fighting a guy and I have chi powers. I can lightly tap my opponent and he値l fly across the room. He looks like captain lou albano, big fat guy with long stringy beard and rubber bands. He痴 wearing a karate gi with a black belt tied around it.

      False Awakening
      I知 talking to my friend ced after the dreams and I知 showing him my phone. Telling him that I致e been having trouble LDing but now I致e got dreams 塗ere痴 4 minutes worth, here痴 8 minutes worth. He says, 努ow, that痴 great dude!
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    2. Share your dream from last night in one sentence

      by , 06-23-2015 at 12:48 PM
      TWAke up with the weezer song butterfly in my head. I can remember sharing my dream in my dream and talking about people way down who could tell that it was all a dreamy. The dream people are laughing and laughing. They are looking at my body sleeping in a bed and start shaking me up. "hey! he's sleeping!!!" i think..

      Wild... brief lucid

      laying flat on my back doing breathing with the word "remember". I can feel my hands go heavy and i forget for a second. Soon I am sleeping in a whole new bed. It's a full sized with a black comforter pulled tight. It doesn't tip me off. I go back into my wilding. I enter a dream in the dark on a block in a neighborhood. I do a nose pinch and try to stabilize but the excitement knocks me right back into my body. I try to deild and wake back up in my bed. My kid is sleeping next to me. I thought she was in her bed. She is in her bed. I wake up.

      Post W;ld
      My Bloomin Onion is being indecent. I'm in the chilli's telling it to cover itself.
    3. Night of hazy lucid fragments

      by , 07-06-2011 at 12:25 PM
      Dream Lucid Notes

      Most of these took place in my house. I went to bed about 8:30 and woke up at 1. I was up for an hour and then did a WILD attempt and DEILDed till 6. Most of these dreams happen in my Home.

      I wake up from a wild attempt and go to my bathroom. It's dark and I'm checking the status of my charging MP3 Player. It has all of these weird buttons on it that I don't remember. That's when I hold my nose and breathe. I am dreaming. I can bearly see anything though. I try to fly and can float but can't move very fast. I'm swimming through the hallway and it feels like I'm going through jello.

      I make it to the living room and the tv is on. The image is of a talking head but it's very distorted. I slowly fly over to the tv with the intention of flying in but hit my head on the screen.

      I wake up, hold still and DEILD.

      Still Lucid, I walk over to my front door. I try to say out loud, "aren't we expecting company?" I can't move my lips. I have a terrible stutter. What comes out of my mouth is "UHHHHHH PUUU" There is no doorbell but I open it anyway. When I open the door a blinding flash of light wakes me up.

      I stretch for a second, change position and DEILD

      I am outside in a field, lucid, but it's dark and the sun is beginning to come up. I can't make out much of anything except Octorene shapes in the sky, like the beginning of hypnagogic imagery. I am lucid but i can't move.

      My alarm clock goes off and I hit the snooze and can hold still for one more fragment.

      Sitting in with a 1930's style acapella jazz group. I'm singing the bass part. Oooh bom bom bom. OOOoh bom bom bom. OOOh OOOh OOOh bom bom bom. We are in a dimly lit cramped living room sitting on a couch while I pace the floor.
    4. DJ Teleport + False Awakening

      by , 06-17-2011 at 04:18 PM
      Dream Lucid False Awakening Notes
      I am a show promoter. I'm standing next to a dj in an empty club and the show is about to start. He starts a record and the song begins to play. The music throbs and the room shakes. "I don稚 understand, if we were back home, this would bring the people out in droves." I look back across the room and now there are about 10 people. Once I climb down from the booth to the dance floor the room is pretty well packed.
      A girl, my contact for this city, comes up to me and tells me not to worry, more are coming. She says that all it took was for the sound of the bass to hit the airwaves outside the club. The air inside is hot and stinky with the sweat of people dancing and the lights are too dim to make out anything but vague moving shapes. She asks me if I need anything else and I say she's done a great job. She laughs and asks if I need her to fuck anybody for me. I am very confused by this for a second and then realize that the whole scene is strange.

      I tell the girl no thank you and start heading to the door for a breath of fresh air. On the way I hold my nose and take a deep breath. I am dreaming. Outside it's the heat of the day and as I walk along a wide fresh sidewalk with bright green lawns and newly paved blacktop street. I keep taking dream breaths to stabalize my lucidity and remember that I am supposed to teleport.
      Where do I want to go. I know now that I live in texas, it's so hot, so I want to go somewhere not hot. I remember chicago with the snow and the wind and know that I want to go where it snows. I want to go where it's cold.I decide to go to the north pole.
      Staring at the tips of my fingers and watching them glow, I think about going to the north pole. I can feel the cold in my lungs I can see the steam rising through my breath. I can imagine the crunch of snow beneath my feet. I put my two fingers in front of me and draw a doorway in the air. The air crackles with a yellow electricity and the line my fingers trace leave a dull shimmering outline in the emty space before me. For a moment nothing happens but then slowly I can hear the whistling wind of the freezing world. I take one step through the portal and suddenly my feet crunch through about a foot of pure white fresh snow.
      Now I am Tesla Strong.

      The wind is cold and I am clutching my arms close to my body and walking up a steep hill to get a better look at my surroundings. Once I get to the top of the hill, what I see astounds me.
      The familiar chicago skyline is ravaged by a new ice age. The hancock and sears towr are buried to thehalfway point in glacial snow. I'm very cold and want to leave. My fingers start to glow again and I draw annother portal in the air, this one shaped like a triangle. I step through again and I'm in suburbia.

      I am awake and trying to remember as many details of the dream as possible. I can't find my computer and dig through my backpack for my red notebook. Finding it, I flip to an new page and start to write as much of the description of the frozen teleportation as I can remember and after a sentence I look again at the page I see a crude pen and ink drawing of Tesla above the sentence I just wrote.

      Then I wake up back in my body. I try to hold still to go back into the dream but I keep imagining that the way I am sleeping is cutting into my cheek. I break and start writing in my journal.
    5. Frank Snot Here

      by , 05-21-2011 at 02:42 PM
      I am lying in bed in my bedroom. My dog, frank, is standing on the desk across the room. She is whining and howling for me to take her outside. I open my eyes to look at her and there is a huge snot bubble growing out of her right nostirl. The bubble pops and turns into a huge stream of mucus that pours out of her nose and runs all over the desk. She is still looking at me and whining for me to get her some food.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    6. Take a Bite out of Dream

      by , 04-27-2011 at 12:16 AM
      I am watching a video on my Zune about McGruff the crime dog, he's helping me take a bite out of crime. He is warning me about the dangers of dream gangs in my neighborhood. He says that they are going to come and snatch my dreams. I went out to the car carrying a big blanket with my earbuds in. My focus was parked on a side street. .I wrapped the blanket around me as I looked for my car. There was a group of women around and they were looking for their cars too. It was nighttime on the street. I found my car and put some weezer on my zune. I was getting ready to go to sleep when one woman told me not to sleep over there or the gangbangers would find me. I looked back up and saw a bunch of scary dudes prowling all over the cars. That's when the old tan van with the hippy couple pull up and ask me if I need a ride. I said sure.

      I get in the van and there's no seats in the back, just a mattress on the bed of the van. The girl is driving and the guy is sitting shotgun. They are singing. I lie down on the mattress and put on the video and try to watch some of it. There is a cartoon oak tree sitting in a meadow with a blue sky. A male voice says "I want to tell you about lucid dreaming. You could be lucid dreaming right now." They ask me if this is my house and I look outside the van. It is. I thank them and I get out of the van.

      I walk up to the front door and my key doesn't work. I walk around the back and there's a new cement patio and lots of construction. I see a little girl and I realize that this isn't my house. It starts to rain. A Little blonde girl comes out of a sliding glass door and asks me what I'm doing. I say that I'm just a little lost but please not to tell anybody, I am going to leave as soon as I figure out a way to cover up my Zune and figure out where my house is. I put the zune in my pocket and walk over to my house.

      When I get to my house it's morning time. I walk inside the back door and people are sitting in my kitchen around the table laughing and looking at papers. Ed Helms is reading from a list of my lucid dreams and laughing every couple of seconds. I sit at the table and put on my zune again. I see the Tree in the meadow and an apple falls from the tree. The voice speaks. "there are many ways to find out if you are dreaming. You could be dreaming right now" then I wake up.