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    Memorable Dreams

    1. WILD and DILD Galantimine festival.

      by , 01-17-2017 at 04:15 PM
      Wild after 5 hours. melatonin before bed, galantamine after waking up.

      I'm in my dining room near the back door. It's dark. I see A behind the bar of the kitchen. And realize she's still at work. I look at her and her face is weird, smeary. Huge clownish red lips. I say out lout. "Your face looks weird. Your face looks weird. your face looks weird" the first two seem ok but the last one is all mumbled and garbled.

      New scene. I'm in an apartment, bright and white. There's a porno shoot going on. The man who is running the shoot is making weird demands of the girls and they seem uncomfortable. I ask him to leave and he does. We talk about how old school it was. We are gong to resume shooting after the talent goes tot are a break. There is a beautiful asian woman by the fridge and I ask her if she wants to fool around. She smiles and says "you know it" and goes to the back of the house near a bedroom. There's another woman standing in the kitchen with me and i walk over to her and start groping and kissing her a little. She's resistant so i leave her alone. I make way way to the back of the house and get to the bedroom I see the asian lady sitting on the bed and I ok at her and say "increase lucidity a few times. Same thing happens mouth like marbles. I rub my hands together to stabilize and get too excited. The dream fades into a display of fireworks.

      I hold still and try to come back into the dream and catch a couple of brief glimpses but don't make it.

      Hanging around in a living room watching a tv parade about the world ending. There are Elmo's an shit riding bicycles and holding signs about the world ending. Very brown room. TV is huge. I'm talking ito the people in the room about how weird it all looks and I'm saying I might be dreaming. I' do the nose pinch a few times and it's stuffy but I can breathe. I tell them the reason I know i am not dreaming is because I can breathe when I hold my nose. Then I'm like. Wait, that's not right. I check again and realize I am dreaming. I tell them, holy shit I am dreaming. They say how do you know? I say watch "I"m gong to jump into the TV."

      Then I Jump into the TV like it's a portal. I turn around and see them a nd wave then I go flying. More of a jump at first and I'm floating around a bit and I look at my. Hands and make my fingers long then I make my long fingers sprout fingers.

      I land I"m outside ina. Parking lot and an old shit car pulls up with pretty women. They want me to get in the car with them. One of the girls in the back seat is laughing the other is mad. I they tell me only one door works but then that's a joke. I tell them about the film festival and make a joke and one of them laughs I tell them I have a 20% success rate and they all laugh.

      I'm hanging with with some giant football;; [layer dudes. They are moving furniture. One makes a comment that a big athelete type could help i with this crazy big couch. I start singing "it ain't me babe, no no no." But then i do help them move the couch outside.
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    2. DILD and WILD, thanks SENSEI!

      by , 08-25-2015 at 07:11 PM
      Fucking breakthrough!!! Pre wbtb DILD, post wbtb chain of WILDS. triggered by the sensei comp! I have 12 minutes of frickin audio notes to

      Pre WBTB DILD

      I'm on this gameshow and I can't figure out the point of it but I'm standing in a big black room where these different groups of people are doing weird superhuman feats. I wonder how they are happening. One person is like floating up in the air and their hands are glowing and they fall to the ground and everyone cheers. Everything is happy and exciting. It gets to my group and people are yelling at me "just feel it, just go with it, just do it!!"

      I hear a big voice "TONY, YOU'RE GONNA FLY! YOU'RE GONNA TELEPORT!" I'm wondering, what's happening? There's a waterfall. Like a glowing waterfall. It's a waterfall of lucidity. I realize that the gameshow is Sensei's competiton and i'm watching other people have their turns. I step in the falls and i feel the power of lucidity wash over me but i don't have any control. People are yelling "GO WITH IT!" I can feel this power, this realization that i'm in a dream but i don't have any control. I want to look at my hands but i can't do anything. I step back and the feeling is gone for a second. I step back into the glowing waterfall and I'm thinking about sageous' book for a second and this rush comes over me and it's beautiful. I think about what i want to do in this situation and i start to leave the moment and I'm back in my body.

      i had a WBTB and my daugter puked during my wild attempt. had to get that cleaned up and tried to go back and hold still but it took me an extra hour to fall asleep. I wilded right into my bedroom. i got heavy hands and flashes of pictures. For a while i saw a whipping pattern of light and some noise and i tried to make it into a dream but couldn't think of anything to dream.

      Wild, Remember, then flying.
      From the wild I end up in my bedroom. I can tell that I知 dreaming because the room is very dim and unstable. I am rubbing my hands together. I have a very narrow strip of vision. I知 looking at my hands and nothing is clarifying. I look around and say out loud 的知 in my bed and I知 asleep the room gets more clear after that. I walk to the wall and start rubbing the texture of the wall. I go through the hallway to the living room and go outside. I leap into the air and start flying, soaring over my neighborhood. I land on top of a neigbor痴 house and I look in a window and it痴 my bedroom! I知 reminded that I知 dreaming again and I run to the edge of the roof and jump and I知 flying. I think about how I can teleport and climb to the top of a building, like an office complex. Dream fades.
      School sex then battle!
      In the hallway of a school like a Hogwarts, fancy boarding school and I see a pretty thin girl that looks like amy schumer. I remember that I'm lucid and my sex drive takes over. I ask her if she wants to come sleep with me. We walk through a door and it痴 a bedroom and I start grinding on her. I tried to do thing where you start humping and it turns into sex but it doesn稚, it just stays dry humping. She痴 wearing a pink tube top and has blonde hair. I never finish and I end up going back into the other room. I am lucidish during this.
      In the other room it痴 now a big combat hall like at the end of the karate kid. I知 fighting a guy and I have chi powers. I can lightly tap my opponent and he値l fly across the room. He looks like captain lou albano, big fat guy with long stringy beard and rubber bands. He痴 wearing a karate gi with a black belt tied around it.

      False Awakening
      I知 talking to my friend ced after the dreams and I知 showing him my phone. Telling him that I致e been having trouble LDing but now I致e got dreams 塗ere痴 4 minutes worth, here痴 8 minutes worth. He says, 努ow, that痴 great dude!
      Tags: flying, sageous, sex
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    3. Death Star/Attack of the Mer-Men

      by , 07-07-2015 at 03:54 PM
      Date: Tuesday July 7 2015, 5:18 AM
      Important: Yes

      Big day for day work! Last day of vacation and I'm at home. I'm working on the RC + Sageous' Unreality checks a couple of times an hour. Studying some Leberge and Sageous yesterday and getting to bed super early with a Meditation session right before bed.

      bed at 10:30, wake up at 3:30. I almost didn't get up but then i finally did. Let the dogs out to go pee and wandered around the back yard looking at the sky and thinking about dreaming.I took a "Lucid dreaming" supplement from Dreamimins. (galantamine + Choline) I lay still. I stretch my hands, arms, legs, chest, back and face. then i hhold still and repeat the classic Carlos Casteneda mantra. "The next time I am dreaming I will look at my hands and realize I am dreaming. I hear lots of noise. Rushing wind, people talking. I'm thinking about getting up to see what all the commotion is then I remember that I'm WILDing and remember that I'm dreaming.

      I'm in a dark room with no light source but a lamp. I'm carrying it around shining it on things. I think that because I'm dreaming I should be able to make light appear.
      I try to find a light switch but when i find one, it doesn't work.
      i think about how i have that old schema that light switches don't work from "Waking Life".
      i find a door and imagine what I want on the other side. I remember how one of my goals is to have a conversation with a DC. I walk through the door
      then the lights come on.
      I'm in a big room with super tall columns. There's an elegant cocktail party going on.
      I am looking at hands, the fingerprints are deepening and darkening and crawling all over my hands in crazy patterns.

      I see a pretty indian woman in a black cocktail dress and my sex drive takes over, I walk up to her and started kissing her. I put my arm around her. She's pulling away. I ask what she thinks, not interested, gives me a disgusted look, she leaves and i'm a little annoyed. The dream starts to destabilize so I Look at my hands.

      looking at my hand and seeing henna tattoos patterns all over them. I find another door and want to go outside.

      make it outside and it's very bright and very green. Lots of grass and a few small buildings.
      I try to fly and make a high jump and fall to earth.
      I see a building like some kind of fancy shed and use that as a jump off point.
      I Jump to the top of the building and fly into space.
      I'm looking around at the stars and I see the death star. This is super cool.
      I try to fly to it but I'm stuck
      I remember the Waggoner technique of thinking myself there so I try to pinch zoom it closer with both hands. Instead of it coming closer the whole sky expands into an industrial death-star landscape. I see smoking red fires and and explosions. This causes a heart rush and I lose the dream.

      I'm walking around in a dark house with lots of hallways and i see people walking around.
      I see an old friend but he's now in a wheelchair. I remember that one of my goals is to have a conversation with a dream character. I ask him how he's doing but he won't look me in the eye. His brother walks up to me.
      I ask how he's doing.
      he tells me that we are friends now and that his brother is happy but distant.
      dream goes black

      I start spinning. It's like 2001 with the colors shooting all around me.
      I am in a very gothic house. There are mer-people flopping all over the place.
      they are disgusting. There is a hot meryl streep mer lady laying on the couch. I tell her hi. A big ugly mer monster man, slimy and sweaty, jumps down from a door frame and attacks me.
      I wake up.
    4. 2 dreams.. Working and talking to my absentee brother

      by , 06-25-2015 at 03:49 PM
      Studying Sageous' wild lessons and making sure to do awareness once an hour. I didn't meditate yesterday and didn't try a wbtb either. the night before i had no sleep so i jsut wanted to catch up and not get fancy.

      had a couple of dreams

      helping find a SSBB a job. They are building a profile int the system, going through a large facility for improvement/clean up projects. One of them involves cutting up tons of trip fresh cilantro. All of them involve looking for the best Western or help them get ready for work. Wet muddy and brown, cleaning up poop.


      Had my brother joe in the dream. He had responded to my email like nothin was going on. I was tryng to help him with work and we were going through possible people he could hire. I"m also engaging him in conversation about what's been going on with him in the last year. He's avoiding teh topic like he doesn't want to talk about it.
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Lucid.. Smashing pumpkins and outer space

      by , 06-07-2015 at 01:49 AM
      Date: Saturday June 6 2015, 6:20 AM
      Important: No

      Caffeine induced spacewalk and local tour

      bill and i can't sleep we are driving around in his truck looking for something to do. it's night time and we are on old country roads. it's about six forty five and i remember a place where we can get some breakfast. I hear on the radio about a club that will be doing last call in about 5 min. I say "man that's pretty crazy that there are people who are still out and partying right now.

      I see a giant display of Peppa pig in the sky and think that it may be coming from the club. bill grabs my hand and shows me that i'm not paying attention to the road. Now i'm driving very fast on country roads trying to stay on them. they shift from asphalt, to dirt to cartoon at a rapid pace. i have to keep swerving to not crash into the canyon below.

      scene change. the truck is now parked in a driveway. it's still kind of dark out but we know it's morning time. There's a black family inside up and running around doing stuff. I ask bill if we can leave and he tells me that the car is blocked in. I see two cars in front of us.
      "How can we get out"
      bill says he needs one of them to move the car.

      I knock on the door and a little black girl comes up. I ask her to get her mom. her mom comes to the window that's slightly open and says that she's not coming outside.

      now i hear the rush of air that means there's a slight leak in my CPAP in the real world. I say to her and bill "look guys i'm dreaming, i'm out of here."
      I'm walking down the neighborhood at night wondering what i'm going to do. Looking at all of the houses. I look up in the sky and remember i want to go to the moon. I start to fly and don't get very high before coming to the ground. I start to fly again I do go up into space.

      I'm floating in space and i'm looking around for the moon. I don't see it but i see a couple of bigger stars that may be the moon. I'm thinking of flying over to them but then I'm remembering my grappling hook i have on my hip (control manifestation trick) I'm feeling for the hook and pretend to have it and the fire it out into space. the dream is starting to wobble..

      I think to stabilize. I look down at my hands and see them. Then i start rubbing them together. The space scene goes away in a flash of bright light and I'm back in a neighborhood in day time. Now i'm walking on a street and it's bright and beautiful out. I'm looking at a bush, and can hear the wind rustling. The leaves are bright green and vibrant and i can see them shimmering with the wind in a somewhat unnatural manner.

      I come upon a house with a ton of pumpkins in the yard. I can tell they are mechanical. I look closely at one of them and can see that it appears to be some kind of a sound system. There are lots of small buttons and displays. I think that i want to meet this person who made these things. I pick up the pumpkin and throw it down thinking it will make him come out. nothing happens so I keep walking.

      These two kids come up to me. A little girl says, "hey mister, give me a card, I don't care what the card is." I reach down into the pocket of my jeans and start feeling for the card. I don't feel anything but come up and hand her nothing. Now she's holding the card and it's the ace of diamonds. We are walking along a sidewalk with a chain link fence next to a big empty lot and i say to her "aren't you much older?" and I tousle her hair.

      There's a lady a little ways away wearing a black gym outfit passing out flyers for her gym which is behind her. I smile at her and say "why don't you give me a tour?" she smiles back and we go inside. we walk into the first room and there's a mattress on the floor. I say "is this the bedroom?" she smiles at me again and I feel heat in my groin. The dream wobbles again and I wake up.

      Tony Blanco
      lucid , memorable
    6. avengers figure skating lucid

      by , 06-03-2015 at 03:14 PM
      A and i are going to see "avengers in rio" in this tropical resort vacation town. we are sitting in a wooden booth with these good looking young kids in their early 20s. this thin red headed guy with a blue shirt keeps putting his hand on my leg and i keep moving it off casually. there is a pretty red headed girl sitting next to him and i am pretty sure it's his sister. On the screen, there is the red hulk and he's singing in spanish while fighting robots with the rest of the team. In some shots Hulk just looks like a skinny guy painted red wearing those fake hulk gloves.

      the battle is over and I there is a very long interlude with salsa music as a camera flies over a beautiful valley with some traffic. after a few minutes i look over at the kids and say "this transition is quite long, right?"

      the red headed guy looks at me disgusted and says "who cares, it's like our 10th time seeing this" I say, it's my first time.

      the guy and the girl switch places. She starts touching me like he was and i start to wonder what is going on. I get up and start walking through the resort town and realize that she must have thought i was someone else. I begin to realize that i am dreaming and take a dream breath. I can breathe through my plugged fingers and do it again. I want to go back to see them but decide to look at my hands first. I see sharp ridges and deep canyons where my fingerprints are and keep walking while i stabilize.

      I look up and i'm at the farmer's market airplane hangar. It's a big open space and i decide to go figure skating. it's a dirt covered concrete floor as usual but I am skating around the room and trying to do spin jumps. they aren't going perfectly well but i am catching some major air and landing them. I can tell that i don't quite understand the physics of which way i'm supposed to actually turn my body. I do one jump and go 30 feet in the air spinning and spinning. It is pretty exhilarating.

      I ggo back to the booth and the kids are leaving for a pool party. There's a natural spring at the top of a hill with some large live oak trees. I am climbing wooden steps when a pretty lady smiles at me coming down the steps in the other direction. We start kissing and i feel like i shouldn't be doing this and wake up into my body. i try to deild but i'm lost in the void and eventually wake up so i can remember the dream and journal it.
      lucid , memorable
    7. back in the saddle

      by , 02-14-2012 at 06:02 PM
      In a grocery line with various super villains. I am annoyed because they have to register what they buy and state the purpose of said Items.

      It's my first day on the job at a diner. I'm standing around and waiting to start working. I ask a table if they if they want drinks and then notice that they already have drinks. So I ask if they are ready to order. One girl at the table says she'd like to order off the menu.

      I tell her that she needs to manage her expectations.

      At a second table a woman sitting alone orders Steak and Green Chilies and a Rice milk with Vanilla.

      I tell the cook the orders and he gives me a menu to study.

      I'm going out to a club with R and JP. I am naked and have to borrow clothes. I call my wife and tell her that I probably won't be home tonight.

      We ride to the club in a windowless white van. Once we get there I hang outside while they all go in. Suddenly a big rig truck comes and smashes into to the van and pushes it across the parking lot of a gas station before leaving it dangling over a guard rail by an overpass highway.
      non-lucid , memorable
    8. Hanging with Barak and Arrested

      by , 07-19-2011 at 07:45 PM
      I'm hanging out with Barak Obama back stage at a big rally. He's paralyzed with nerves and is speaking in a very hoarse voice. Eventually he runs up on stage and I am trying to hold open a door for Michelle. This is a metal stadium door with a hydraulic close lever. As I hold it the door grows 50x50 feet away from me, so now I'm just this tiny thing holding down a giant door. The door is closing around me and falling over the top of me. I want to hear the speech the President is making but this door keeps attacking me.

      I give a this lady I know a ride home from the rally. She leaves her phone and camera in my car. She calls me from someone else's phone and has me look through my car until I find it. My car is a mess. I find the phone but not the camera. I leave the phone at her apartment complex.

      Driving home I get pulled over for running a stop sign. The cop is riding with my friend Amy. She looks in my car and sees a small blue wire coat hanger and starts to freak out. She says it's the same hanger that her niece had with her when she was abducted. The cop starts to arrest me and I am defending myself, saying "look if that's the only evidence you have there's no reason to arrest me. I've never even met the girl, my car is trashed, if this was true there would be evidence all over it."

      My lawyer shows up and it's a shirtless hippy with a soul patch. He's just telling me to go with it while he cleans trash out of his car. He's looking for something that he can't find. I ask him if he needs gas money to get home and he snaps that he has plenty of gas money, just because he looks like this doesn't mean he doesn't bill by the hour.
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. War With Germany and Fight with Manfro

      by , 07-05-2011 at 12:20 PM
      From a nap yesterday afternoon
      Fight with Manfro

      I am visiting a porn store/strip club because len owes me money. I am waiting by the front desk for a manager to talk to me. Holding a clip board wearing long slicked back hair I see Manfro with a white shirt cuffed up to the elbow. We make eye contact and I say "holy shit!" He rolls his eyes as I tell him that he's great on men of a certain age and I ask If I can get a picture with him. He says sure and I give my phone to the kid doing checkout. We pose and the kid takes the shot. Manfro looks at me and says "you know what happens now right?"
      I go oh shit as he takes a swing at me. I grab his hand and fling him behind me into a trash can. He yells and charges me. I grab him and swing around as we both pitch to the floor. He keeps telling me he's going to kick my ass. But I grab him and use my leverage against him as I flip him around and again. Eventually he stops struggling and we stand up. I tell him I like the way he plays the character as such a scumbag but you still feel a bit of soul about him. He smiles and says thank you very much.
      I look through my phone for the picure and it's not there. I figure the kid didn't know what he was doing or sabotaged me on purpose.

      From this morning
      War With Germany

      I am suddenly drafted into service to go to war against germany. I am gathered with a few dozen people including Alec Baldwin and put on a plane. We land on top of a building and are sent into this room to get weapons and gather. Everyone gathers weapons but I am late to getting mine. I look for a gun but can find no bullets. The only bullets left in the file cabinet are shotgun shells so I head back to look for the Automatic Shotgun.

      The germans have already infeltrated the building. I get the shotgun but I am unable to put bullets in it before we are run over and captured. The general who had our orders' flight was delayed by german air traffic controllers. They take us prisoner and bring us to a nearby boarding school.

      We are hanging out in a computer lab with students. The computers are all different. Mac and PC. Over by us they are very very old. Everytime I look again at the computers they change again, from 286s to Mac Pluss. People are playing games on them like Number Crunchers and Oregon Trail. None of the computers around that are open are working so I walk to the side of the room with the students.

      These computers are amazing and the kids are doing kick ass stuff on them. Some are doing crazy advanced homework and some are playing very advanced games. One kid is controlling a small animated frog who leaps off the screen and attacks other kids stuff. I am very impressed by this. I see one computer open on this side of the room and it's an amazing computer.

      I sit down at this monstrosty for a few minutes and play with a painting program and then try to find email. No such luck. I get nervous and wonder if I am supposed to be on this side of the room. I get up and walk back to where the prisoners are. I see that my friend kevin is there and his german girlfriend gets him moved out of the area with the rest of the prisoners. It annoys me for a moment that he is getting special treatment.

      I see my friend amy and go sit down to talk to her but we are interruped by german soldiers who move us enmasse to a garden. The germans are preparing to speak with us and are not paying attention. I take the opportunity to run away, down a path to freedom.

      I find a small town and look for a phone to call people from. I rummage for food from a Mc Donald's Dumpster. Eventually I find docks and come across a shipping manifest that allows me to stow away back to america. I worry about my wife.

      I make it back to america and the war is over. I find alec baldwin in a park and we talk for a moment, laughing about how short the war was.
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. Couple of days worth+ 2LD

      by , 07-04-2011 at 04:44 PM
      Dream Lucid Note
      Tricorder Wartime Sex Toy
      In the military. Members of the patrol have small black wii remote shaped sensors that record external stimuli. Obstensibly they are recording traces of the environment like on star trek. They talk abou thow they are using the devices to record blind women having sex so they can reproduce the perfect virtual sex toy for combat operations. They are describing this in lurid detail before they relize that the commander is standing behind them.

      Medicine Assassin's Creed
      Running around on rooftops looking for medicine. Assassins's creed dream. As I wake up I can close my eyes and see the dream. I can move my eyes around and continue to dream.

      Enter the Matrix
      Sitting in my living room playing a video game. Suddenly on the screen is a computerized image of me sitting on the couch. I realize that I am dreaming. Take a breath and move slowly toward the television. As I get closer the television gets bigger. The tv emits this crazy hum of static like an old tv would. I stick my head inside the television and the image of myself distorts while the static hum envelops my head.

      Hold Still DEILD

      Flight Failure

      I am on a rooftop and realize that I'm dreaming. I dive off head first to try to fly but I fall and land on my head. When I land I wake up.

      THis was this mornign and was fucking weird.
      Michelle Bachman Homosexual Reeducation camp

      I was watching a movie about these gay christian guys who go to texas chainsaw massacre style haunted house that doubled as one of those Homosexual reeducation camps. The men are gathered in a cramp hallway while a larry the cable guy looking hillbilly with a pair of overalls and a shaved head flipped a switch on the back of a shitty hall of presidents style statue of an old man made of rubber. The old rubber man statue gave a speech about how with a strong will and the right training, you too can control your unnatural urges of homersexuality. After that the inductees were killed one by one in the style of a shitty horror movie. One guy had his hand chopped off and bled to death. Another was told to change a lightbulb with a "saftey harness around his neck" he slipped and hung him self.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    11. Sex, Violence, Cold food, Cats and stuff

      by , 06-27-2011 at 04:38 PM
      Dream Notes Lucid

      Early DND Dream Fragment. I went to bed and woke up after six hours. This is what i remember. I played DND last night for the first time in 8 years.
      Robbing a kobold. Fighting and getting a wand. Being in a desert clearing.

      G+C DILD + DEILD
      Eating in bedrooms
      Hanging out in te guest bedroom at my dad's old place with my wife and eric comes in and sits on the bed with us. He is being overly friendly and flirty so I start getting angry. After i tell them to stop a few times, I realize that I am dreaming. I start slapping him in the face. He just looks solemn as I punch him over and over again. I imagine my hand catching fire, my hand starts glowing and burning and I hit him really hard.

      I get up and leave the room. I hold my nose and take a breath as I walk through the hallway. I look at the wood panel really close and see almost like a computerized wood panel flame pattern that changed like whipping flames. I look away from the wall and see the pattern all over the house.

      I take another dream breath and walk into the kitchen. A tall chubby blonde guy is eating cold french fries out of the fridge and I remember that I want to eat something. I ask him for a fry and he says no. I reach into his box and grab a fry and he laughs. I eat the fry and it's cold and starchy as an old french fry is. I start to walk outside and
      lose the dream.

      I hold still and DEILD back into a dream.
      This time I am in a bedroom with double beds and on one a naked goth couple is making out on the other. I am totally lucid. I go over, easily separate them and give the girl a big hug. We start making out and the guy starts to protest. I say "freeze" and hold my palm up to him and he freezes completely still, brow furred, mouth open in protest, finger up and pointing.

      She smiles at me and straddles me. We are making out and I sit her down on the edge of the bed and I sit on the floor. I see a small box of popeye's chicken tenders next to us and I think for a moment whether I would rather have sex with her or eat the chicken. I split the difference and decide to give her cunnilingus. Her pussy is small and pink and she tastes really good. I can hear her moan and as I eat I look into the sparse tuft of black pubic hair and watch as the hair dances.
      I float back into my body and wake up.

      I fall asleep one more time but this time I am not having a lucid dream. I am walking through a mostly empty banquet hall and see a pictures on a table on a stage at the front of the room there is a picture of my cat next to a picture of a cat that I don't recognize. My wife comes up and hands me two wallets. She says one was given to me by her, one was given to me by my ex girlfriend. I ask her which is which and she laughs "that's the question isn't it?"

      I say "HMM" and stare at the wallets. One is bulky and ornate and has a strange picture frame connected to it, the other is very light and slim and has a made at summer camp cowboy leather motif. I tell my wife that because this cowboy wallet is very practical and I could actually use it, this one probably came from her.

      She says "good choice." I start emptying my current wallet Receipts, Id's, Trash, Discount cards to stores I have never heard of. Then I pull out the photo insert and it extends like a comically long accordian and the stuff that is being pulled out of the wallet is absurd. Industrial sized bottles of cleaning products, tools, dog toys etc. I am confused but before I can attain lucidity I wake up.
    12. Don't Miss the Bear.

      by , 06-26-2011 at 05:38 PM
      Dream Notes

      the first dream i remember very few things.
      Memory spore cloud, fringe,

      At some point in this next dream I wake up for a second and go back to sleep. I close my eyes and concentrate the world back into existence. Then I held my thought and the world grew sharper and more solid. Then I imagined waving my hand in front of my face. Then I fell out of lucidity back into the dream.

      I am a member of a gang of three. We are at my father's house which is being terrorized by a large brown bear. The bear has locked itself in my old bedroom. We have no weapons and I am carrying a table lamp like a crude club.

      I hear a loud snap and a familiar meow from over in the dining room. I find my cat oscar trapped in a very large mouse trap with a slice of american cheese. I set Oscar free of the trap and make sure he's not too badly hurt. I hold him up in front of me under the cat armpits and tell him not to play with mouse traps. He meows at me. I set him down and he scampers away.

      I am startled by the sound of a gunshot. One of my team now has a double barreled shot gun. I ask him where he got it and he just looks at me funny.

      My father comes in the room to tell me that the UPS man has come and is outside. I go outside and see two men in brown suits rooting through a UPS truck. I tell them that I am fighting a bear in the house and ask them if they have a weapon or a gun they can spare me. The guy says sure and gives me what I think at first is a hand gun but when I look at it again I see that it's some kind of cattle prod shock stick. It's a shiny metal black stick about 2 and a half feet long with an orange rubber grip near the middle and a dull rubber handle with a white button. I push the button and hear the crackle of a stun gun. I say thank you and head back inside the house.

      My dad and the rest of the team are sitting around the kitchen table drinking cups of coffee. I ask them what the hell is going on and what happened to the bear. They respond that the bear is still in my room. I show them the stun gun, say grab the shot gun and we all move over to where the bear is. I kick the door to my room open and hit the bear with the shocker. The bear roars and I scream and I am being shocked too. I look at my hands and see that I'm not holding the orange safety grip but rather the front of the gun. I can't stop shooting the thing because if I do the bear will get me.

      I move my left hand firmly onto the orange safety grip and lead the bear out into the living room. I yell "Shoot the fucking thing!" The guys and my father are sitting around the coffee table, drinking coffee and eating small cookies. I freak out. "what the fuck is going on?! Kill the goddamn bear!"

      They look really surprised. One guy reaches for his shotgun and when he fires it, the safety is on. He turns the safety off and fires again. The gun is unloaded. The bear hits me in the face and runs down the hallway through my dad's bathroom into his bedroom.

      We go into the bathroom and there is an FBI agent sitting fully clothed in a Full Tub of warm water. He tells me to calm down, that everything is under control. The bear is Roaring in the next room. I am pissed off. I ask him why hasn't law enforcement done anything about this bear.

      He tells me to watch my mouth before he starts checking into my record.

      I say, oh great, you are going to check my record instead of helping me get this fucking bear.

      Then I wake up.
    13. AudioBook Freakout DILD & Flying Car DEILD

      by , 06-22-2011 at 03:33 PM
      Dream Lucid Awake

      I wake up after 5 hours and do a 20 min WB2B. I take a Galantamine + Choline pill, right before falling asleep

      Riding in the passenger seat of my friend tom's car. We are heading down a two lane road with trees and bright green fields all around us. I ask tom if I can put on a book on tape about serial killers/ghost stories. He says it's fine. We put the tape on and as we listen about this evil woman who haunts families and kills children Tom starts freak out.

      We pass over a rickety two lane bridge and then he makes a U-turn. He starts driving fast in the other direction and I ask him what's going on. He won't talk and I ask him where he's going. He drives the car off of the road and down by the river under the bridge. He looks very freaked out. I tell him that this is only a book. That's when I realize that this is a dream. I take a deep breath and I'm ok.

      The dream fades to black and I'm back in my body.

      I hold still til I DEILD
      and I'm back in the car with tom. He's still freaking out quietly and staring at the steering wheel. I tell him we can turn off the book and ask him if it's ok if I drive. We walk around the car and I get in the driver's seat. I ask him if this is one of those flying cars and he says of course. I push a button in the center console and say "this is the lift off button right?" he says sure. The car goes up on the air and I get excited. I fly around in the car for a while and pull a couple of barrel rolls.

      I see a cute girl on the ground standing by her boyfriend and I think I'd like to make out with her. As I go to land near her I misjudge and accidently land on top of her. The guy starts yelling at me and I'm like "oh Shit" and pull the car back up into the air and fly away again. I land outside of a small corner shop. The shop is like an all old timey wooden seven eleven. Two girls and a guy are inside.

      I walk in and kiss one of the girls. She pulls back disgusted like what the fuck are you doing? I grab her shirt by the collar and tear it in half. She has blue flower pasties over her nipples and I pull them off. The guy pulls me around and takes a swing at me. I see it coming in slow motion matrix style and dodge it. I punch at him but my swing is in slow motion and when it hits him it's too slow to do any damage. I look at the other girl and she winks at me. I take her shirt off and
      I wake up.
    14. DJ Teleport + False Awakening

      by , 06-17-2011 at 04:18 PM
      Dream Lucid False Awakening Notes
      I am a show promoter. I'm standing next to a dj in an empty club and the show is about to start. He starts a record and the song begins to play. The music throbs and the room shakes. "I don稚 understand, if we were back home, this would bring the people out in droves." I look back across the room and now there are about 10 people. Once I climb down from the booth to the dance floor the room is pretty well packed.
      A girl, my contact for this city, comes up to me and tells me not to worry, more are coming. She says that all it took was for the sound of the bass to hit the airwaves outside the club. The air inside is hot and stinky with the sweat of people dancing and the lights are too dim to make out anything but vague moving shapes. She asks me if I need anything else and I say she's done a great job. She laughs and asks if I need her to fuck anybody for me. I am very confused by this for a second and then realize that the whole scene is strange.

      I tell the girl no thank you and start heading to the door for a breath of fresh air. On the way I hold my nose and take a deep breath. I am dreaming. Outside it's the heat of the day and as I walk along a wide fresh sidewalk with bright green lawns and newly paved blacktop street. I keep taking dream breaths to stabalize my lucidity and remember that I am supposed to teleport.
      Where do I want to go. I know now that I live in texas, it's so hot, so I want to go somewhere not hot. I remember chicago with the snow and the wind and know that I want to go where it snows. I want to go where it's cold.I decide to go to the north pole.
      Staring at the tips of my fingers and watching them glow, I think about going to the north pole. I can feel the cold in my lungs I can see the steam rising through my breath. I can imagine the crunch of snow beneath my feet. I put my two fingers in front of me and draw a doorway in the air. The air crackles with a yellow electricity and the line my fingers trace leave a dull shimmering outline in the emty space before me. For a moment nothing happens but then slowly I can hear the whistling wind of the freezing world. I take one step through the portal and suddenly my feet crunch through about a foot of pure white fresh snow.
      Now I am Tesla Strong.

      The wind is cold and I am clutching my arms close to my body and walking up a steep hill to get a better look at my surroundings. Once I get to the top of the hill, what I see astounds me.
      The familiar chicago skyline is ravaged by a new ice age. The hancock and sears towr are buried to thehalfway point in glacial snow. I'm very cold and want to leave. My fingers start to glow again and I draw annother portal in the air, this one shaped like a triangle. I step through again and I'm in suburbia.

      I am awake and trying to remember as many details of the dream as possible. I can't find my computer and dig through my backpack for my red notebook. Finding it, I flip to an new page and start to write as much of the description of the frozen teleportation as I can remember and after a sentence I look again at the page I see a crude pen and ink drawing of Tesla above the sentence I just wrote.

      Then I wake up back in my body. I try to hold still to go back into the dream but I keep imagining that the way I am sleeping is cutting into my cheek. I break and start writing in my journal.
    15. False Awakening Sex Party Flying

      by , 06-05-2011 at 02:48 PM
      Non Lucid. Lucid Task

      I wake up in bed to the sound of a phone vibrating. I grab the phone and look at it and it's my wife's phone. I think, man I just took her to the airport, if she forgot her phone that's really bad news. I wonder if I should call her or try to bring the phone to her. I get up and walk to the living room and a party is going on. That's when I realize that I'm dreaming. Sitting in the living room is a comedian friend of mine and a chubby black girl I knew in college. I go to the kitchen and it's a pretty blonde talking to some random guy. The house is in a funky setup that I don't recognize. I go back to the living room and everybody is naked. I ask, what kind of a naked party is this?

      They say, "it's really no bid deal." I shrug and start to take off all of my clothes. I get totally naked and realize that I need to stabalize the dream. I decide to use my sense of touch and give a big naked hug to the chubby black chick. She's smiling and laughing and I'm kissing her. The feel of her skin makes the dream pop in a much more vivid way. I kiss her again and walk to the kitchen.

      The people in the kitchen are still clothed. I tell them that this is a naked party and they look at me confused. I take the blonde girl by the hand and lead her to the dining room. Then I bend her over a table and pull her skirt off. She is wearing a white thong. I pull that off too. My penis is erect and I start to put it inside of her. Her vagina is still dry but after a few attempts to put it in I see a thick whiteish gray viscous substance form near her clitoris. I look at this substance for a minute and lose my erection.

      I walk back to the other room and ask the party, "when are the rest of the naked people supposed to get here?" They laugh incredulously and shrug.
      I wait for a second and then remember that I'm supposed to be flying in this dream. I walk back to the dining room and jump a couple of times. No dice. I wonder if I'll get a little bit better if I go outside. I walk to the back door and step outside.

      Right outside my door is a 15 by 25 foot mural of a beach an sky. I look for a minute at the mural and realize that I've just stepped onto the porch at the house I grew up in. I look away from my mural to the right and I see a line of trees, then a giant beach and lake and in the distance a mountain range with white caps. I start running to the edge of my porch and leap off.

      When I leap off I start flying 100 feet into the air. It feels good and I'm shooting close to straight up and a little forward. I close my fist and shoot a little bit faster. I remember that I'm supposed to try flying at a supersonic speed and I think about the "magnet" technique that King Yoshi wrote about in his flying tutorial, so I think I'll give it a try. I look in front of me and see a cloud very far away. I reach my left hand out to it and imagine the magnetic connection. I close my fist to solidify the connection and pull my left hand into my chest. I shoot toward the cloud at an amazing speed the wind is rushing in my ear and I wait for the explosion. Nothing. I shrug and look around at the world on the ground.

      I see cars passing by on the street in front of my house. This would be a good time to see if I can't make a car fly so I come in for a landing in my dad's front yard. There's a big black ghetto ice cream van in the front yard selling stuff to a line of people in front of it. My friend stephen comes up to me and tells me that the van is selling some amazing shrooms and I really should get some. I laugh and reply maybe next time.

      My friend z, a video post production specialist comes out of the house and asks me with a nervous voice if I knew that the doors weren't locked.

      Yeah, I say, there's a party going on, it's no big deal.

      "Well, the house is pretty much open right now, just thought you should know." I think for a second about if my dogs might get away, then remember that I'm dreaming. Z asks "hey, for the movie you're making, do you think you'll probably use your editors for your color correction?'

      Probably, your outfit mainly does visual effects.

      He nods.
      That's when I wake up.
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