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    side notes

    Side Notes

    1. Sex, Violence, Cold food, Cats and stuff

      by , 06-27-2011 at 04:38 PM
      Dream Notes Lucid

      Early DND Dream Fragment. I went to bed and woke up after six hours. This is what i remember. I played DND last night for the first time in 8 years.
      Robbing a kobold. Fighting and getting a wand. Being in a desert clearing.

      G+C DILD + DEILD
      Eating in bedrooms
      Hanging out in te guest bedroom at my dad's old place with my wife and eric comes in and sits on the bed with us. He is being overly friendly and flirty so I start getting angry. After i tell them to stop a few times, I realize that I am dreaming. I start slapping him in the face. He just looks solemn as I punch him over and over again. I imagine my hand catching fire, my hand starts glowing and burning and I hit him really hard.

      I get up and leave the room. I hold my nose and take a breath as I walk through the hallway. I look at the wood panel really close and see almost like a computerized wood panel flame pattern that changed like whipping flames. I look away from the wall and see the pattern all over the house.

      I take another dream breath and walk into the kitchen. A tall chubby blonde guy is eating cold french fries out of the fridge and I remember that I want to eat something. I ask him for a fry and he says no. I reach into his box and grab a fry and he laughs. I eat the fry and it's cold and starchy as an old french fry is. I start to walk outside and
      lose the dream.

      I hold still and DEILD back into a dream.
      This time I am in a bedroom with double beds and on one a naked goth couple is making out on the other. I am totally lucid. I go over, easily separate them and give the girl a big hug. We start making out and the guy starts to protest. I say "freeze" and hold my palm up to him and he freezes completely still, brow furred, mouth open in protest, finger up and pointing.

      She smiles at me and straddles me. We are making out and I sit her down on the edge of the bed and I sit on the floor. I see a small box of popeye's chicken tenders next to us and I think for a moment whether I would rather have sex with her or eat the chicken. I split the difference and decide to give her cunnilingus. Her pussy is small and pink and she tastes really good. I can hear her moan and as I eat I look into the sparse tuft of black pubic hair and watch as the hair dances.
      I float back into my body and wake up.

      I fall asleep one more time but this time I am not having a lucid dream. I am walking through a mostly empty banquet hall and see a pictures on a table on a stage at the front of the room there is a picture of my cat next to a picture of a cat that I don't recognize. My wife comes up and hands me two wallets. She says one was given to me by her, one was given to me by my ex girlfriend. I ask her which is which and she laughs "that's the question isn't it?"

      I say "HMM" and stare at the wallets. One is bulky and ornate and has a strange picture frame connected to it, the other is very light and slim and has a made at summer camp cowboy leather motif. I tell my wife that because this cowboy wallet is very practical and I could actually use it, this one probably came from her.

      She says "good choice." I start emptying my current wallet Receipts, Id's, Trash, Discount cards to stores I have never heard of. Then I pull out the photo insert and it extends like a comically long accordian and the stuff that is being pulled out of the wallet is absurd. Industrial sized bottles of cleaning products, tools, dog toys etc. I am confused but before I can attain lucidity I wake up.
    2. Don't Miss the Bear.

      by , 06-26-2011 at 05:38 PM
      Dream Notes

      the first dream i remember very few things.
      Memory spore cloud, fringe,

      At some point in this next dream I wake up for a second and go back to sleep. I close my eyes and concentrate the world back into existence. Then I held my thought and the world grew sharper and more solid. Then I imagined waving my hand in front of my face. Then I fell out of lucidity back into the dream.

      I am a member of a gang of three. We are at my father's house which is being terrorized by a large brown bear. The bear has locked itself in my old bedroom. We have no weapons and I am carrying a table lamp like a crude club.

      I hear a loud snap and a familiar meow from over in the dining room. I find my cat oscar trapped in a very large mouse trap with a slice of american cheese. I set Oscar free of the trap and make sure he's not too badly hurt. I hold him up in front of me under the cat armpits and tell him not to play with mouse traps. He meows at me. I set him down and he scampers away.

      I am startled by the sound of a gunshot. One of my team now has a double barreled shot gun. I ask him where he got it and he just looks at me funny.

      My father comes in the room to tell me that the UPS man has come and is outside. I go outside and see two men in brown suits rooting through a UPS truck. I tell them that I am fighting a bear in the house and ask them if they have a weapon or a gun they can spare me. The guy says sure and gives me what I think at first is a hand gun but when I look at it again I see that it's some kind of cattle prod shock stick. It's a shiny metal black stick about 2 and a half feet long with an orange rubber grip near the middle and a dull rubber handle with a white button. I push the button and hear the crackle of a stun gun. I say thank you and head back inside the house.

      My dad and the rest of the team are sitting around the kitchen table drinking cups of coffee. I ask them what the hell is going on and what happened to the bear. They respond that the bear is still in my room. I show them the stun gun, say grab the shot gun and we all move over to where the bear is. I kick the door to my room open and hit the bear with the shocker. The bear roars and I scream and I am being shocked too. I look at my hands and see that I'm not holding the orange safety grip but rather the front of the gun. I can't stop shooting the thing because if I do the bear will get me.

      I move my left hand firmly onto the orange safety grip and lead the bear out into the living room. I yell "Shoot the fucking thing!" The guys and my father are sitting around the coffee table, drinking coffee and eating small cookies. I freak out. "what the fuck is going on?! Kill the goddamn bear!"

      They look really surprised. One guy reaches for his shotgun and when he fires it, the safety is on. He turns the safety off and fires again. The gun is unloaded. The bear hits me in the face and runs down the hallway through my dad's bathroom into his bedroom.

      We go into the bathroom and there is an FBI agent sitting fully clothed in a Full Tub of warm water. He tells me to calm down, that everything is under control. The bear is Roaring in the next room. I am pissed off. I ask him why hasn't law enforcement done anything about this bear.

      He tells me to watch my mouth before he starts checking into my record.

      I say, oh great, you are going to check my record instead of helping me get this fucking bear.

      Then I wake up.