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    1. DEILD lucid

      by , 01-22-2019 at 10:02 PM
      I'm in an all white field. i can feel my hands. I'm reaching in front of me and I find a string, I'm grabbing and pulling on the string, now I'm Climbing the string. It turns into a small rope and i'm using my legs and whole body to pull myself up. I realize that the whiteness i'm climbing is actually a cloud and at the end of the rope is a big clear balloon. I climb to the top of the balloon and a gust of wind blows us free of the cloud. Now, I'm flying around, holding tight to this balloon, feeling movement and wind, I can look down and see this big forest below. I remember my dream goal to swim in a body of water and i start to look for one. I think about how i can propel the balloon to where water would be and tore a small hole with my teeth thinking i'd get the bugs bunny rocket ship effect. I get that fart whistle noise of air escaping from a balloon and as i shoot away the dream fades again into white.
    2. dreams after watching the fights.

      by , 08-25-2015 at 01:16 AM
      there is a fighter called shithead who lives in a room in a factory and he's sharing his strategy of how many punches and kicks he needs to throw and it's based on the caliber of the machine that he works at his job.


      im an mma journalist profiling a UFC fighter for a website. This guy seems terrible but the UFC is trumpeting him. he's got a win streak but it's been crushing cans. he's got a girlfriend and they are in a truck. he was offered another role where he doesn't have to fight and he's excited about it. UFC cancels the fight at the last minute to replace him with someone else and it makes him very upset.
    3. Tony's Workbook

      by , 08-20-2015 at 10:08 PM
      guy is doing sales into medical packaging technology, I'm looking him up on the computer to see if he's interested. my boss is kind of poopooing him. He doesn't have a ton of available information or success into what we are trying to do.

      false awakening. in my bed at home, sleeping with the baby, she climbs out of bed, grabs my phone and calls my wife crying. April comes home and says that carmelite told her that i let her watch mad max fury road. i'm amazed that she could dial the phone, surprised that I let her watch fury road, wondering if fury road was out on video yet.

      false awakening made me very happy. It came froma failed wild attempt and i know that i'm so close. I was totally questioning my reality and all sorts of aspects of it but not quite putting it together. so close.!!!
    4. Tony's Workbook

      by , 08-20-2015 at 12:30 AM
      a wbtb at 2 am after 4 hours sleep. I tried to wild but it was a super halfhearted attempt. good detail remembered but no LD.

      I'm still super angry at amazon. I'm telling people in my dream about their business practices. I'm trying to organize delivery practices and help them get paid better for it. figuring out a way to boycott or bring attention to the exploitation at the same time realizing it's on customers to not accept the services that are given to them at face value. People are getting hurt for free delivery. we get in a room and find ways for the company to pay for it. A message comes in and says that an extra 10 dollars will be charged for this product. I'm looking at a green blotter on a desk trying to figure out how we can make that work.

      I remember a warehouse manager hitting a kid with mental disabilities for disobeying. this situation was going to have some kind of consequences. when the kid got cold cocked i was suprised. I am at a warehouse. A giant facility for sorting online packages. 3
    5. 3 dreams and a wbtb attempt. no lucids.

      by , 08-18-2015 at 02:52 PM
      i am travelling by car through a neighborhood. I see chain link fences. I see a house made of different color brick. I see a guy who wants to play a game but he can't talk.

      steve and vanessa are talking, they are sitting outside in the reclining area of the big brother house. they are talking about how austin and liz are snuggling in the other room. steve wants to spy on them but he doesn't want to be weird. Vanessa is like, it'll be fine, just go do it. they were also talking about pac-man type maze eating game they are playing and he wants to play too. they wonder if the game is going to be part of the competition for the next week.

      I'm on a date, we are riding in a canoe. I'm very gassy. I don't like the person i'm on a date with. I wake up a couple of times and think i can go back to it and be lucid but i'm still non lucid. After the date we are hanging out at the house. I'm still gassy. Loud Loud Loud farts. Weird soul music is on that i've never heard before. I'm looking for clothes to wear. I find a pair of wrinkled red pants in the dirty clothes. I tell her that i like the pants but they are wrinkled. She's not impressed. I don't care.

      I'm trying to WILD last night at one point but it's not happening. I can hodl still for a few minutes but then I get bored and roll over and go to sleep.
    6. Tony's Workbook

      by , 08-17-2015 at 06:56 PM
      8/17 - I"m in my office. I'm on a call with a guy, medical professional. I want him to give me information about compensation and think about a different role. He does give me the number he's being paid but i don't know if he wants the job.

      8/16 - I have tracks of my tears stuck in my head.. there's a professional wrestling personality in there somewhere.

      8/14 - I dreamed that james' real name is Harold Merryweather Honeycomb. He looks like howie mandel in disguise. I see that vanessa is evicted on facebook.
    7. 3 dreams failed WBTB

      by , 06-20-2015 at 09:02 PM
      kid been in school for 7 years, tryning to get hired as some kind of an EMS in the jungle role. I want to disqualify him or taking him too long but I remember my roots

      in SFO talking to my neice. Asking how my brother is doing? She tells me he fells bad for not trying to contact me.

      Some kind of an action move scene. I can't tell if it's a deliberatley bad parody or just terrible.fat guy is moving very slow dressed like rambo through a series of heavily armed guys in all black like ninjas. in some of the shots it looks like they are trying to throw the guns down or over reacting to simple punches.. i wonder what am i awacthing.

    8. Dealer Art Deal and BOB FURY

      by , 06-19-2015 at 09:32 AM
      POT/ART Dealer is trying to make his money and avoid the authorites until a final legalization ruling comes through. He has farmland with huge acres of barns that are filled with product and surrealist paintings. On the day the legislation passes he hires stoners to convert these barns into meuseams/amusement park for smokers. We are trying to figure out the logistics of installing AC units in these barns and convert them. The doors are thrown open in a moment of triumph. all of these stinky long haired people are overjoyed running through these pungent rooms that are brightly colored.

      there is a nick fury marathon on TV and I"M looking for a david hasslehof 90's era movie called "BOB FURY" in the b/w newspaper TV listings. I'm watching it on TV. He's got an eyepatch and a skin tight blue suit.
    9. My job + Game of thrones Dream..

      by , 06-17-2015 at 02:39 PM
      I felt very sick and crabby last night. I wanted to try some SSILD after a WBTB but ended up being very stuffy and crabby. I ended up just sleeping all night with a brief wake up because my toddler wanted to get in bed with me during the storm. I was half asleep and crabby when i let her in and knew i should have DJ'd but didn't. So no WBTB attempt but on the other hand I did remember a pretty long and vivid dream for the first time in a couple of days which was nice.

      My job + Game of thrones Dream..

      I am working with Doug, my recruiting rival in a game of thrones landscape. We are outside of winterfell and are looking to fill a specific position. I have a good candidate already but he is looking for more people, specifically the lady of winterfell. We are sitting together in an inn at a wooden table. It's very dark, lit by a few candles. As he makes plans to find the canddidate/sansa stark, I begin to put together all of the mysterious deaths that have taken place over the last couple of months/seasons. These deaths play out in my head like a series of flash backs. I see, NED, ROBB, Caytelin and Bran all slaughtered. I put that together with the fact that we already have the perfect candidate interviewing with the company now and I understand that that he intends to kill sansa and finish wiping out the stark line so he can elevate the boltons to the heirs of winterfell.

      I stand up in the inn and draw my sword. Tears are blurring my vision and i say. "it was you! how could you!" He has a dagger up to defend my blow and soon we are rolling round on the floor fighting.

      On the upside, I did a pretty good regular journal before bed and got a solid 15 min of meditation in so i'm pretty up on all of my day work.
    10. non lucid dreams about lucid dreaming

      by , 06-09-2015 at 02:57 PM
      Looks like i have a good candidate for the "stupidest ways you failed to get lucid" thread.

      WBTB INC R&D meeting

      I am working for a company that's making a brand of lucid dreaming apparel. I was looking at the prototype for a wbtb pj shirt in a board room. We are sitting around a round table and looking at a powerpoint presentation on marketing and design of our new apparel. It's white with our logo and long sleeves with vibration cuffs to wake you up after a certain number of hours. It also can detect the presence of rem sleep and will hit you with the 40hz that bring on lucid dreams. I remember being excited to be a part of the team to bring this to market.

      lucidity training session.

      I am in a endless dark empty room with an older British white man with a beard. There is a single source of illumination from above that covers us and about a ten foot radius around us. we are standing about five feet apart. He is giving me lessons in lucidity dream techniques. He is lecturing on methods of stabilization and different ways to do dream manipulation. At different times I know that this is either Robert Waggoner or Obi Wan Kenobi.
    11. Can i Rename my Dream Jounal?

      by , 07-29-2011 at 07:47 PM
      Dothrakhi Camp
      Riding with the Dothrakhi tribe. April has built a massive shrine out of bones and animal skins. I walk through it like it's a tent and the light shines through holes in the ceiling.

      Ghostly Debt Collection
      There is a powerful matriarch of a port city. She has many magical protections that all carry a very great cost. With a massive navy gathering outside the town, it's a bad time for collections to come calling. As she stands on a portcullis overlooking the sea a looming grey spiritual presence consumes her as a fast breaking fog. In that moment I can see the color fade from the city as the cannons of the naval brigade begin to fire.

      Fucking Creeps

      I'm at an outdoor night time lawn party with a friend of mine. He is chatting up this short blonde girl. They are both sitting at a wooden picnic table. I look away at roaring bonfire for a second and when I look back she is rubbing the front of his pants. He unzips and a massive cock rolls out… for like 4 feet. He sits down on the end of the table and she pulls her panties off. She climbs right on and starts screaming wildly while he slowly gyrates with a bored/nonplussed look on his face. A huge weird bubble/tumor starts to gather at the base of his cock, like a kink in a cartoon garden hose.

      I remark "I am sure not hung like that."

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    12. Family Dream and Fail Horn

      by , 07-28-2011 at 04:56 PM
      Two kids get fishbowl crawfish as pets and promptly neglect them. The mom has to take care of the crawfish. She teaches the crawfish to do simple commands and shows off the crawfish at a small house party. After the crustations do the tricks back in the fishbowl they go.

      A few minutes later the kids notice the crawfish have escaped and are crawling around the back of the couch. The kids notice this and flip out. We move the couch back and I find one crawling around where a power cord meets the electrical socket. The other one is playing in between the cushions of the couch.

      Once the Crawfish are safely back in their bowl, the kids are livid. The little boy yells "How could you do this to them? They have a right to live too!"

    13. Fantasy and Just plain Fucked

      by , 07-26-2011 at 07:10 PM
      2 dreams from last night.
      Fringe oblivion
      Playing oblivion crossed with fringe. I am in a fantasy world fighting goblins and skeletons. The ere is also a crossover to another deminsion. This new world is both unstable and less moral than our world. People keep telling me to treat this world as a less moral version of our world and though I don't believe them, I act on their advice. Again and again They are proven right and I am proven wrong.

      White power Swim meet
      I am in school, where there is a swimming pool. I want to go swim laps. The pool looks like it's a tiny shallow fountain until I stick my toe in it and suddenly I am in a very deep pool. I start swimming laps and get though several. When I come up for air there is a white supremacist rally getting started. Apparently the rally was also school sponsored. A black guy has shown up to the rally and wants his bag of free stuff. The white people start getting angry and CAMPO shows up to tell the nazi's that because this s a school sponsored rally, they cannot legally restrict any student from coming.
    14. Dream and Fragment

      by , 07-22-2011 at 10:42 PM
      Dream Note

      I woke up after a couple of hours of sleep to remember this fragment
      Taking care of a community as winter is coming. Helping negotioate for a woman's new husband and th sale of her lands.

      I woke up again several hours later to remember this.

      Bar Visit with Satan
      Visiting a bar with a bunch of old college people. The devil I shanging out with us. April has a copy of season's of mist that she is going to read later. Three people named mike are there. We make plans to go hang out at their place after the bar closed. One mike asks me how I know to go hang out there and I tell him that we've been there before and he said that the furniture has changed since. He says that there was a day when they took a bunch of tables and put them in the yard in a rainstorm and played DND all night until the rain caved in the tables.

      The devil is holding court at the other end of the bar about the nature of evil. I want to be seen as evil but I don't want to be evil so I go stand over by him and listen to what he has to say. He tells me I need to kill the next person that comes out of the bathrroom. The devil is a skinny guy with red skin, horns and a goatee.

      After the bar I go back to the mike's house and realize that I left april at the bar. A cab shows up shortly after and she is in the cab.
    15. Dress for Revolution

      by , 06-26-2011 at 04:26 AM
      Benson and clarence royce are playing threes in a small swampy one room shack while making tactical plans for a one room revolution. The revolution is violent and the resistance is short on supplies. I find out that the two men have both ordered crazy expensive victorian era solid black suits from couture designers on the internet. I tell them about how this is a war of action and they tell me about how their ancestors were politicos and it's most important to look your best when representing the people. Just then the Fed Ex truck is coming down the dirt road. The driver throws the packages off the truck and I get a good look at them. The clothes look like the kind of clothes you can by for your avatar in the microsoft market.
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