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    1. How I should fly / Making someone lucid

      by , 09-04-2014 at 04:05 PM
      I am sitting on a meadow and put a boy some lipstick on. “This is a dream”, I think and start to fly, but some meters over the floor I feel a hand on my leg. It’s the boy, he drags me down. “Hey Theresa! You aren’t ready with my make-up”, he says. For a moment I think I should wish him away, but maybe it could be good to accept the dream situation. While finishing the make-up I talk to him. “So ..you can fly?”, I ask him. “Yes”, he says and smiles proudly. In my last lucid dreams I had sometimes problems with flying especially with the raising (not when I began to fly, while I was flying, it’s hard to explain for me in english ). So I ask him if he could help me. “Sure”, he says. “First we need a hillside or something like that.” He advances and I follow him. Some time later I discover a swing set with a big spider web. I consider the threads. They look very real like the whole dream. Than I follow the boy again and we arrive to a hillside with a valley. The boy shows me how to fly. He flies horizontally and when he wants to raise he sticks two fingers in the air. I start to fly too and it works! Happy about the new method I fly a little bit more. Than I wake up…

      I am lying in my bed and think about my lucid dream. Okay I didn’t lie in my bed I lied in my new purse, but I didn’t notice that Suddenly I see a wikipeda side where someone have written something about me. I become lucid and go out of my room to our bath room. There I find my sister ironing. She wants me to leave the room, but I walk to the window and I mount our housetop (okay actually I left the room). Outside it’s cloudy and the sky is grey. Near the bathroom window I discover a second window. A friend looked out of the window. Suddenly I remember that I heard somewhere it should be possible to make someone in your dream lucid, too. So I try. “You know you’re just dreaming” I said. “Really? No I am only washing my hands”, she says and smiles. “Hm count your fingers”. I answer. . “12.” “And how many fingers should you have….?” “5. Oh there’s a ball in my hand”. She says. And really there is a ball in her hand. I ask “Where was the ball before” “Hmm I don’t know. You’re right I must be dreaming”. I am happy and tried to show here how to fly, but she only falls on her butt. I have to laugh and wake up…

      See you!

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    2. My first DJ entry - lucid dream turns into a little nightmare

      by , 08-31-2014 at 06:08 PM

      This is my first english DJ entry, so I try to give my best

      I am situated on a big meadow and look into the sky. It's morning and the orange shining sun is sourrounded by purple but also dark clouds. I am fascinated, because skys like these are very seldom in my dreams. Suddenly I am lucid, I can't remember what was the reason for it. So I started to fly a little bit, but unexpectedly I feel my real body. I land and move my dream body and my eyes. It works! Happy about the stabilizated dream I look aorund. I'm standing on a beach, as beautiful and rare like the sky. The water is colored in a dark blue and I hear the rustle waves. I make some steps in the sea while noticing that I wear my pyjama. Some time later I discover some dolphins. I want to swim to them, but than I see them bleed. More and more I became turbid (? I don't know the word for it. It is the opposite of lucid). I am only standing there and staring at the dream situation. The dark blue water turns into red and suddenly two submarines appear of the sea. The men in it begin to shoot at me and I start to running away in a field. Moreover they throw multicolored balls at me. I notice that the situation is hopeless and wake up...

      See you
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