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    Creepy House

    by , 08-13-2012 at 07:53 AM (503 Views)
    Alright..Here we go about a little nightmare-ish dream I had a few days ago.(As I said, it was a few days ago, so it is a little patchy, bear with me)

    The first thing I see is this normal living room, in a nice house, in the country. The room was cool, had large front windows, except one thing: It was empty. I was standing in the middle of what I can already sense was a real old, huge house. I start hearing conversations with my mom about the house being a beautiful house, that we obviously just moved in, there were some stuff there left by the previous owner(whatever happened to them, I am scared to know...), the house was welcoming, but it didn't sit right with me. As I go looking about the home(Which was not but 3 rooms that I saw), I got more and more story about that house. The stories were unintelligible, I couldn't make out/remember what was being said, but I thought I heard a rumor about a haunting in it, maybe that's where I got the creepy feeling. Next thing I remember is it skipped a few days, and I ended up in this giant room upstairs that looks like a catholic cathedral. The issue with this room, was it was almost 100% dark, no lights. The only lights in here were light seeping in from nearby bedrooms and dim light from other invisible sources. It was enough to see barely forward, but it was pitch black at the roof.
    The cathedral was beautiful, but so empty, it felt sad instead of joyful. In the center was a sink(Probably supposed to be an alter, now that I think about it) with about 3 really old china, that needed a wash. I was elected to clean them, and I was pretty much alone anyway at this point. I didn't feel threatened per se, but it was definitely creepy, as it was dark. The realtor told me as she left the room that there were these two figurines on the sink, to the right. She said if these ever, EVER look away from each other, that it would be very bad.
    I stare at them the whole time I wash the dishes, and I feel more and more creeped out by them. I guess they reminded me of Weeping Angels from Doctor Who as if you stop looking at them, they move. I finished the dishes, looked away for a sec at the doorway(there were two, one went to bedroom(s), the other I have no clue), when I looked back I tripped, when I got back up the statues were looking toward me at an angle, not in a threatening way, they had no expression, but I knew I was in deep trouble. I must have bumped the sink platform thing as I tripped.
    I get so filled with fear that something might happen that I start walking out, but just then, I fall over crippled with a full body numbness(I assume sleep paralysis in real life?). It lasts a few seconds, then I get over it. I run out of that cathedral, and fall in the hallway outside that had two bedrooms there. I hear the loudest, creepiest sound from the bedroom, and I can't get back up. I anticipate the worst. What comes out is this wind-up toy(You know like the little robots?) that looked like a train with a demon/dragon(couldn't tell) face on it. It reminded me of a bug as it slithered toward me, but I run down the stairs, and straight into the living room. Here I tell mom about what happened, just as another comes behind me. I stomp on it and throw it out the window, but another one is on the window. Now I fear it is a full-blown infestation. We somehow skip the night, and I go outside, screw this creepy as hell house.
    What I see outside is a fresh, August, Saturday morning. What does it look like? Hundreds of tall thin trees with no leaves. It appears to be the fall season, late August maybe, and makes me even more creeped out. I ask how we leave, and I am told by helicopter. I am thinking "Okay, then we will just call them to take us away from here!". Yeah right..It is a Saturday, they refuse to fly to us on the weekends. We are trapped here. I hear a river, and I decide "Lets go to it." I forgot to mention, my bro was there with my mom in the living room the whole time in the dream. Now as we are all outside this house, the house feels like it was never there. It was a bad memory, but I never look back to see if it was still there. We find the river, and here is the sight: There is a canoe, overturned, by some boulders to the left, across the embankment(it was about 40 feet across, from where we were, to the other side), there was an American flag to the right on our side, and to me that was a good sign, at least we are in America. I climb a tree, well lets be honest, I found myself atop a tree after making the decision to be up it, and saw we were trapped on a remote island. There was no other island in sight, we were on a pretty big island, with obviously the only thing on it what I already described. I figured the canoe was our only option to do at least something. (I am now on the ground, next to mom and bro)I say "Hey, I can levitate, I will fly to the other side, get the canoe, and bring it back. I will get it to you, and we can all ride in it."
    I jump into the air, and get about 5 feet until I start getting blown by the winds. I am going higher higher, lower, left, right, any direction. The wind came out of nowhere, affected only me, and I was hopeless. I finally will myself to be near the flag, I grab onto it, pull myself closer to the pole, then force myself down, shimmying to the ground. I touch ground and say, "I am never doing that again, I guess we are trapped."
    The dream promptly ended.

    Well, that's about it for my first dream here, I have had a few in the past, but I thought I'd share this one. It was entirely non-lucid, not entirely vivid(I couldn't feel anything aside from the flag(barely), and the numbness in the cathedral room.) but it was pretty memorable, I gotta say. This happened about a week ago, and has been on my mind ever since. It was not a nightmare, but was pretty freaky/creepy. I never had sweats, shaking, fast heartbeat, or quick awakening when I woke up.
    By the way, the floating thing is a recurring theme in my dreams, which I hope to turn into a dream sign. When it happens, it happens in almost all my dreams, it is usually as I leave a building or van, I just levitate into the air, sometimes I can control it, most of the time I cannot. I try going upside down, sideways, doing different hand motions, etc to get back down..It can be scary, as I turn upside-down trying to grab a hand or roof or something to grab onto, but I am too slow and drift into the sky. Perhaps one day I can make it to automatically signal lucidity.

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