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    Flying over NYC

    by , 09-11-2012 at 07:59 PM (763 Views)
    Everything may not be in correct order...

    I remember I was in this like play, and I was an adult female. A creepy guy was beside me talking about something, then I guess he scared me, as I went above into the air vents, and he followed, I remember spraying something on him, don't remember what it was. Skip ahead, I wanted to go to this one secluded island off the side of NYC, and I was trying to make a getaway, but I was stuck listening to this guy..He offered to help me, but I didn't trust him. I sneaked away, onto a nearby island, and decided I needed to get somewhere specific. I floated into the air, scared at first not knowing if I could control it, but then I figured it out. Fists forward, superman like but with both fists, I found flying downwards brought my up, up brought me down, left and right worked fine. I could build up a lot of speed, but never got too far into the sky. My main goal was not hitting power lines or cars, but also worrying what others were thinking of someone flying past them while they were driving. I fly all the way to one corner of town, and stop as it is getting dark, and I am getting tired. There is an antiques shop, and an old restaurant. I tell the guy trying to help me over cell phone where I am, and he comes, I eat while he is on his way. I look at the things left over, I guess I got like fries and something else, the containers they were in were like McDonalds, but darker red, and old fashioned. It appears there are monopoly stickers on them, so I read them, one said "Discount on blah blah" The other one was free shake or something like that.

    So the guy comes over, I steal his car(rude..), find a few things inside throw them out, and run the car into a 20 foot deep or so ditch. I then fly away across the town, as I am on the exact other corner of the town that I wanted to be in, it is daytime again, and I just keep flying. I reach my destination, it looks like nobody has ever been on the island, I am in paradise.

    I feel like there was more to this dream, like with the car, just that stop mainly, and at the beginning, that play.. I think I have been to that place before where the play was..I can feel another dream coming to me from either last night or a few nights ago, but I can't quite remember what it is about .-. Actually, it is probably yesterday's dream that I couldn't remember..

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    1. TehDalek's Avatar
      This was on 9/11 and I dream about NY, wow! lol