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    Last few days' dreams: Superhero instruction DVD, Liz Taylor, Animal Abuse, NY minecraft, and AWANA.

    by , 09-05-2012 at 04:40 AM (558 Views)
    Been too lazy to write dreams lately, gonna write what I remember. I should really start writing in a physical DJ by my bed instead of waiting until I get online.

    I was watching a DVD that had a scene selection of about 13 videos. Each one showcased a different super power. I recognized flying, so I skipped that one. I watched another video but was uninterested, so I put in a new one. This video was about transmogrifying, or bending objects midair. Making items into different items, etc. I thought I could do it, and after a few tries, got a mattress in midair and bent it. I tried with a heavier item, and found weight was no issue. Sweet. Now I have two superpowers. Next video was about telekinesis... I had to know telekinesis to do the previous skill, but I wanted to keep watching in case this video had anything to offer.The dream ended shortly after that.
    Two more things that happened in the dream, but I do not know when, or what connects to them. Me, my brother, and my mom were in this shop. I ordered like a milkshake or something like that, my brother orders a 176 slice pizza special for like 10 bucks, it also came with a container of wings. I remember thinking "Why didn't I get that..? Wanna share?" Another thing I saw was the inside of a company I used to work for, real quickly though, I think it was in the back of that place the tv was..

    Liz Taylor in Virginia City (9/3/2012)
    So me, a female church friend, my older brother, and my mom were in Virginia city. Pretty much everyone who came up to me told me to go take a picture with Liz Taylor, meet up with her, etc. "Ooh, shes famous, go meet her!"
    Well I didn't even know who she was..I met her, and she was like 20 years old, blonde, but very down to earth. She wasn't like "Oh I'm popular", it was as if she grew up here, and loves the town. On the edge of the town, there was a shop, my mom went in there for the rest of the dream. I noticed the road was all torn up, leaving big sections set apart, big holes going down in-between the road sections, and a huge yellow crane obviously having something to do with it. Me, my brother, and my friend walk around, then eventually want to get back to the town, as we drift away a bit. We follow this crane, but it leads us to some random government company that we sneak around hoping not to get caught. Well we do get caught, and instead of letting them throw us in jail or something, we ran for it. We ended up at this road, and instantly I know it is 2-4 miles away from the town, on the way to it. Instead of walking the road to get to town, or going back to the company, we see this path on the side of the road, and follow it, maybe it can bring us back to town. So we follow the path, it is very windy, and mostly dirt. At one point there is asphalt, so narrow, it is like 4 inches thick. Dream kinda ends here, as we are on our way back.

    Demon cats (9/4/2012)
    So me and my brother are at this government place, and we see two puppies. I catch one, and another is behind a door with like iron fencing with barbwire on either side. my brother grabs the puppy, and a pickup truck comes out of nowhere shines light on my brother. I try running, then decide I wouldn't get far, and I am not leaving my brother Kris. So we both get thrown in the back seats. A dangerous man is driving, and throws the puppies in the bed of the pickup. the pickup is not your normal pickup, as the bed of the truck was pretty much level with the back windows, so not much room, but a flat spot on the back of the truck.
    The man gives me and Kris two kittens and says they will be our death. He says some crap about their claws being so sharp they will kill us and something like if we get bitten by them after two minutes we will die from some chemical from the kittens... Kris and I weren't buying it.
    So what do we do? I pick a kitten up and grab it by the neck, put my thumb to its neck, and start squeezing. I last about a minute and stop, somehow as I am squeezing it is biting one of my fingers? I hand it to Kris and he holds both kittens and laughs through the pain, but as the kittens are slowly dying Kris makes like a trophy out of them by writing their faces on a large piece of paper, and signing it..
    Since the kittens are dead, the driver gets pissed, next thing I see we drive out of a tall building and I see out of the windshield the ground approaching fast in front, and I brace for impact, then out of nowhere the truck stops midair..or so I thought. the front of the car stuck into the ground and we were all safe. Tragically the puppies in back didn't survive the crash. The driver gets out and picks the puppies up then throws them on the ground in anger.

    I gotta say this dream had a lot of animal abuse... .-.

    NY Minecraft (9/4/2012)
    I am talking to the owner of this minecraft server I have been banned on forever, and tell him how I was originally banned unfairly, then an alt was banned unfairly, then someone else was banned unfairly, etc. I eventually get my main account unbanned, and since I was mod for 2 months on the server before, my mind assumes I am mod3 on there
    (a mod type on present on my normal server) with two mods from my normal server on it as well. The weird thing: It was first person, not a game, and it was in a grocery store. So I walk around, trying to use the /thru command that normally brings you though walls, but it wont work. I try spawning a compass and using that instead, but I realize the owner of the server banned /thru because he thinks mods would abuse it. As the dream progresses I find more and more I hate about the server.

    Strange AWANA location (9/4/2012)
    Another dream takes place as AWANA starts
    , and I am forced to volunteer. So I go there, and it is like 4 rooms in a hallway, then down the hallway is 1-2 more rooms. There were about 15 people helping out, which was a lot given the space, and amount of kids. I didn't do anything other than observe. As the AWANA thing finished, the kids were let out of their rooms, and as the last door opens Diane from our church looks inside, shields a kids eyes and yells "Oh my God!"
    Welp. You have my attention. I take a peek inside the room and wish I hadn't. Warning, it ain't pretty. What I see inside is a weird old dude in the back watching another old guy having sex with an old woman WTF. The people from inside walk out, after putting clothes on, and everything goes as normal.

    I assume it is like the next day or something, because here I am walking around some random store. I see a ramp and go down it, and I find myself at a shoe, casino, and general clothing section of the store. As if those things are really related. I look for a way out because I have no interest here at all. As I walk leave the store some bells go off. I see confetti and people start clapping. I walk back in after being told it was set up for a just married couple to walk through. I look for an alternate exit and see a few fire exits, but I know they are all alarmed. I see another normal exit and walk out of the store again. I do not know why, but I go back inside the store and I see an older couple look for an exit as well. They walk out one of the fire exits. As expected the alarm sounds off. I quickly run up to them and inform them that they made the mistake I just made, but they seemed confused. I return back the way I entered into this section of the store. I find the ramp and go back up. I check the time and AWANA is about to start again. I see a room filled with first graders and one has like bright red hair, like he just put dye in it or something. I walk into the main room of this building (It is like right outside the grocery store) and sit down in front of a desk. Someone comes in with a big brown bag and pulls Chinese food out, starts dishing it out to people, then the dream sort of ends.

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