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    Todays dreams: Meeting dream guides and a false awakening

    by , 11-09-2012 at 07:28 PM (938 Views)
    Meeting my dream guides!

    So first off me and my family were at this house and some people came to the door. There are various girls without clothes on. They were just standing there in their underwear. There were 2-3 other guys with them. I run to my bedroom, trying to escape these people because something did not seem right. I sit there listening for about a half an hour. It turns out they are from this game show. It was all improv. Someone comes up with the topic and the rest discuss it without a script. I put some clothes on, and start to leave my hiding spot. Just before I open the door one of the girls from earlier starts talking to me from the other side. She says "You done with that tissue? *Giggle*" Implying I was masturbating. I tell her I wasn't doing anything immodest, and she laughs it off. I leave the bedroom and go back to where everyone else is. I don't want to play their stupid game, so I look around and see some small balls on the ground. They look like water balls or bouncy balls or something. I guess there was a challenge or something with them. I would put one or more in my mouth, move them around a bit, then spit them out. They would then be awkwardly shaped like a potato or something, then I would smooth them into balls. They were jelly-like, which lead me to believe they were filled with water. I noted at this time that I was a child in this dream. Some then tried taking us (Me, my brother, and someone I have never seen before) away to some place. I tried escaping but failed. At this place a girl strips me and says "His butt seems to be the only thing salvageable. The rest isn't really for show business." I start to worry about how bad of a situation I may be in. Suddenly this girl comes in, probably about 22, black. She has about 5 children, various ages. They were mostly in their teens. The woman drops these kids off, with a nervous look on her face. I start yelling "Something isn't right here, let us go!" and eventually run out of there. As I am walking...I suddenly think "Am I dreaming?"

    "Hell yes!" (I never RC, I just know) So I look around, trying to find something to do. I looked at my surroundings and found myself in a desert. I couldn't see much around me except a highway. Various cars are zooming by. I focus in on a motorcycle that has two women riding it. I then run into the motorcycle as it gets near my location and as I recover I state my intention to locate my dream guide. I talk to the driver of the motorcycle and ask her name. She replies that she does not remember. I look around and notice a shelter nearby. It looked kinda like a horse stable. I also noticed that the mobile home I live in was also nearby.
    The other girl has recovered now and is now standing nearby. I ask the rider of the motorcycle if she can be my Dream Guide and she replies no. I ask the other and she said that they come in a pair, if one is to be my Dream Guide then both must be. So I ask the one if she knows what a dream guide is, and she gives me a face that basically spoke "...Really? Of course I know." So we are now inside the mobile home and it looks like someone packed up. there was boxes and furniture still inside, but none of the occupants seemed to be anywhere in sight. It was a strange and saddening sight. It seems my parents just kinda...left after us children were taken. I think it interesting to note however, that the home mentioned earlier where the game show happened was at a place I don't recognize. I don't know if we lived there in this dream or if we were there for another reason.

    Anyway, at this point I ask my newfound Dream Guides to teach me a new dream skill. The one Dream Guide says "Hmm...Human cloning is not an easy task, so lets start smaller." I found a pen nearby, so I offer that we can do something cool with it. The Dream Guide then grabs a pillowcase and folds it. She then opens it back up and puts a golden rod inside it. She folds the pillowcase back over the rod and starts rubbing the materials together real quickly until sparks start to appear. She says "First you must generate electricity before we can proceed to the next step." She hands me the items and I start rubbing them together like she did. Sparks start flying, and she smiles. I start looking at the sparks: White light so bright..My vision starts to blur, and I get a little sad. The dream is ending. I "Wake up."

    FA about my last dream

    So I think that I woke up, feeling mixed emotions on my previous dream..I am sitting in front of my laptop, talking to my brother about my dream. On my laptop was a wiki that had everything about my previous dream. I found it amazing that I hadn't even written my dream down yet, but this wiki knew everything about the dream. I'm talking about lists, pictures, maps, everything. I was talking to my brother about the wonders of having some Dream Guides, and the sadness that the dream ended, but I am just as happy about it now as I was then.
    We, as a family, went to this garage. The place seemed quite familiar from my dream, because in the dream there was this garage door inside the house. I looked around and was excited. I figured I'd visit my dream location. We go inside the garage door, but it is...just a garage. Nothing special. The dream ended shortly after.

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    1. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Woot! Congrats!! hopefully they come back in future dreams ;D