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    Youtube on microwave, an epic house fight

    by , 08-21-2012 at 05:49 PM (591 Views)
    Two dreams again ._.

    Casually watching youtube on the microwave

    I remember watching on the microwave, specifically 2-3 videos on Nintendo 64 best games countdowns. I watch the last video, and my dad comes out to the kitchen, and I start talking to him about the Nintendo 64. He recognizes some game I have never heard of, then I remember the countdown hitting #2, then the dream ends.

    I then see my dream friend wake up, and he is a bit depressed that he remembers none of his dreams the previous night. I then tell him what precisely happened in his dream, like I was a bystander or something.

    "Epic" house fight

    Okay, so me, my brother, and my mom are at my grandparents' house, and I either have my psp, or my yo-yo with me. If it was my psp, it was dead, if it was my yo-yo, it had no string. Either way, I could not use either one, so I just had it in my pocket. Due to boredom my grandma suggests we go digging for something of which I can not remember. So we grab two quite heavy chairs, three small shovels, go into a van, and take off. We go up a mountain, but on the way up, we go around three corners, all of which have a lake next to them, you have to drive a bit into the water to get around and up.(Deja vu moment. Not sure if I dreamed of this place before, or what.) We end up at the top, and we see about 3 homes, and a lot of land. We put the 3 shovels in a soft spot in the dirt in someone's front yard, and I am sitting there wondering why we were doing this, and if one of us owned this land or something. My mom and I sit down in the heavy chairs, and wait two to three minutes, then grandma grabs one shovel and says "they need to be taken out like this, one jerk to the back, to knock the dirt out, but keep the ___(...Something. Don't remember what) in." So what is left on the shovel is what looks like granola bars, but I assume it is some vegetable. We do the same to the other shovels, and next thing I know we are back at my grandparent's home(Dream home, doesn't have the same appearance as the real one).

    I look in the street and there are archers and swordsmen standing there, after something of which I do not know. They all sort of stand down, so we think we are safe, but as they start dispersing, one man who looks like Boromir from Lord of the Rings keeps his bow fired straight at me. He shoots it, and I dodge, running to the backyard.
    A huge fight ensues, and I try to gather reinforcements. I see two cats with about 6 six kittens, and somehow know they will help. Oddly they were located behind a fence in the backyard, which had another fence behind it. I keep walking, and see some pigeons, I see them, say that we are in danger, they all fly off, but I think they are on our side. I think see a huge tree get up and start gathering bushes and other trees to help. The big tree reminded me of an ent. I see a pigeon, and hold on to it, it brings me way into the air, and drops me, I grab onto a nearby tree, and climb down. Then the dream sort of ended.

    I do not think either of these as being fragment dreams, they were both pretty entertaining, I'd say my dream recall is getting much better

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