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    Swimming with a pinch of Lucidity

    by , 06-17-2011 at 07:40 PM (397 Views)
    I was walking toward this pond that a kid from my church way in the past was standing at. It was a bright summer day and I wanted to swim. I could tell he was thinking the same thing. I told him we could just skinny dip, it's no big deal. Then my brother and some of my cousins came up to the pond and we all agreed to just jump in. So we did and I sat there swimming for a little while just going back and forth. My brother decided it would be fun to have a race. So all of us raced back and forth across the pond multiple times. It didn't matter how hard I tried, I couldn't swim fast at all, unless I was on my back, but, my brother said, smugly you couldnt swim on your back because it's against the rules. So I said I'm not participating then and he and the rest of my family started calling me a poor sport and shit, but I didnt really care. I just decided to float on my back and look at the clouds and take in the sun.

    I walked around the pond a bit to see how deep it got. At the deepest it went up to my neck. It was strange because I could feel the mushy sand/dirt of the ponds floor and I could feel the waters buoyant force when I was floating on my back. Usually when I float on my back, my legs slowly sink down so I can never stay floating for long, but this time I was perfectly floating on top of the water. I was amazed at my new found floating abilities. I decided to swim around a bit under water for a while. Without thinking about it I opened my eyes under the water and as soon as I did I remember this was a pond and maybe not the cleanest thing for my eyes so I came above water and tried to wipe them clean. As this happened, my cousin, S, asked someone if they think its ok to open your eyes under the water. I told her I just did and they arent burning or hurting or feeling dirty or anything, but I still doubt it's good.

    Then there was a break in continuity and it went to me and A sitting up the hill a bit looking at the pond. She asked me how it was. I told her I didn't really know because I was dreaming the entire time. She was worried and said, "You were dreaming? You could have drowned!" I explained to her that I wasn't dreaming while I was swimming, but, rather, the entire thing was a dream. She got confused and asked me how it could be a dream if we are here at the pond right now. I realized she was right. This is part of the dream. I got excited and told her this. And I said to look around look at these trees, this grass, the pond! It's all so REAL! So vivid. This is a dream right now! I can't believe this is a dream. I created this entire world in all its beauty. To prove to myself this was a dream I decided to jump in the pond because, if I were dreaming, I wouldn't feel anything. To my surprise, I could actually feel the water, but it wasn't a real feeling. Just an impression of a sensation, but sensation nonetheless, but I still knew it was a dream. I explained my mind to A during this. I kept telling her to look at all these different things, like plans, and buildings that were around. I was amazed at how colorful and vivid everything was. Then I realized since it's a dream, it has to end soon. I connected the parallels between the dream world and real life, about how its so beautiful, but it ends eventually. I got really sad and held A tight and told her I don't want it to end, talking about both the dream and real life. I kept saying how I wanted to stay forever. But knowing this wish was futile, I decided to make the best of it and have sex with her right there in the grass with people off in the distance. It doesnt matter if they see us, it's a dream after all! She went with it, and we had suuuuuch intense sex...but I knew it was time to wake up. And so Iwoke up.

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