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    Weird feels

    by , 07-22-2017 at 10:54 AM (129 Views)
    Started out at studio. Went home did something. Someone wanted to jam so I went back but there was a keyboard player that asked if I was playing bass. For some reason I didn't want to play with him and got mad said no, fuck me right? He asked if anyone learned his song. E. pulled out a piece of cardboard that had some of the chords and structure written out. They started to play but I left. I found myself in this big field, supposedly by my house, it was early morning, a bunch of people were outside waiting for the shuttle launch. I was sitting on a roof waiting. Saw it fly through the sky in the distance as a small white light basically. I was kind of disappointed it didn't blow up. Someone started singing about the successful launch. I started walking home, ran into my dad. We turned and walked to a circle of people and I saw C and her dad. I said hey. Someone had a huge rc dragon and flew it around the area in a big circle and it came to a stop and hovered upside down in front of the guy controlling it. C and I were wondering how it could fly when its so big and clunky, and she asked me if I was going somewhere. I said yea and was then in a car with D on our way. We were driving down Mackenzie and I saw the same light that was the shuttle falling backwards in the sky. I wondered if it was failing or if time had started reversing. The road we were on took on an ominous feel. The houses were no more and on either side of the road were fields of dead trees. I asked D if this was Mackenzie, he said yea. I said, I don't think so. I think I'm dreaming....dude I'm sleeping on my couch right now. He said naw man he's driving down Mackenzie. I said, are you sure? Then the road came to and end at a little white house, road covered in hay. The road went into a big lake I thought was lake eerie. I told D this was weird, it felt weird, really scary for some reason. Told him I was gonna wake up this is weird. So I thought I did. I was laying on my couch and I look around. I hear that high pitch TV sound turning on and off. I look at the clocks and they're flashing. I think its weird the power went off wondering if the surge was what threw me and D off course for some reason, convinced it must have. Still laying on the couch I see a mirror with a seemingly shadowy figure. I try to call out to make it go away but only weak sounds came out. This frightened me for some reason and the ominous feeling came back. I got up and inspected the clocks which were flashing in classical "power was out" form. I thought maybe we were robbed and that's why power was out. I went to check on my parents as I noticed the sun was starting to come up. I went in their room as my dad scrambled to the bathroom and my mom walked out to ask what's up. Told her I thought we were being burgled and was scared for them, was making sure they're safe. I heard the hum of TV going on and off again and asked them if they heard or noticed when the power went out. They did not. I looked at their clocks and they were solid, so power in their room didn't go out. I thought it was strange and got confused. I went back into living room with parents and the TV was flashing static and weird patterns. I asked if that was because of a power outage. He said no but it was acting broken. We were all looking at a painting or picture hanging above the couch that I've never seen before. It was a kind of earthy tone image of some comedian in a bar or something and as I stared it started moving around all trippy. I got lost in it for a minute then remembered we were being burgled, and I saw the guy try to take off. I chased after him and we were running around the house. He jumped to the roof, then I remembered I was dreaming, I can stop him easily so I held out my hand to freeze him but he just jumped over the house anyway. I was momentarily sad my powers failed but happy to know I'm dreaming and safe. I started thinking about the dream and wondered how it started. Thought about waking up to write it down and I kept going back to my body on the couch but couldn't make it roll over and pick up my tablet and write. I was so comfy I thought, fuggit, that scene with D on Mackenzie was so intense for some reason, no way I'll forget. I went back to sleep and someone was talking to me out in that dead tree area and said they needed more time with my parents. Waves started splashing up where we were and I thought the next wave will wash out the scene and I will have summoned my parents for him. But then the guy jumped out of view and I thought, oh duh, were going to them. Another wave came up and washed out my vision to white and then I woke up for real.

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