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    The Cusp

    Back with a Vengeance

    by , 01-31-2016 at 01:31 AM (315 Views)
    I've been using the technique where you focus on a part of your body, then move that spot around before falling asleep. I think it's Robert Bruce that recommends doing that for astral travel. I wasn't doing it for dreaming, I was actually working on my Kamehameha. Seriously. Whatever the case, it's really boosted my dream recall.

    One night while doing this, it really helped me fall asleep super fast. Only I'd go into a smaller dream? A mini dream? Hard to explain. I was doing it all night, as I was falling asleep, and even in my dreams. Gave me great lucids, although that mini dream thing really screwed up my narrative, making it difficult to recall details.

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