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    The Cusp

    Brief Lucid

    by , 05-29-2015 at 01:17 PM (330 Views)
    Ive just fallen asleep, and I notice the dreamscape is still kind of dark and shadowy, not fully formed yet. I realize this means I'm dreaming!

    I see that I'm at work, so I try to levitate into the air to begin flying, so that I can use the power of momentum to solidify the dream. Only instead of my body rising into the air, a ghost or spirit form of myself rises out of my dream body. Close enough. I completely ignore the spit that just happened, and focus completely on flying, and even looking back at the "body" I just left behind.

    I dip and dive, building speed, my flight control gets better, and I randomly float down to the ground. While wondering what do do next, I spot my new co-worker. I get the idea to try and somehow leave a mark on his real physical body by messing with this representation of him in the dream world. I had read of people waking with red marks from doing this, and I wanted to try it. I figured I'd put my hands on his arm or something, but then he began walking right at me.

    I throw up my hands and push against my co-worker's chest, but I have no traction, and he just keeps walking, pushing me along until he plows me into some work benches and the impact wakes me up.
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