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    Chuck Norris Cult

    by , 10-26-2010 at 04:20 PM (564 Views)
    I haven't bothered taking notes of my dreams when I wake, relying instead on memory. I recall my dreams until I fall back asleep. Unfortunately, that causes me to have the same dream over, only with knowledge of the first time around at my disposal. Then when I wake up for good, having two versions of the same dream makes it very difficult to properly recall either of them. But they were all pretty dull anyways.

    The only dream of note I can recall was a fragment from 3 days ago.

    Fragment: Chuck Norris Cult
    A guy walks up to me and asks in a tone of voice that implies a joke "What does it take to join the Chuck Norris cult?"

    "I don't know, what?" I reply, waiting for the punch line.

    "If you knew, you'd already be a member." he tells me.

    This somehow seems profound and makes an odd kind of sense. "Well them maybe I'm already a member", I say to him.

    Somehow it seemed funnier in the dream than it did upon waking.

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    1. Man of Shred's Avatar
      LOL that was awesome.