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    The Cusp

    Finally, sleep!

    by , 03-30-2013 at 02:07 PM (431 Views)
    Got some earplugs, they really helped me sleep. Forgot to set up something to take notes from my dreams, so I lost a lot them. I'll be better prepared tonight.

    Recall: 5/10
    Sleep: Good
    Sleep Position: Unknown

    I'm cruising through Ottawa U, using a wheeled thing like a scooter. My ride started off as one of those carts librarians put books on, and at some point morphed into a sort of custom hospital gurney with a pattern on the mattress which contains the face of Jesus.

    One of my high school teachers stops me and gives me crap for messing with school property, but I point out the Jesus face in the pattern and tell him Jesus ain't allowed in public universities. I scoot along to the fron entrance where I encounter another high school teacher (mr Hupe), expecting the same out oh him, but he lets me leave no problem.

    I scoot down towards the Rideau center and enter a coffee shop. The music here is pretty good and I figure this will be a great place to hang before classes. The place begins to get more and more crowded, and before long I'm underneath a dogpile of people, two of which are resting their elbows on my face, using it as an arm rest.

    I get angry, shove everyone off me and yell out "MY FACE IS NOT AN ARM REST!!!!". The people I shoved are a little pissed, but I keep them at bay with the look of death. Only one of them tries to confront me. A black guy, well built, but he's a good head shorter than I am, and even though he's acting tough, I know he won't make a move.

    Garden of Weed-en
    Recall: 3/10
    Sleep: Good
    Sleep Position: Unknown

    I'm driving along the queensway when I notice some marijuana growing in a cornfield to my right. I pull over and head into the field, but when I get there I can only see some poppies growing in front of the crops. Not interested in the poppies, I check out what else is growing.

    There are small water melons, corn, tomatoes, and some carrots which I grab to chew on. I spot some cardboard baskets and begin to fill one with produce. The owner of the fields come along, and I pretend I was there to buy stuff, not raid their field.

    There was another dream I wanted to record that was a perfect example of jumping tracks. The dream scene was one thing, but focusing on a dream character completely changed the existing context of the dream. Can't remember the details though, made the mistake of trusting it to memory instead of writing it down.

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