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    The Cusp

    Gotta go!

    by , 01-10-2018 at 11:53 AM (483 Views)
    I need to pee IRL as badly as I need to in the dream. I'm in an apartment store, and rush into the bathroom to pee. All the stalls are taken, and there are no urinals, so I whip it out and begin to pee in the sink. I'm peeing and peeing and it just won't stop. After a few minutes, it sinks in that there are no urinals, and I look up to see three women staring at me aghast. "He's STILL doing it!" one of them says in disgust. They think I'm a flasher, and I try to explain that I'm not, but the fact that I'm not putting my penis away would seem to indicate otherwise. I just can't stop peeing!

    I put my dick away and run out of there before the cops show up. I run outside looking for somewhere more private to pee. Down the street there is some sort of NFL billboard with a talking robot dude which provides a bit of cover, so I go to pee there. The talking robot sure swears an awful lot as I go. For some reason my penis keeps getting longer every time I look at it. "Impressive", says the robot, "want me to hold that for you?". I actually think him holding the end might be a good idea, since it's now so long it's difficult to keep straight, and the pressure is making it hard to pee.

    At this point, it's almost 5 feet long, and I'm considering cutting it off since it's obviously some sort of alien parasite.

    End up at a friend's house, still peeing non-stop, before I finally wake up and pee for real.

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