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    The Cusp

    Heist Repeater

    by , 02-13-2016 at 01:22 PM (339 Views)
    I'm on the beach, with normal beach stuff happening, and walk across the bridge to the Quebec side. On that side of the river, the majority of the women on the beach are topless, and I think to myself "I fucking LOVE Quebec!".

    I run into Jason, who has a couple of people with him, and I follow them inside a building as we walk and talk. Once inside, Jason and his boys start looting the place. Seems like they are competing with each other, the first to find something good gets to keep it, so they are running around tearing the place apart, looking for stuff to steal. Since I seem to already be involved, I join in. They rest of the guys are on the main floor and the basement, so I run upstairs hoping to get a head start on them.

    I was heading for the bedrooms, but I see glass display case in the main hall upstairs, filled with various expensive looking trinkets, which I stuff into my pockets. There's also some bags of money, how convenient! I stuff my pockets until they are bulging, then try to get downstairs, which is confusing, because there are four staircases connecting the first and second floors (it's a big condo/mansion). At the top of one set of stairs, a bunch of suits are piled on the stairs, with money on top, which I take.

    Having taken everything worth taking, we head outside, but there are police EVERYWHERE! The rest of the guys get pinched, but I manage to blend into the crowd on the beach. I try to pretend to be checking out some tents selling leather armor which look like they belong in a renaissance fair, which was a bad move. I though the vendor section ran all the way down the beach, but there were only like 3 or four of them, and beyond those, the beach was deserted, leaving me wide open with nowhere to hide. The police swarm in, and I'm busted!


    The dream resets to the beginning where we have just entered the house to begin stealing. I understand that this is going to keep resetting until I get it right, although I have a sneaking suspicion "getting it right" involves a moral lesson, which is "don't steal". I'm more focused on the thrill of the chase however, and use my knowledge from last time to go right to the good stuff, only taking the money so my pockets won't be bulging, which is what gave me away to the police on the last try. I get upstairs a lot faster this time, and encounter a guy in the house! He chases me into an elevator, which I just manage to close in time. He beats on the door, almost bending it open.

    I go downstairs and run out. The police are still there, checking almost everyone. Everyone except a guy in an expensive looking suit who looks like he belongs there. "I need a suit!", I think to myself, then remember the ones piled in the stairwell. Next time! I manage to sneak/bluff my way past the police with a confident gait, and make it across the street, where there are more police. To avoid them, I lift the bottom of a construction fence and roll under it, then enter that building. It's a car dealership, and I try to blend in by letting the salesman try to sell me a car. There's only weird looking race cars, and I tell him I was looking for something I wouldn't kill myself in on the first day. My ploy didn't work, and the police swarm me. Busted and...


    I know the easiest thing to do is just not get involved, but by this point, I'm hellbent on solving this puzzle. I avoid the guy, grab the cash, and dodge the cops. On this try, I get across the street, and past the building with the cars, but the po-po are still closing in. I'm running down the street and make it all the way to my apartment, where there is major construction going on, and I can't get the front door open. The cops are close behind, so I run up the arm of an excavator desperate to get away. I hear someone talking, saying how nobody can get into the building unless someone unlocks the door from inside, and there is nobody inside. From the top of the excavator arm, I jump and grab onto some hanging wires, flip over to some other wires and use them to swing into an open window on the second floor. Instead of getting angry for running on their machinery, the construction workers now think I'm a hero for getting in. I've narrowly avoided the police, I'm safe and sound, VICTORY IS MINE!!!!

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