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    The Cusp


    by , 10-14-2012 at 05:35 PM (302 Views)
    Haven't been sleeping well this past week. No real dreams to remember, just random stuff as I was falling asleep.

    Twisty Road

    I see an image of a twisty country road, and feel it pulling me into the scene, but as the road looks dangerous, I don't allow myself to be pulled in. Then I think better of it, thinking it will speed up the formation of the dream. I focus on the road again, thinking I've lost that "pull" on me it had, but it sucks me right in.

    I rocket down the road, but around the first turn, the scenery is missing and black. I keep going and there's more black scenery the farther I go. Eventually there is so much black I lose all sense of movement, and don't have enough dream stuff to try and stabilize.

    Dream Body Try

    I'm trying to sleep, and am aware of a vague sense of movement in my hands. I can move them like an inch beyond their actual physical position. So I try to move my phantom limbs further. I slowly move my hands towards each other, and it takes like 10 minutes of forcing before my hands touch. But I finally connect one closed fist into one open hand.

    I was hoping to be able to shake lose my dream body, but I can still only move my phantom limbs an inch in any direction. I keep trying to shake lose more freedom of movement, but it's just now working for me.

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