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    The Cusp

    I love Lydia

    by , 01-31-2016 at 01:09 AM (340 Views)

    Assorted bad guys and monsters are after Lydia from the Teen Wolf television show, and my gang and I are trying to keep her safe, with a few romantic interludes between her and I.

    There's a wanted poster with Lydia face offering a reward, and now even ordinary people are tempted to turn her in, so we hide her in closed store. I leave her there for a bit and head outside when I see a giant approaching, searching for her. A REALLY BIG giant! I probably only come to the top of his toe. It's crushing everything in it's path, and I book back to where Lydia is, almost getting stepped on in the process. Luckily the giant isn't interested in me at all.

    I go back inside to get her out of there, when soldiers dressed all in black pour in and point their guns at us. Just as I wonder what to do, I see the flash standing against the wall. He zooms us all out, then goes back in for the soldiers. He phases himself out so you can only see his suit, but not his head or hands or anything, which confuses the soldiers (and me too).

    Next thing I know, we're all waking up in some basement after having hid out for the night. I wonder if Lydia is still into me, or if it was just a spur of the moment thing. I am like 20 years older than she is after all. But she leans over and gives me a kiss, and I'm ecstatic!

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