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    The Cusp

    Military Pursuit

    by , 10-16-2012 at 11:27 PM (317 Views)
    Finally remembered something! Just a fragment, but it's a start.

    Fragment: Military Pursuit
    I'm being chased by a group of soldiers. The only reason I manage to stay ahead of them is because I'm in my hometown and am familiar with the territory and am able to use that knowledge to my advantage. I run onto the train tracks and look back to see the soldiers wearing pink uniforms. I run, but the tracks are messing up my stride. Setting my feet on ever second wood beam is too short, but trying for every third is too long.

    The soldiers come from watching Franklin and Bash before bed, they were in military court. The pink uniforms were from watching a football highlight where all the teams were wearing pink in support of boobs or something.

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