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    The Cusp

    Nuclear Catastrophe

    by , 10-20-2010 at 05:37 PM (396 Views)
    Fragment: Ruler of Poland
    There are elections, and anyone from Canada or Portugal can apply to run for President of Poland. I apply for a laugh, but actually get a lot of votes.

    The people of Poland need to be evacuated, and I send them to an old radioactive bomb site. One of my advisers warns me about the radiation, but the bomb there went off so long ago most of the radiation is gone. Plus there really isn't anywhere else to put them.

    Clarity: 6/10
    Sleep: Good
    Sleep Position: Unknown
    There's been some sort of nuclear catastrophe, and there are hard times ahead. Being the keen survivalist I am, I determine we're going to need supplies to make it through this disaster. There is a Bi-Way down the street, and when I look out the window, there are already people breaking into it.

    I lead my small group inside the store, and instruct them to grab non perishable foods and supplies. I tell them to think long term and to stock up on everything we need now, since other people are going to raid this store. We fill several shopping carts and go back to our house.

    I go to bed and wake up in my underwear. I need clothes! I ask if the men's clothing store is still there, but end up back at the Bi-Way for some reason. Other people are catching on and raiding the place en masse. Still in my underwear, I pull some blankets around me and crawl through the smashed glass door, stepping on broken glass in the process.

    Once inside, I see employees restocking the shelves and cleaning up. They all stop to give me a dirty look and I run out. Seems like things are getting back to normal, and the power is back on.

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