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    The Cusp

    Party with Bjork

    by , 09-24-2012 at 01:35 PM (1030 Views)
    Recall: 8/10
    Sleep: Good
    Sleep Position: Unknown
    I'm at a party when these hippies start tossing stuff onto a shelf. Only problem is the shelf is in an opening in the wall right above the toilet on the other side. First they toss some glowsticks, which do land on the shelf, then some containers of sparkle powder, which knocks the glowsticks into the toilet. Then a bunch of other stuff, each new item knocking the previous one into the toilet. Of course, they decide to flush it all down. I'm expecting the toilet to clog and explode in a glowy sparkly burst of pyrotechnics, but disappointingly, nothing happens.

    I go off into another room and see that Bjork is at this party. Pure awesome. She starts to sing the song "Kata Rokkar", someone hops on the piano, and I spot one of those large stand up bass and figure I'll play that, but before I can get to it, I hear the bass line. Too bad, jammin' with Bjork would have been awesome, but I set back and enjoy the show.

    Halfway through the song, I see the girl hosting the part. She just moved in, and her landlord has showed up and informs her that his is unacceptable, that they don't tolerate this kind of stuff around here. She apologizes and the party is over mid song. How shitty is that?

    We all start to leave and Hali and Morgan hand me a large hockey bag with booze and stuff to carry. I walk out onto the street when I notice nobody came with me. I turn around to head back and look for everyone, and have to cross a skeezy part of town. Some guy walking in front of my is approached by a crackhead bum who pretends to get close to ask him something, then throws a brutal hook sucker punch. But his intended victim responds with a super fast punch of his own before the crackhead can land his. He knocks the crackhead down. His punch was so blinding fast I yell out "That was amazing!!!!". Even the crackhead on the ground has to agree it was awesome.

    I finally find the gang in a parking lot, drinking. I'm tired of lugging this hockey bag around and ask if anyone has seen Morgan and Hali, but they are nowhere to be found. I think this is bullshit, they expect me to carry this fucking bag around all night? Everyone agrees with me, that is bullshit.

    Goddamn it! Who the hell interrupts a party with Bjork singing. I really wish that scene would have continued.

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    1. Highlander's Avatar
      Yeah, Bjork and the Sugarcubes are really cool!
    2. Lividus's Avatar
      Yep, definitely missed these dreams. What's Bjork?
    3. The Cusp's Avatar
      You've just blown my mind by not knowing who Bjork is! In fact I still refuse to believe it. Do a search for Bjork on youtube and I'm sure you'll recognize some of her music.