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    The Cusp

    Prepping for the End

    by , 01-09-2018 at 12:11 PM (580 Views)
    It's an unspecified apocalypse. There are giant rocks falling out of an ominous sky, and the first zombies are starting to spread. Shit is going to get very bad, very soon. I'm focused on gathering supplies and getting out of the city, and am leading a small group.

    People are already fighting in the grocery stores, which have almost been stripped bare. I focus on raiding unattended stores and gas stations, houses that look empty. In one house, there are canisters of supplies, guns and ammo, food. As we grab the canisters, a little +10 or +5 appears in the air like when you pick something up in a video game. That almost tips me off that I'm dreaming, but I get distracted with my mission of gathering supplies. There's a nice rifle with a scope in the basement of one house, I'm the first one to spot it, and I lay claim to it by announcing "That one's MINE!". Morgan disagrees and grabs before I can, and I tell him I'm willing to fight him for it. He's being a total dick, the kind of person who gets people killed, and as we fight, I regret not having any of those knives I scavenged on me.

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