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    The Cusp

    Red Dawn

    by , 04-01-2013 at 03:11 PM (433 Views)
    Red Dawn
    Recall: 5/10
    Sleep: OK
    Sleep Position: Unknown
    I see nukes going off in the distance, the flash of light, the mushroom cloud, I feel the hot radioactive winds, feel the ground trembling beneath my feed. The bombs going of are shaking the ground so badly it's painful, my feet, legs and knees are really sore.

    I run for the shelter of the nearest buildings, hoping I can take shelter in the basement. But before I can get to them, bombs start falling on them, destroying them. I watch the pattern of the falling bombs and try to use that structure to keep my distance from where they are falling. Luckily these ones aren't nukes.

    While everyone else is running for their lives in a panic, I pick up an empty hockey bag and begin filling it with whatever supplies I happen to come across.

    Then the soldiers come flooding in, with a gun in one hand and a sword in the other. Some of the civilians fight back, and I loot the body of one of the soldiers that fell to the resistance, grabbing his sword and gun. I try to fight back, but there are just too many and they swarm the civilian resistance.

    I run, end up at my hometown house with my brother. We're about to head into the basement to take shelter from the falling bombs, but they seem to be targeting houses. Instead we hide in the tree fort. It's an odd shed/treefort thing with multiple rooms. We go up a ladder to the top room and inside it connects to a barn/warehouse building. I find a good hiding/defensive spot in case the soldiers enter looking for us.

    Some soldiers do come in, but I manage to ambush them without attracting more attention.

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