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    Shamanic Lucids

    by , 10-26-2010 at 04:55 PM (488 Views)
    I had two shamanic themed lucids last night, but lost the first one to taking dream notes during a false awakening. Lost a lot of detail on the second one to that as well.

    Shamanic Lucid
    Clarity: 5/10
    Importance: 8/10
    Sleep: Good
    Sleep Position: Unknown
    I'm in TV's M.A.S.H., when Honeycutt, Radar and I get word from our shaman trainer to report to Japan. Since this is extremely short notice, I only have enough money to pay for my flight there, and nothing left over to live off of once I arrive. But I know I have to trust that these things will work themselves out somehow. Poor Radar doesn't even have enough money for the flight, but Colonel Potter hands him a wad of bill collected from everyone at the MASH unit and tells him they've got his back.

    The three of us begin to paddle across a lake, each in our own separate boats. I think there were some lucid moments here, possibly some underwater scenes, but my recall of this part is poor. We arrive on the other side, and some guy meets us on the beach and gets us in an airplane to Japan.

    We arrive in Japan and disembark in a mall. I enter a store, but inside is the most breath taking landscape I've ever seen. It's pristine nature with no sign of man at all. This place is so beautiful,
    it makes me lucid. This place is so spectacular, I don't even have to worry about losing lucidity, it's sheer beauty is a constant reminder. I forget what I did in this place, but I eventually leave and enter into another store containing a mountain landscape. This one is equally breath taking, with gentle mist hanging in the air and the sky a bright sunrise red. I don't recall what I did in this one either.

    I leave the second landscape, and enter into a third store containing a forest landscape. I remember flying until my powers of flight give out and I land in the edge of the woods at a pool of water. I figure I'll try walking on the water, but looking as I put my foot on the water isn't working. So I look straight ahead and slightly up so I can't see the water, then try it and it works. I'm walking on water! Beneath my feet it feels like I'm walking on thin ice, and my heel keeps breaking through the ice. I look back down and see the thinnest possible layer of ice beneath my feet. I reach down and pick up a chunk which isn't even a millimeter thick.

    I begin to eat the ice, then reach down for another piece. I turn this next piece into red candy and eat that. Then I see a cake in front of me on the hill and I begin to chow down on that too. I worry momentarily that I'm eating too much junk food, then realize that's silly because this is only a dream.

    This was probably my longest lucid ever, but I don't recall most of my lucid time.

    -We return to the MASH unit, and upon seeing Radar, Colonel Potter picks up the phone and says they need to adjust Radar's pay again.

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