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    The Cusp

    Space Pirates

    by , 01-23-2012 at 03:42 PM (456 Views)
    Space Pirates
    Recall: 7/10
    Sleep: Good
    Sleep Position: Unknown
    I'm in a tiny cramped little space capsule with Donald. We're calibrating 3 satellites that each have 3 green blinking lights. Suddenly I feel our space capsule begin to fall and spin, lurching out of control. Not cool! I begin to panic a little, and then I realize I'm dreaming!

    The out of control capsule is making me feel nauseous, so I figure I'll fly out of it through the roof. I put my hands over my head in flying position, and bump my fingertips against the roof of our capsule. I look down so I can't see what is stopping my fingers from going through, and manage to get move them through the roof. I then grab onto the outer hull to brace myself against our momentum. This lessens our spinning out of control somewhat.

    I say to myself "remember, it's just a dream, think of it as a dream", and that stabilizes the descent of our craft even more. I repeat that a few more times since it seems to be doing the trick until we're just falling without the sickening spinning sensation. I see outside and our craft is almost level with the tallest buildings, and yell at Donald "Fly this damn thing!". He holds off a bit longer, then lands the ship on the ground.

    We get out and I see we have landed in my the school yard. I walk through the school, and go onto the stage where I get suckered into being an extra in a school play. I'm playing the role of a slave on a pirate ship. Those in charge are killing us slaves like there's no tomorrow.

    I wander into a room and see the table is covered in ancient books and ingredients for a blood magic spell. I go to the end of the table where I find the finished product, a bowl of blood from on of the pirates. I pick up the bowl and drink down all the blood, which makes me invincible.

    A pirate walks in as soon as I finish, and pulls out his musket and shoots me, but it has no effect. I walk up to him and kill him. It's my ship now!

    Another lucid I didn't do much with. Going to have to get some new lucid goals soon.

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