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    The Cusp

    Swimming Physics

    by , 01-13-2013 at 03:39 PM (405 Views)
    Dark Outlines
    Recall: 9/10
    Sleep: Nap
    Sleep Position: Unknown
    My mother has the paper out, looking at what's playing at the movies. I notice an anime movie and say I want to see that one. We go to the show and I'm surprised to see my mother watching this anime with me. The movie is separated into television show episodes, and shows the website they downloaded it from in between episodes. Pretty shoddy and most likely not legal.

    I have a passing thought about a shooting, and next thing that happens is some asshole starts shooting up the place with a machine gun. I realize I made that happen by thinking about it as I lead my mother to safety.

    After some running, I'm walking away from a cabin deep in the woods. It's really dark, and everything around me is just a dark outline.
    I recognize that this is a dream and it's fading fast since I'm only taking a light nap. I figure I might as well do something with it while I have the opportunity.

    I turn around and start running back to the cabin, relying on the brisk movement to stabilize the crumbling dream. As I go down a hill on the path, I change from running to riding a mountain bike. The extra speed from going downhill on the bike stops the dream from degrading further, but everything around me is still just a dark outline.

    I jump off my moving bike into the air and try flying. It's tough to get going at first, and I'm stuck with swimming physics. I flap my arms in the air like an idiot until I start moving and gaining height, but but my flying still remains clumsy. I have a passing thought that this is going to look bad in my DJ since I'm supposed to be a master of control. I fly off to a river and land.

    Everything is still just dark shadows except for the water, which looks like a bad CGI. I decide to navigate the rocky banks to interact with the dream and make my way down to the river. Still, everything is just dark shapes. Then I notice a couple of sail boats that are crisp and clear, full color. I focus on those since they are the only thing that is really stable and the rest of the dream begins to flesh out. Then I wake up when I get called for dinner.

    Another lucid wasted on flying. I should have tried to force another procog dream to get the winning lottery numbers. Guess I was too distracted by everything being so dark.

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