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    The Cusp

    Work again

    by , 02-23-2016 at 04:21 AM (366 Views)
    I'm supposed to sand a floor at a house. It's a really fucked up floor with all kinds of impossible humps and bumps. The homeowner changes his mind and instead asks me to just repair some damaged spots in the floor. There's holes, and softspots where I almost fall through the subfloor.

    I get distracted by the television, catch myself, and try to get back to work. Next thing I know I'm laying down in a bed trying to sleep. I figure it would be bad to get caught sleeping on the job, especially at a customer's house, so I force myself to rise. The customer's daughter and her friend are there, and I hurry to put on a shirt, which isn't my work shirt. I try to grab another shirt I won't ruin on the job, then wonder why the hell I have so many clothes at a customer's house.

    I start with the repairs, but the more I look, the more there are to do.

    A nap dream. Again, should have been lucid, but I was just so damn tired. Even in my dream all I wanted to do was sleep

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