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    The Cusp


    by , 05-25-2014 at 12:49 PM (852 Views)
    Fragment: Yakuza
    I'm on some sort of mission, with a list of tasks to accomplish, but I need help for some of them. I ask various groups to help me in exchange for favors. One group I ask is just 4 Japanese men in business suits. We help each other out and I move on.

    Later in the dream, one of the more powerful factions tries to get in my way by interfering with those 4 Japanese men, but they have grown stronger. Their organization is now large like the Yakuza, and it works out in my favor that this evil woman has pissed them off.

    Hmmm... Might take some time to get my recall back up to par

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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Great to see you journalling on here again!
      I've just started keeping a DJ after a long break. My recall is awful compared to how it used to be... hopefully I'll start to see some improvements soon.
      I look forward to seeing your progress!
    2. The Cusp's Avatar
      Poor recall to start is to be expected I guess. We just have to keep at it!